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A heavily-modified Imponte Duke, anyone?

GTA 5: Duel Random Event Guide

Duke O’Death is a heavily modified Imponte Duke that you can acquire through a Random Event called Duel.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Duel Random Event in GTA 5, including what it is, where you can find it, and the rewards you can expect to get from this Random Event in this guide.

What is the Duel Random Event in GTA 5?

The Duel Random Event is 1 of 60 Random Events that you will encounter in GTA 5. However, Duel is only available in the Enhanced Version of GTA 5, and you will only encounter this Random Event after you complete Complications, Pulling Favors, or A Starlet in Vinewood in the main storyline.

In the Duel Random Event, you will spot an Imponte Duke O’Death parked near a gas station along Route 68, showing up as a blue dot on your map. You can steal the Duke O’Death and drive it away like any other car in GTA 5, but a couple of rednecks will immediately pursue you and try to shoot you down for stealing the Duke O’Death.

As you drive from the cafe, two freighter trucks will come out of nowhere and attempt to block off the road. Both truck drivers are armed, so you take them out quickly. Another group of rednecks will arrive when you take out the truck drivers.

You must kill both freighter truck drivers and all six rednecks, then drive away with the Duke O’Death to complete this Random Event.

As soon as you lose any pursuers, take the Duke O’Death to your multi-car garage and store it there to take ownership of the vehicle.

Where is the Duel Random Event in GTA 5?

The Duel Random Event is near Route 68 near a gas station. A blue dot should appear on the map if the Duel Random Event is triggered.

After you complete the Duel Random Event, two Duke O’Deaths will spawn around the map – one near the oil derrick in Grand Senora Desert and another inside a scrapyard in El Burro Heights.

It is worth noting that this Random Event will trigger after you complete the Strangers and Freaks side mission “Pulling Favors.” complete that side mission first, then return to the gas station in Route 68, and the Duel Random Event should spawn.

Duel Random Event Rewards

The only reward you’ll get for completing the Duel Random Event is the Duke O’Death itself, and possibly a few dollars’ worth of money drops from killing the pursuing rednecks.

Nevertheless, Duel counts as 1 of 14 Random Events that you can complete to get 100% completion on your GTA 5 save file, and you can keep the Duke O’Death permanently as long as you store it in one of your safehouse garages.

Is Duke O Death Bullet Proof?

The Duke O’Death is a Bullet Proof vehicle based on the Imponte Duke in GTA 5. The Duke O’Death is mostly bulletproof except for a small unarmored opening in the front of the vehicle.

With that said, the Duke O’Death is one of the most durable vehicles in its class and can withstand up to 3 direct hits from RPGs or 4 Homing Missiles before it is destroyed. The Duke O’Death’s Collision resistance is also quite exemplary – able to withstand most collisions with barely any crash deformation to its bodywork.

Imponte Duke on Steroids

Duel is fairly easy to complete in GTA 5, as you only need to deal with the pursuers after you take the Imponte Duke O’Death from the parking lot on Route 68. You can only run away from the area and escape the rednecks if you wish. After you’re clear of pursuers, take the car to your safe house and park it in your garage to save it for future use.

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