GTA 5: Drug Shootout Random Event Guide


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GTA 5: Drug Shootout Random Event Guide

There are multiple recurring Random Events in GTA 5, but only a few of them are ever worth doing from an effort to payout standpoint. The Drug Shootout Random Event is one of those events.

Despite being categorized as a Random Event, this event isn’t random, as it spawns at a specific time and place in-game. The only thing that’s random about this event is the monetary reward you can get for completing the event.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Drug Shootout Random Event, including how to unlock/trigger the event, where you can find the event, and how to complete the event and collect the rewards in this quick guide.

What is the Drug Shootout Random Event in GTA 5?

The Drug Shootout Random Event is a recurring random event where you can raid a farm in Mount Chiliad to get a decent payout. This Random Event only spawns in the daytime every Tuesday.

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You can only unlock this random event by going to the event location every Tuesday during the daytime and while playing as Trevor. You can return the week after and trigger the same event using Franklin or Michael.

How to Complete

As mentioned, you must go to the Random Event location using Trevor first and ensure you go on a Tuesday in the daytime, or the Random Event won’t spawn. If you successfully trigger the Random Event with Trevor, a farm icon should appear on the map.

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Head to the farm’s location and enter the farm from the main entrance through the small wooden bridge. You need to remove six gang members – five of which will be spread outside the farm lot, with the last one inside the garage guarding the briefcase.

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Collect the briefcase to complete this Random Event by removing all gang members.

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Drug Shootout Random Event Location

The Drug Shootout Random Event is located in Braddock Farms, east of Mount Chiliad and north of Grapeseed. The exact location shouldn’t be too difficult to spot since a farm icon will appear on the map when this Random Event is triggered.

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Remember that you need to trigger the Random Event with Trevor first, or you’ll risk wasting your time going to the area while using Michael or Franklin the first time. Also, take the front entrance when entering the farm (small wooden bridge)

Drug Shootout Random Event Rewards

The Drug Shootout Random Event gives various monetary rewards each time you complete it. You can get upwards of $60,000 if you’re lucky enough.

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You won’t have to rely on luck to get decent cash from this Random Event. However, you can return every Tuesday. Repeat the same process using Trevor, Michael, or Franklin, and collect a decent amount of cash weekly.

Tuesday Payday

The Drug Shootout Random Event is one of the better Random Events regarding rewards. You will get a good amount of cash the first time you complete the Random Event. Additionally, you can even come back weekly and collect the same rewards. Rinse and repeat.

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Money should be the least of your concerns once you’ve completed GTA 5’s main storyline. Still, there’s nothing wrong with having another reliable income stream to fund car upgrades, guns, clothing, and property purchases.

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