GTA 5: Altruist Cult Shootout Random Event Guide


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Ending the cult once and for all.

GTA 5: Altruist Cult Shootout Random Event Guide

After the events of Nervous Ron, Trevor will receive a text from Ron concerning their “friends in the mountains,” referring to the Altruist Cult in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. You can then start taking NPCs from other Random Events to the Altruist Cult Camp in exchange for $1000 per body.

After you deliver a specific number of bodies to the Altruist Cult camp, the Random Event Altruist Cult Shootout will automatically trigger in GTA 5. We have outlined everything you need to know about this Random Event, including how to trigger it, where it is located, and the rewards you can expect to get from this Random Event in this guide.

Altruist Cult Shootout Overview

The Altruist Cult Shootout is 1 of 60 Random Events you’ll encounter in GTA 5. Unlike other Random Events that recur as you play through the game, the Altruist Cult Shootout is a one-time Random Event that only spawns after you successfully deliver 4 NPCs to the Altruist Camp.

Upon delivery of the fourth NPC, the Altruists will meet Trevor and the NPC at the gate and hold them at gunpoint. The Altruists will then take Trevor to their altar to start a ritual.

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While the Altruists kneel and face the ground, Trevor spots a rifle nearby and picks it up, but one of the praying Altruists spots Trevor and alerts the elder. Upon spotting Trevor with the gun, the elder orders the Atruists around the altar to kill Trevor and “make him pure.”

Play will immediately resume, and you’ll need to kill all the Altruists in the camp to complete this Random Event. Use Trevor’s Red Mist to take as little damage as possible while facing the first group of Altruists, then make your way through the camp and eliminate the rest of the Altruists.

The Altruist Cult Shootout Random Event offers one of the biggest cash rewards of any Random Event in GTA 5. Still, it is among the most challenging, as you’ll need to kill multiple armed Altruist Cult members inside their turf.

How do you trigger the Altruist Cult Shootout in GTA 5?

The Altruist Cult Shootout Random Event is automatically triggered when you deliver the fourth and final NPC to the Altruist Camp. Upon arrival at the Altruist Camp, a cutscene will play out, where Trevor and the fourth NPC will be held at gunpoint by the Altruists.

To complete this Random Event, you must kill all the Altruist Cult members within the campsite. Most Altruists can be killed without taking too much damage by using Trevor’s Red Mist special ability.

Altruist Cult Shootout Location

The Altruist Cult Shootout Random Event is at the Altruist Cult Camp in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness in Blaine County.

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If you haven’t delivered bodies to the Altruist Cult Camp yet, you can take on side missions such as the Hitchhiker Random Event, where you can take the hitchhikers to the Altruist Cult Camp for $1000 each.

Altruist Cult Shootout Rewards

You will get $1000 for every NPC you deliver to the Altruist Cult camp before the Altruist Cult Shootout Random Event, which means you should have collected up to $3000 in cash rewards up to this point.

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Unfortunately, you will not get the $1000 for delivering the fourth NPC to the Altruist Camp, as Trevor and the fourth NPC will be taken by the Altruists. After you clear the camp of the Altruists, however, you can collect four briefcases, each containing $25,000 cash for a total take of $100,000.

Aside from the four briefcases, you will also find a baseball bat, an RPG, a shotgun, body armor, and med kits within the camp.

Man-eating Cultists

The Altruist Cult Shootout is the most lucrative Random Event in GTA 5, with up to $100,000 in cash rewards. You won’t want to miss this Random Event, so make sure you take NPCs to the Altruist Camp whenever you can so you can trigger this Random Event as soon as possible.

Completing the Random Event itself should be easy. With Trevor’s Red Mist, you can easily take down multiple Altruists at the altar within seconds, significantly reducing the number of Altruists you’ll have to deal with around the Altruist Camp. Don’t forget to collect the briefcases after you deal with the rest of the Altruist, or you won’t be able to collect them after this encounter.

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