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Tired of driving yourself around Los Santos? Try signing up for the Vinewood Bus Tour.

GTA 5: Bus Tour Random Event Guide

A recurring Random Event called the Bus Tour lets players see and learn about Los Santos’ most notable landmarks and allows players to “Stalk celebrities from the comfort of a bus.”

With all the fast-paced action brought by the main storyline missions, it is nice to sit back and marvel at Los Santos’ most memorable spots.

In this guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about the Bus Tour Random Event.

Bus Tour Random Event

The Bus Tour (or Tour Bus) Random Event is a recurring event in GTA 5 where you can ride a tour bus that takes you around 13 of Los Santos’ famous landmarks for just $40. Each Bus Tour will take about 15-20 minutes to complete depending on traffic conditions.

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The tour consists mostly of drive-bys around celebrity homes and other notable landmarks around Los Santos. The tour starts at 7:00 am daily and ends at 7:00 pm the same day.

Despite being a daytime-only event, tours that start very close to the cutoff time will run through the evening until all 13 destinations are completed.

The Bus Tour Random Event is necessary for getting 100% completion in GTA 5. However, you only need to complete the Bus Tour once to get the achievement.

Where is the Bus Tour Event in GTA 5?

The Bus Tour Event can be spotted at the Vinewood Wax Haven along Vinewood Boulevard. Head to Up-n-Atom Burger between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm in-game, approach the Tour Bus, and look for the Vinewood Star Tour Guide waiting outside the Tour Bus to join the tour.

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Make sure you join the tour between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm only, as the tours end at strictly 7:00 pm. Going to the tour start point beyond 7:00 pm will result in the tour bus leaving and the tour guide announcing the end of tours for the day.

Bus Tour Route

The Bus Tour is guaranteed to drive through 13 landmarks around Los Santos. However, the true number is 19 if you count 6 minor points of interest that the tour guide points out throughout the tour.

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Vinewood Boulevard (Start Point)

  1. Gentry Manor Hotel
  2. The Dungeon Crawler
  3. Tequi-la-la
  4. Mark Fostenburg’s House
  5. The Craze’s House
  6. Martha Term’s House
  7. The Richman Hotel
  8. Weazel Morningwood
  9. Richards Majestic Productions
  10. Delancy Medua
  11. Portola Drive
  12. Charlotte Crown
  13. Epsilon Building
  14. Clay PG Jackson
  15. Jill Von Crastenburg
  16. Los Santos City Hall
  17. Scott Stephens
  18. Lazlow
  19. Oriental Theater
  20. Vinewood Boulevard (End Point)

How long does the Vinewood Tour take?

The Vinewood Tour takes around 10 in-game hours to complete or 15-20 minutes of your playtime. The tour duration can vary from one run to another, depending on traffic conditions along the tour bus route.

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The tour will take you around Los Santos’ famous landmarks. The Gentry Manor Hotel, Richards Majestic Productions, and Oriental Theather are just three of 10 other landmarks you can expect to see during the tour.

If you start feeling like the tour is dragging on for too long, you can just use the Trip Skip function to fast-forward to the next destination along the tour route, or you can just exit the tour completely.

Can you buy the Tour Bus in GTA 5?

You cannot buy the Tour Bus in GTA 5, but you can acquire it through other means in-game. Like most vehicles in GTA 5, you can just look for the Tour Bus and steal it.

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You can find the Tour Bus parked near the Oriental Theater along Vinewood Boulevard. The Tour Bus will also drive through the Richman neighborhood in the daytime. At night, the Tour Bus can be found parked at Vinewood Boulevard.

Enjoy the Ride

Completing the Bus Tour Random Event is required to get 100% completion in GTA 5, so it is important to know where you can find the Bus Tour and how you can join the tour in-game.

Listen closely to the tour guide throughout the tour to learn more about Los Santos and its many attractions; you might even get some interesting foreshadowing leading up to some of the main storyline missions in GTA 5.

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