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Repossessing cars is not as easy as it used to be.

GTA 5: Complications Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Not too long after Franklin and Lamar successfully repossess a tricked-out bike for Simeon in the mission titled Repossession, Simeon sends Franklin back out to repo a car from a guy named James De Santa living in Rockford Hills. What should have been a quick and easy repo job on Franklin’s end takes an interesting turn when the car owner’s father holds a gun to Franklin’s head.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the “Complications” mission and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Complications Synopsis

While Simeon entertains a customer checking out one of his cars, Franklin arrives and is given the details for his next repo job. Simeon wants Franklin to repo an SUV from one of the houses in Rockford Hills and asks him to bring it back in good condition. Franklin agrees and immediately heads to Rockford Hills.

image 513

On the way to Rockford Hills, Simeon calls Franklin, accusing him of keeping the bike they repoed in the last job. Franklin explains to Simeon how he and Lamar always intended to bring the bike back. Simeon is not convinced and calls Franklin a liar. Before Simeon ends the call, he gives Franklin useful information about the house he’s about to break into to repo the SUV, telling him to find another way to get into the house.

Franklin arrives in Rockford Hills and climbs over one of the house gates to get inside the compound. Once inside, Franklin knocks out one of the gardeners and climbs into one of the house’s open windows. He quickly finds his way into the garage and drives out of place in the SUV.

Once Franklin can start cruising, he calls Simeon to tell him he has the SUV. Simeon tells Franklin to bring it back in good condition.

image 523

On his way to the dealership, Franklin is held at gunpoint by someone hiding in the backseat – James De Santa’s dad, Michael. Michael tells Franklin he has a 9mm semi-automatic pistol pushed against his head and orders Franklin to continue driving toward the dealership.

image 526

Franklin tries to convince Michael that he is just someone tasked with repossessing the SUV for late payments. Michael tells Franklin how that was unlikely since the SUV was just recently acquired by his son. Michael also accuses Franklin of engaging in credit fraud, to which Franklin insists he is just a repo guy working for the dealership.

Michael appreciates Franklin for taking jobs without strings attached but asks him who he was working for. Franklin tells him he works for a car dealer named Simeon Yaterian and insists the issue is only between Simeon and Michael’s son.

Michael orders Franklin to drive the SUV through the dealership window, or he will shoot Franklin twice in the head. Franklin calls his bluff but later realizes that Michael is very serious. Franklin is left with no choice but to ram the SUV through the dealership window, leaving himself and Michael a bit dazed from the impact.

image 529

Simeon was left speechless by what had just happened. Meanwhile, Michael hands Franklin some cash for a job well done and tells him to leave the place. Simeon, fuming with rage, intends to take it out on Michael.

Michael easily comes out on top and tells Simeon how the SUV is not worth $5000 a month. Simeon explains that Michael’s son (Jimmy) agreed to finance the car and even has his son’s signature to prove its legitimacy. Michael accuses Simeon of being a fraudulent businessman before leaving the dealership.

image 535

Complications Gold Medal Objectives

image 512
  • Time: Complete within 05:00
    • Skip the cutscenes to save time.
  • Can’t Touch This: Take no damage during the fight with Simeon.
    • Keep the punches coming. Do not let up so Simeon can not retaliate.
  • Dirt Nap: Knock out the gardener with a stealth attack.

Complications Mission Guide

Drive to Michael’s house in Rockford Hills.

image 514

Once you arrive, make your way to the small gate and climb up over the gate.

image 515
image 516

Enter Stealth Mode and slowly inch your way behind the gardener. Knock him out in Stealth Mode to complete the Dirt Nap Gold Medal objective.

image 518

After you deal with the gardener, run to the right side of the house. You will find a white truck. Get on top of the truck and climb up the roof.

image 519
image 520

Enter the house through this small window. Make sure you keep Stealth Mode on so you do not alert anybody in the house.

image 521

Once you spot the SUV, get in and drive back to Simeon’s dealership.

image 522

Michael will order you to stop a few blocks away from the dealership. He will ask Franklin to ram the SUV through the dealership window. Simply drive the SUV at full speed towards the large dealership window.

image 527

Skip this cutscene to save time. After which, get ready to beat up Simeon. Make sure you do not pull any punches, so Simeon does not get time to retaliate.

You must take no damage from Simeon to complete the “Can’t Touch This Gold Medal” objective.

image 532

Skip the cutscene after the fight as well to complete the mission in the allotted time.

image 536

It’s Complicated

“Complications” is the first mission in GTA 5 that features both Michael and Franklin at the same time. Players get a first look at Michael and the personality he brings to the game in this mission. Meanwhile, Franklin looks at what a real gangster is like in Michael.

You only have 5 minutes to complete the mission if you want to finish it with a Gold Medal. This is easy to achieve if you skip the cutscenes and quickly move from one objective to another. Regarding the other two Gold Medal objectives, you just need to make sure you knock out the gardener with a Stealth Attack and beat up Simeon without pulling your punches.

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