GTA 5: Bugstars Equipment Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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GTA 5: Bugstars Equipment Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

The Bugstars Equipment mission is a Heist Setup mission you must complete to unlock The Jewel Store Job’s main mission in GTA 5. It is part of the Smart Approach set of Heist Setups alongside the BZ Gas Grenades mission in GTA 5.

As you will read below, the mission itself is pretty easy, and all you need to worry about is how you can complete the mission with a Gold Medal – all of which we have outlined for you below.

Bugstars Equipment Mission

The Bugstars Equipment mission in GTA 5 is pretty straightforward – play as Michael and steal one of the Bugstars vans at the Bugstars warehouse in the Port of Los Santos and deliver it safely to a marked location on the map.

Gold Medal Objectives

Depending on how you complete the mission in-game, you can get a Gold Medal towards the 100% completion of the game.

The Gold Medal requirement for the Bugstars Equipment mission are as follows:

  • Sneaky Pest: Steal the Bugstars van without being detected.

You can do this by sneaking through the back of the Bugstars warehouse and knocking out one of the workers inside the warehouse.

Bugstars Equipment Mission Walkthrough

Play as Michael and make your way toward the Bugstars warehouse in the Port of Los Santos.

The obvious choice will be to enter the warehouse from the front of the building, alerting the drivers and making the Gold Medal achievement impossible.

However, the rear entrances will be wide open if you look through the warehouse. You can enter the building from that side instead.

A Bugstar van will be conveniently parked just a few feet from the entrance from the rear entrances. You can go for a stealth kill or shoot the driver with a suppressed pistol.

As soon as you deal with the driver, quickly make your way towards the driver’s seat and drive out through the rear entrance of the building.

Drive the van back to the marked location on the map:

Pest Control

All you have to do is know exactly where you should enter the building without alerting the workers. From there, taking out the driver guarding one of the vans in the back of the warehouse will be very easy. All left is to drive the van back to the marked location on the map.

The Bugstars Equipment mission in GTA 5 is one of the most straightforward missions in the game. If you want to complete GTA 5 with 100% completion, then you should have no problems breezing through the Bugstars Equipment mission with the help of this guide.

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