GTA 5: Chase Thieves City Random Event Guide


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The Lost MC strikes again.

GTA 5: Chase Thieves City Random Event Guide

GTA 5 follows the adventures of veteran thieves Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips and their young associate Franklin Clinton. Together, the three protagonists take on increasingly complex heists, all while escaping the grasp of the police.

In GTA 5, the police normally chase you instead of vice versa. However, in some Random Events, like the Chase Thieves City Random Event, you get to experience what it’s like to do chasing for a change.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Chase Thieves City Random Event in this quick guide.

What is the Chase Thieves City Random Event in GTA 5?

Chase Thieves City is a series of Events in GTA 5 that involves Trevor’s favorite motorcycle club, the Lost MC. You will encounter two Chase Thieves free roam missions in GTA 5, giving you decent rewards.

In Chase Thieves City 1, you will find a couple of Lost MC members stealing from a store in Hawick. You must chase down the Lost MC members and retrieve the stolen money through any means possible to complete this Random Event.

Chase Thieves City 2 involves the Lost MC once again. This time, you will catch them stealing a random pedestrian’s wallet at Textile City. Like the first one, you must stop the Lost MC members and retrieve the stolen wallet to complete it.

Completing both Chase Thieves City Random Events will count towards the 14 Random Events you must complete to get 100% completion on your GTA 5 save file.

Chase Thieves City Random Event Location

There are two Chase Thieves City Random Events in GTA 5 – one on Hawick Avenue and the other on San Andreas Avenue.

You can find Chase Thieves City 1 on Hawick Avenue in Hawick. Look for the SubUrban store in the area, and just next to it is the store where the Lost MC members will be stealing money from.

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Chase Thieves City 2 can be found on San Andreas Avenue in Textile City. The Lost MC members will escape on their motorcycles as soon as they secure the pedestrian’s wallet, so make sure you’re ready to give chase.

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After you stop the Lost MC members in Chase Thieves 1 and 2, return to the victim’s location to return the money.

Chase Thieves City Random Event Rewards

The victims will give you a decent reward for retrieving the stolen cash and wallet in the Chase Thieves City Random Event. Aside from the monetary rewards, you will also get a full special meter recharge for your effort.

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You can get as much as $200 in Chase Thieves City 1 as a reward for retrieving the stolen money. If $200 isn’t enough for you, you can just keep the money you retrieve the money from the Lost MC ($2000).

You can do the same for Chase Thieves City 2 to get $500, as you’ll only get a $50 reward for returning the wallet to the owner.

You can get even more money by retrieving the money and then killing each victim. By doing so, you will get an extra $452 from Chase Thieves City 1 and $91 from Chase Thieves City 2.

Chasing Thieves for a Living

Random Events like the Chase Thieves missions can be a great source of extra cash in GTA 5. However, you will get a decent monetary reward for completing the Chase Thieves City series of side quests and the satisfaction of exacting justice on those scummy Lost MC members.

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