How to Grow a Cowplant in The Sims 4


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Just when you thought the makers of The Sims couldn’t get any more creative in thinking of ways to torture Sims, the Cowplant emerged from the depths of their wild imaginations. In this guide, you’ll find out all about the Cowplant, including where to get it and how to grow this deadly but oddly endearing spliced creature.

How to Grow a Cowplant in The Sims 4

The Cowplant or Laganaphyllis Simnovorii is a plant that has similar features with a real-life venus flytrap merged with a head of a domesticated horned cattle. It only eats meat, it has a cake that sticks out from its mouth when it gets ravenous, and it’s capable of devouring an entire Sim for dinner.

Caring for a Cowplant

Cowplant Garden2

This carnivorous plant can be planted anywhere in your garden, and just like any other plant or pet, it also requires careful and constant tending. Considering that Cowplants are a threat to your Sim’s life, the question is, are they really worth getting? Well, they were not only designed to make Sims suffer, but Cowplants can also provide you with diversion and quaint dairy products. 

With that being said, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to keep making your Sims and Cowplants coexist in harmony.

Feeding the Cowplant

Cowplant Feed

Your Sim may supply a Cowplant with meat by clicking on the “Feed” action button. If you neglect to feed a Cowplant for hours thus being deprived of food, it will die and turn into a Skeleton Cowplant. As macabre as it sounds, the skeleton can also make a fine decoration in your backyard.

Milking the Cowplant

Cowplant Cake

When a Cowplant gets hungry, it releases a delicious-looking cake dangling in front of its mouth. Sims get so enticed with the cake that they would risk their lives grabbing it from the predatory plant’s mouth. If a Sim gets eaten by a Cowplant and if they made it out alive, you may proceed to milk it to obtain its nutritious moodlet milk. 

The milk contains the current moodlet of a Sim before it got swallowed by the Cowplant. For example, If that particular Sim was feeling “Playful”, the Cowplant will produce an Essence of Playfulness. The Sim that got chomped out will get a Drained moodlet for 2 days. On the other hand, if your Sim drinks the milk, they will then absorb its Playfulness moodlet.

Cowplant Milk2

If a Sim gets caught by a Cowplant the second time around while having a Drained moodlet, they will most likely get ingested with no hopes of getting spit back out. Your other Sim may milk the Cowplant to get the deceased Sim’s life essence. 

Children will, thankfully, not get eaten by a Cowplant. However, if you want to keep a Sim out of danger, you may surround the Carnivorous plant with fences or just keep feeding it so it won’t get hungry.

A Cowplant’s age gets reset to day 1 of its lifespan each time you milk it, making it live a couple of days longer.

Naming the Cowplant

Cowplant Name

Whether you get attached to a pet, a plant, or a hybrid carnivore, you’d likely want to give it a name. Click on the “name” button to give your Cowplant a new identity.

Ways to get a Cowplant

A Cowplant sprouts from the rare Cowplant berry. If you haven’t gotten your hands on a Cowplant or a Cowplant Berry, yet, there’s more than one way to get them in this game.

Cutting and Grafting

Cowplant Graft2

Cutting and Grafting are Gardening abilities that let you combine two plants to create a whole new species of plant. These abilities can be unlocked after leveling your Sim’s Gardening skill to level 5

To get a Cowplant berry this is how to do it. First, take a cutting from a Strawberry bush and a Snapdragon plant. Next, graft a piece of a Snapdragon onto the Strawberry to make a Dragon Fruit plant. Lastly, cut another Snapdragon piece and graft it onto the Dragonfruit to obtain a Cowplant berry.

Ordering seeds

Cowplant Order

When your Sim reaches the highest skill level in Gardening, you may purchase rare seed packets by clicking on a garden and selecting the action bubble “purchase seeds” or you can order them online through a computer.


Cowplant Fishing

The Desert Bloom park in the Oasis Spring is the best fishing location for catching a Cowplant berry. The Sims 4: Get to Work Expansion pack features Magnolia Promenade which is another great place to catch Cowplant berries.

Digging for Treasure

Cowplant Dig2

Look for spots that look like tilled soil or rocks with protruding crystals that you will see all over your Sim’s neighborhood to start digging for treasure.

Exploring Space

Cowplant Space2

It may take a while for you to acquire a Cowplant berry using this method since the Astronaut profession is one of the hardest goals to get a career progression. But if you already have a Sim with an Astronaut career, you may try your luck finding a Cowplant berry by letting them do space exploration missions. Completing the Trials of the Green Man scenario may or may not reward you with a Cowplant Berry. Like Fishing and Digging for Treasure, the chances of getting a Cowplant Berry by Space Exploration are random.

How do you take care of your Cowplants? Where or how did you obtain your first Cowplant Berry? Let us know in the comments section below!

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