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Since launching in 2017, Overwatch continues to sit at the top as one of the best ongoing team-based FPS games. With the launch of crossplay earlier this year, the game’s community has never been more active and it might be the best time to dive into this competitive shooter right now. Of course, you need to be mindful that there are countless veteran players out there already – but that’s never stopped you before.

Getting Started In Overwatch: A Guide For Beginners

The good news is, jumping into Overwatch is relatively easy even if you’re new to the game. Try not to worry too much during your first few games as you are going to be matched with players on the same level as you. Still, it’s worth noting these tips before you dive into the wonderful world of Overwatch.

Turn On Your Comms

It’s no surprise at all that in this team-based shooter that teamwork is the name of the game. Whether it’s flanking the enemy team or coordinating with others to forge combos with your abilities, it’s very important that you maintain an open line of communication with your teammates. It’s very easy to dive into voice chat in Overwatch so make sure to make use of it.

While there are a lot of quick chat options in the game, it would still be better to talk with your team directly. If you watch the pros play Overwatch, you’ll see that communication is a vital aspect of the game. It’s all about working with one another to get the objective and win the match.

Acquaint Yourself With Each Hero

Overwatch is a hero-based shooter. Currently, there are 32 heroes on the roster and it will expand when the sequel comes out. Each hero is different from one another. They have different skills, stats, weapons, and overall feel. It’s best to acquaint yourself with each character first so that you can at least play each one should the situation need it.

Aside from that, learning more about the heroes also means learning more about how you can fight against them. Even if there aren’t any new heroes released, you should still check heroes out after each update. Some heroes receive reworks from the developers from time to time and these updates give major updates to the target heroes.

Customize Your Experience

Overwatch gives you a variety of ways you can customize your gaming experience. Aside from the usual button/keys remapping, you can also change your reticle too. It would be a good idea to adjust your reticle in a way that the game becomes easier to enjoy as well. The game directly shows you what your reticle will look like as you adjust it.

Don’t stop there. You should also remap the controls so that you are more comfortable with them. If you’ve been used to playing other shooters, then it would be a good idea to remap your control scheme so that it fits the previous shooter that you played. This can help you get acquainted with the game a lot faster.

Go For Objectives – Not Kills

Now, you might be used to shooters where the main goal is to get the most kills in the game. Overwatch is a different game. There are a few game modes to play and each one has a different objective. It’s important that you first understand how those game modes work.

Map Types

  • Control – In Control, both teams are going to attack and defend depending on how the game plays out. It’s basically King of the Hill. You’ll first need to secure the point by making sure that there are no enemies standing on it. Once secured, you’ll need to hold the point until your team scores 100%.
  • Assault – In Assault, the attacking team will have to attack two different points in the map. Players can only capture one point at a time. The defending team will have to stay on point to make sure that it doesn’t get captured.
  • Escort – In Escort, the attacking team will have to go alongside the payload and escort it through 2-3 points on the map. If there are enemy players next to the payload to defend it, it will not move. 
  • Hybrid – Hybrid is a mix of Assault and Escort. Players will first have to capture a point. Once done, a payload will appear and they will have to get it through 2 checkpoints in the map. The defending team will try to prevent this from happening.

Practice At Least Two Heroes From Each Role

It used to be that players are free to choose whichever heroes they want to play as. Since 2018 however, the meta has changed and now, both teams are locked in a 2-2-2 compositiontwo DPS heroes, two support heroes, and two tanks. Being able to adjust to each of the roles well will benefit you and your team greatly.


DPS heroes are basically the main damage dealers of the group. Some heroes, like Sombra and Tracer, for instance, can be used as scouts because of their mobility and other skills. The main goal of the DPS heroes is to go for the support or the DPS heroes of the enemy team so that they become disadvantaged in battle.

Junkrat working with Roadhog against the enemy Lucio


Tanks heroes are responsible for many things – making space, protecting the backline, and defending the objective to name a few. When playing as the defenders in a game mode, tanks will also serve the vital role of protecting the objective against the enemy team. The tank role is one of the most crucial roles in the game because they offer a lot of utility.


The support role does what it says – they offer support be it through buffs or healing. Support heroes are usually squishy, hence they are the backline. Without a good support, teams are going to have a hard time staying in battle so this role serves a very important purpose as well.

Mastering two heroes for each role is going to be important as in some cases, you’ll be tasked with adjusting. However, it’s still better to get an idea of how to use each hero so that you have a better means of adjusting to various scenarios as well.

Learn Hero Counters

Each hero in Overwatch has their own strengths and weaknesses. You should take your time in learning about hero counters because they are going to be very crucial for the game. With over 30 heroes to choose from, it’s understandably difficult to work out and remember which heroes counter the other. However, the more you acquaint yourself with each hero, the more obvious their weaknesses are going to be.

What do hero counters mean? Basically, these are heroes that can easily cancel out others. For instance, Reaper is a good hero against the big tanks, including Roadhog, Winston, and Orisa. The reason why Reaper counters them is that his Hellfire Shotguns deal big damage when you’re up close and personal. These large-framed heroes absorb all of Reaper’s bullets with each hit.

Use The Practice Range

Aside from the tutorial, Overwatch gives you access to the Practice Range. This mode allows you to test all of the heroes against a variety of bots. Some are stable, some are moving, and some are firing back. This is one of the most useful game modes in Overwatch and it’s very important that you utilize this area whenever you can.

This is a fun and safe way to practice the game’s heroes. This includes getting their aim right and understanding the perfect distance for their skills and abilities. Most people use the Practice Range to warm up before playing Competitive.

Stay Off Of Competitive Mode For Now

There is a competitive mode in Overwatch. Playing that mode will reward you with stickers, emotes, and Competitive points which are used to unlock Golden Weapons for the characters in the game. This mode is more intense than regular games and you might find it hard to roll with the rest at the beginning.

You can only play competitively once your account reaches level 20 in the game. Even then, you should hold off on playing competitively at first. Players can get toxic in competitive mode and you might find it hard to develop your skill. Only play competitively once you’re more confident with your playstyle.

These are some of the best tips you need when you just get started playing Overwatch. The game itself is complex and features a ton of mechanics but once you get the run-down on the heroes and aiming in the game, you’ll be able to rank up quickly. Stay patient and eventually, you’ll be able to roll along with the veterans.

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