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Rocco strikes again. Michael deals with him once and for all.

GTA 5: The Ballad of Rocco Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Michael already put a beatdown on Rocco Pelosi when Solomon Richards sent Michael to convince the director and one of the main actors for his movie, Meltdown.

This time around, Michael catches Rocco in the act of beating up old man Solomon Richards in his backyard. Solomon Richards asks Michael to chase down Rocco and deal with him once and for all.

We have outlined everything you need to know about The Ballad of Rocco and how you can get a Gold Medal from completing this mission in GTA 5.

The Ballad of Rocco Synopsis

Michael arrives at Richards Majestic Productions to meet up with Solomon Richards. He comes just in time as Rocco and his accomplice, Gianni, beat up Solomon Richards for breaching a deal.

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Michael checks up on Solomon Richards to see if he’s alright. Solomon asks Michael to chase down Rocco Pelosi and Gianni. Michael swiftly agrees, gets in one of the Gallivanter Ballers parked within the compound, and gives chase to Rocco and Gianni. As soon as Michael arrives, Rocco Pelosi and Gianni head to their car and leave.

image 309

Michael eventually catches up to Rocco and Gianni and starts to open fire on both guys to deal with them. Rocco and Gianni fire back, but Michael eventually kills both in the chase.

As soon as Michael deals with Rocco and Gianni, he gives Solomon a call to update him on the situation. Solomon Richards greets Michael with a line from one of his movies. Michael answers back with the movie title to prove himself a true fan but updates Solomon Richards on Rocco and Gianni by saying they met an unfortunate accident.

image 315

Solomon thanks Michael and tells him how he thinks his life would have been much easier if they had met 20 years prior. Michael agrees and feels the same way toward Solomon Richards.

image 320

As a gesture of gratitude for Michael’s help, Solomon Richards invites him back to the movie studio. Michael is flattered by the gesture, and both men celebrate with a drink. Depending on whether the player accepts the invitation, Solomon Richards will show Michael the end credits for one of his movies where Michael’s name is listed as an Associate Producer.

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The Ballad of Rocco Gold Medal Objectives

image 307
  • Time: Complete within 03:00.
    • The cutscenes will cut into your time completion window. Skip all the cutscenes to complete the time objective.

The Ballad of Rocco Mission Guide

Get in the Gallivanter Baller as quickly as possible.

image 310

Stay close to Rocco and Gianni.

image 311

Once you get a clear shot, start shooting at Rocco. Kill him and Gianni.

image 312
image 313

After you kill them both, leave the area as quickly as possible.

image 314

Michael will give Solomon Richards a call. You can choose to accept his invitation or decline it.

image 316

If you choose to accept it, drive back to Richards Majestic Productions.

image 317
image 318

Michael will call Amanda to fill her in on the good news.

image 323
image 324

New Associate Producer

The Ballad of Rocco is one of the shortest missions in GTA 5, and it’s right up there with Hang Ten in terms of length.

There is only one Gold Medal objective for The Ballad of Rocco mission in GTA 5 as well, and that is the time objective that requires you to finish the mission in less than three minutes. As long as you skip all the cutscenes, you should have no problems completing the mission with a Gold Medal.

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