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Trevor takes it upon himself to secure a deal with the Chengs.

GTA 5: Crystal Maze Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

The uproar that the Aztecas caused at Trevor’s meth lab might just be another day in the office for Trevor. Still, it left a bad taste in the mouth of Tao Cheng and his interpreter, causing him to forgo future negotiations with Trevor Phillips Industries.

After learning that Tao Cheng and his interpreter have opted to seek other business opportunities instead, Trevor goes on a mission to eliminate his competition in hopes of leaving Cheng and his interpreter no choice but to resume negotiations with Mr. Phillips.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Crystal Maze mission in GTA 5 and how you can earn a Gold Medal finish in this solo mission with Trevor.

Crystal Maze Synopsis

Trevor returns to the Yellow Jack Inn, where Tao Cheng and his interpreter have a few drinks. Trevor tries to convince Tao Cheng’s interpreter to pick up where they left off, but the latter declines, expressing their want to pursue other opportunities.

image 296

In a rare moment of weakness, Trevor begs Tao Cheng’s interpreter to give him the deal he was asking for. Unfortunately, the interpreter shares how Trevor’s services were lacking, and they were looking for something bigger than just Trevor’s meth production.

image 297

In a rage, Trevor forces Tao Cheng and his interpreter to tell him who they are working with. The interpreter declines initially, forcing Trevor to resort to force – he takes Tao Cheng by the scalp and slams his head against a wood post.

image 298
image 299

Scared for his life, the interpreter eventually tells Trevor that they have decided to work with the O’Neil brothers. Trevor quickly leaves for the O’Neil ranch and proceeds to light up the O’Neil’s entire meth lab, setting it ablaze.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Headshots -Kill ten enemies with a headshot.
    • Remember that the only headshots counted for this objective are from the ten enemies you see from the vantage point. This includes two of the O’Neil brothers that are loading up the van. Kill these two immediately, then kill the other guards in the area with headshots.
  • Unmarked – Complete with minimal damage to health and armor.
    • Kill as many as you can from the vantage point. This should help conserve your health and armor.
    • The rear entrance of the building will provide more cover upon entry.
  • 2 Birds 1 Stone – Kill two enemies with one shot.
    • Aim for enemies that are having a conversation. Line them up, then take your shot. This should kill both enemies with one bullet, completing this objective.
  • Accuracy – Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%.

Crystal Maze Mission Guide

Head to the O’Neil brothers’ farm marked yellow on the map.

image 294
image 295

Make your way to the vantage point at the top of the hill. The exact location will be marked yellow on the map.

image 300
image 301
image 302
image 304

All ten headshot targets can be found from this vantage point. Look closely, and you will find two brothers in the garage area, three on the balcony, one on the left part of the house, one inside the right part of the house, two brothers pushing barrels from the van, and another two chatting in what looks like a small barn.

1 5
image 306

As described in the tip above, eliminate the two brothers loading up a van as soon as possible, as they will eventually leave and cause you to miss your chance at scoring ten headshots if you take too long.

image 307

Before you start shooting the two brothers loading up the van, make sure you first deal with the 2 Birds 1 Stone objective. You can do this by waiting for the brothers on the balcony to line up as they chat.

image 305

After taking care of the 2 Birds 1 Stone objective, it is recommended that you take care of the two brothers near the left garage, as they will quickly gain ground on you and potentially damage you if you are not careful. Remember, you have to conserve your health and armor for the Unmarked objective.

image 308
image 309

After all the brothers outside are dead, make your way towards the main house.

image 310
image 311

Access the house from the rear doors, as these locations offer the best cover upon entry. Remember to take cover as often as possible and conserve your health and ammo.

image 312

Please take out the reacting guards before they alert the rest of the enemies in the building. Using your shotgun here will help you land shots accurately and should help you complete the Accuracy objective.

image 314
image 315

Once you have dealt with all the brothers inside the house, make your way towards the basement.

image 316

Kill the last remaining brother. Make sure you aim for the head.

image 317

Pick up the Jerry Can and pour fuel over the dotted trail as you go. Feel free to go back and pour fuel on any yellow dots you failed to cover.

image 320
image 321
image 322

Once completed, simply shoot the fuel trail to light it up. The fire will eventually make its way toward the house and set the entire meth lab on fire.

image 323
image 325

After blowing up the O’Neils’ meth lab, run away as far as possible from the farmhouse on the supplied ATV.

image 326
image 327

Eliminating the Competition

If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em is probably Trevor’s mantra as he eliminates his competition in the Cheng partnership by force. The mission is pretty straightforward, but if you want a perfect Gold Medal finish, you must carefully plan out your moves to hit as many Gold Medal objectives as possible in the Crystal Maze mission.

With this guide’s help, we hope you will get all ten headshots, take the least damage, kill two enemies at once, and finish with a shooting accuracy of no less than 80%.

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