GTA 5: Daddy’s Little Girl Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Michael spends some quality time with his kids.

GTA 5: Daddy's Little Girl Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Michael is a family man through and through. And while his family relationships aren’t exactly in their best state right now, Michael is willing to do anything to make family bonding less awkward and more enjoyable for his wife and kids.

Daddy’s Little Girl is one of the first few missions where you get to play as Michael in GTA 5. The mission itself and the Gold Medal objectives for this mission should be very simple and easy to complete.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Daddy’s Little Girl and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Daddy’s Little Girl Synopsis

Michael smashes Jimmy’s TV with a chair and gets into a heated argument with his son for being too noisy. After Jimmy makes Michael realize how unnecessary his actions were, Michael apologizes and explains how he was just too frustrated with seeing Jimmy bum around and do nothing all day.

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Michael says sorry to Jimmy and tells him how he only wants to do something together. Jimmy asks his dad what he wants to do. Michael does not have a clue, so he suggests they go on a bike ride together. Jimmy agrees, and the pair go to the bike rental stand in Vespucci Beach.

Michael picks up two bikes for Jimmy and himself, and the pair race toward the pier. Michael tells Jimmy he will buy his son a new TV if he wins, which motivates Jimmy, even if just for a while.

image 681

Michael wins the race easily and tells Jimmy he will have to buy a new TV himself. Jimmy appreciates Michael’s attempts to bond with him but tells his dad how it isn’t fun being the only kid who has to hold his dad’s hand while he works through his midlife crisis.

Jimmy asks Michael why he doesn’t bother Tracey with bonding and stuff, to which Michael replies Tracey doesn’t cause problems for him, alluding to the recent incident where Jimmy “sold” his dad’s yacht to some gangsters.

Jimmy exposes Tracey by telling Michael what Tracey’s been up to lately. Michael scolds Jimmy for talking about his sister that way, but Jimmy tries to prove his point by pointing Michael towards a boat on the pier where Tracey is currently hanging out with producers and porno guys.

image 687

Michael immediately jumps into the water and swims toward the boat. There he finds Tracey hanging out with random dudes. Michael takes Tracey by the arm and tells her it’s time to go home. Michael causes an unnecessary commotion by pushing one of the dudes off the boat, which angers the boat owner.

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Michael and Tracey escape on a jetski but are followed by two men on jet skis as well. Michael and Tracey eventually lose their pursuers, so they head back to where Jimmy is at the beach.

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Tracey, frustrated with what Michael just did to her in front of her “friends,” declines Michaels’s offer to take her home, opting to take a cab instead. Jimmy, not wanting to spend any more time with his dad as well, joins her sister and heads home.

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Daddy’s Little Girl Gold Medal Objective

image 677
  • Fastest Speed: Reach top speed on the Seashark.
    • Leaning forward will reduce the bounce from the waves.
  • Stabilizer: Don’t fall off the bicycle.
  • Faster Than Fish: Swim to the boat within 01:00.
    • Go underwater to move through the water faster.

Daddy’s Little Girl Mission Guide

Get in your car and drive to Vespucci Beach.

image 679
image 680

At the Bike Rental, pick any bike you like.

image 683

Pedal as quickly as you can away from Jimmy. Make sure you avoid hitting pedestrians or you risk falling off the bike and missing the Stabilizer Gold Medal objective.

image 685
image 686

As soon as Michael jumps in the water, continue swimming underwater until your oxygen level goes low. This will help you swim faster and reach the boat sooner, which should complete the Faster Than Fish Gold Medal objective.

image 688

Continue swimming along the water’s surface when your oxygen runs out.

image 689

Keep the accelerator pegged to get as far away as possible from the pursuers.

image 691
image 692

Drive at max speed on your way back to Jimmy. This should complete the Fastest Speed Gold Medal objective.

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image 697

Parenting 101

Michael’s relationship with Tracey and Jimmy isn’t very good right now, but Michael is obviously trying and will do anything for his family.

Daddy’s Little Girl is an easy-opening mission in GTA 5 where most of the Gold Medal objectives are baked into the main mission objectives as well. Just remember to lean forward to achieve a top speed in the Seashark chase and swim underwater to arrive at the boat where Tracey is to complete the Faster Than Fish Gold Medal objective. Of course, do your best to win against Jimmy by staying on the bike for as long as possible or you’ll miss the Stabilizer objective.

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