Most Profitable Random Events in GTA 5


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We have listed down the most profitable Random Events in this guide.

Most Profitable Random Events in GTA 5

Random Events are just some ways to get money in GTA 5. Unfortunately, not all Random Events are worth the time and effort, as some events only give out a few dollars worth of money drops or rewards.

With that said, a few Random Events in GTA 5 are guaranteed to give you a ton of cash after you complete them, and we have listed the most profitable ones in this quick guide.

What Random Events give you money in GTA 5?

In case you didn’t know, you can receive monetary rewards by completing most Random Events in GTA 5. Below is a complete list of all the Random Events that give out money, alongside the amount you can expect to get from each Random Event.


Arrests Random Event
  • Arrests 1 ($250)
  • Arrests 2 ($250)

ATM Robbery

ATM Robbery Random Event
  • ATM Robbery ($500-$2000 if you keep the cash. 10% of the wallet’s cash in rewards if you return it)

Thieves and Robberies Random Event

2 34
  • Bike Thief City 1 ($100,000 worth of Animal Ark stocks)
  • Chase Thieves City 1 ($2000 if you keep the cash. $200 if you return it. $452 if you kill the victim)
  • Chase Thieves City 2 ($500 if you keep the cash. $50 if you return it. $91 if you kill the victim)
  • Chase Thieves Country 1 ($250 if you keep the cash. $25 if you return it. $76 if you kill the victim)
  • Chase Thieves Country 2 ($120 if you keep the cash. $12 if you return it. $30 if you kill the victim)
  • Countryside Robbery ($10,000 if you help the criminals. $5000 per briefcase if you kill the criminals)
  • Shop Robbery 1 ($2000 if you keep the cash)
  • Shop Robbery 2 ($2000 if you keep the cash. 25% discount on your next SubUrban purchase if you return the money)
  • Getaway Driver ($1000 if you help the thieves. Otherwise, $800-$2000 in dropped money)
  • Luring Girl Into Alley ($10-$50 in dropped money)
  • Mugging 1 ($200 if you keep the cash. $20 if you return it. $91 if you kill the victim)
  • Mugging 3 ($2000 if you keep the cash. $200 if you return it. $390 if you kill the victim)

Border Patrol

Border Patrol Random Event
  • Border Patrol 1 ($700)
  • Border Patrol 2 ($700)
  • Border Patrol 3 ($700)


8 2
  • Burial ($60,000)

Gangs Random Event

4 20
  • Countryside Gang Fight ($1000)
  • Deal Gone Wrong ($25,000 from the briefcase. Moreover, the pursuers will drop another $1000 after you kill them)
  • Drug Shootout ($70,000)
  • Gang Intimidation ($200-$500)

Hitch Hikers

4 21
  • Domestic ($80)
  • Drunk Driver 1 ($80)
  • Drunk Driver 2 ($40)
  • Escape Paparazzi ($750)
  • Hitch Lift 1 ($100 reward. In addition, you’ll get 33% profit on all the money you invest in Tinkle stocks before taking on this Random Event)
  • Rogue Altruists ($80)

Security Vans

17 4
  • Security Van 1-10 ($3000-$8000 for each van)

Most Profitable Random Events in GTA 5

Specific Random Events will get you a ton of money after you complete them in-game. You can get between $25,000 to $100,000 from these Random Events, so don’t miss out on them.

  1. Bike Thief City 1 – You will receive Animal Ark stocks worth $100,000.
  2. Burial – Antonia Bottino will give you $60,000 as a reward for saving her from her kidnappers.
  3. Deal Gone Wrong – You will find a briefcase with $25,000 cash inside.
  4. Drug Shootout – The briefcase you pick up from the criminal contains $70,000.
  5. Hitch Lift 1 – The NPC you pick up is a stockbroker who knows a thing or two about Tinkle shares. You will only get $100 from him.

Invest Franklin, Michael, and Trevor’s money in Tinkle stocks via the BAWSAQ website to get the most money from Hitch Lift 1. Look for the Tinkle (TNK) stock and buy as many shares as possible.

Lastly, wait 24 hours after Hitch Lift 1, and you’ll find Tinkle stocks will grow around 30%. After which, sell Franklin, Michael, and Trevor’s Tinkle stocks when it hits 30% to get the most money.

What to do if a Random Event doesn’t spawn?

Random Events aren’t completely random in GTA 5, as some will refuse to spawn even after you sleep an entire week in-game.

Nevertheless, you can try a few things to encourage a Random Event to spawn in GTA 5.

  • Replay a mission (Strangers & Freaks or Main Story)
  • Go on a hobby or pastime
  • Save the game, then return to the same location

All three options can help spawn a Random Event in-game. Try each option to maximize your chance of spotting the Random Event.

Cashing Out

The millions you made from stealing from the Union Depository will not be enough if you’re looking to purchase everything in the game. Fortunately, the Random Events we have listed above should help give you a much-needed money boost in GTA 5. Sure, they’re nowhere near the millions you made from The Big Score, but you can use the money to trade stocks and hopefully profit from them as well.

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