GTA 5: Fame or Shame Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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There’s no better way to catch up with an old pal.

GTA 5: Fame or Shame Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

In the previous mission, Friends Reunited, Trevor finally arrives at Los Santos to meet his old pal Michael to see what he’s been up to all these years.

He makes his way to the De Santa household to greet Michael and his family. However, the catching up will have to wait, as Michael and Trevor quickly had to head towards the Maze Bank arena to stop Tracy from auditioning for the Fame or Shame talent show.

The Fame or Shame mission is the first mission where you can use either Michael or Trevor to complete the mission objectives. You can get a Gold Medal by following the Gold Medal objectives tips below.

Fame or Shame Synopsis

The mission starts as soon as you make your way to the De Santa household as Trevor. Switching to Michael in-game will immediately start the mission as well.

As Michael was having a quick drink at home, he found a bag of marijuana in the fridge that belonged to Jimmy. Unfortunately, Amanda catches Michael with the bag and begins arguing with him about their family.

image 371
image 373

As Jimmy comes down to the kitchen area looking for his drugs, he gets a good scolding from Michael. The two argue to complete the scene worthy of being called Family Feud.

image 374

All the arguing and scolding stop when Trevor arrives at Michael’s house, shocking the entire De Santa household. Trevor greets Michael, Amanda, and Jimmy but wonders where Tracey is.

image 375
image 376

Jimmy tells them that Tracey was auditioning for the Fame or Shame talent show at the Maze Bank Arena. Trevor reacts by telling Michael that they should go and get Tracey before she ends up as a laughing stock on national television.

image 377

As soon as they arrive at the scene, they find Tracey being presented by Lazlow Jones, quickly followed by Tracey performing an erotic dance on stage. However, things get worse as Lazlow Jones joins in on Tracey’s erotic dancing, which angers both her dad and her uncle Trevor.

image 392

To stop the madness, Michael and Trevor violently interrupt the audition. A shocked and terrified Lazlow runs away from the arena, to which Michael and Trevor respond by giving pursuit.

image 393

Michael and Trevor had to chase down Lazlow in a stolen Phantom since their car was towed away. The two protagonists eventually catch up to Lazlow when the latter’s electric vehicle runs out of batteries at the Los Santos Storm Drain area.

image 401

Like the true maniac, Trevor decides to teach Lazlow a lesson the hard way – he forces Lazlow to dance without his trousers and threatens to never come near Tracey again.

image 406
image 407

The two protagonists split up at the Los Santos Storm Drain area, and Trevor leaves with the Phantom while Michael goes on foot.

Before the mission ends, Michael gets a call from Dave telling him to go to the observatory as soon as possible.

image 408

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Fastest Speed– Reach top speed in the Phantom.
    • Drive as quickly as possible on the Hawick and Davis Avenue straights.
    • Unhooking the trailer will improve acceleration and top speed but will cause you to fail to complete the All Hooked Up objective.
  • Bearing Down – Stay close to Lazlow throughout the chase.
    • Drive carefully around traffic, telegraph poles, and near the railway lines.
  • No, I Can Park Here – Knock out the Event Coordinator.
    • Look for the guy telling you not to park in the yellow marker in the Maze Bank Arena parking lot. Knock him out.
  • All Hooked Up – Don’t unhook the trailer.
    • Do not press the button prompt and avoid jackknifing the truck.

Fame or Shame Mission Guide

Take Michael’s car and make your way to the Maze Bank Arena marked yellow on the map.

image 378
image 379

Park in one of the parking slots with the yellow marker.

image 380
image 381

Make sure you smack this guy with the clipboard cold before you enter the Maze Bank Arena. This will secure the No; I can Park Here Gold Medal objective.

image 382
image 383

Your pursuit with Lazlow will begin as soon as Trevor smacks the security with a steel chair. Do your best to stay close to Lazlow the entire time to complete the Bearing Down Gold Medal objective. You’ll know when you’re too far when Lazlow’s red marker on the map turns a light color.

image 394

As soon as you make your way outside the Maze Bank Arena, Michael and Trevor will realize that their ride has been taken away. Take the truck instead.

image 395
image 397

You will be prompted to detach the Phantom’s trailer at some point in the pursuit. Doing so will increase your acceleration and improve your chances of reaching top speed.

However, removing the trailer will also cause you to miss the All Hooked Up Gold Medal objective.

image 398

Make a run for it at the Davis area. This area will give you your best chance of reaching the Phantom’s top speed.

image 399

Follow Lazlow into the Los Santos Storm Drain area.

image 400

After Trevor has fun with Lazlow, he takes off in the stolen Phantom, while Michael decides to walk towards the main road. The mission will end as soon as Michael gets a call from Dave.

image 409

Not Your Normal Reunion

What better way for old partners to catch up than a good old-fashioned pursuit in a stolen vehicle? The Fame or Shame mission is a fun and exciting mission that will give new players a good insight into Michael and Trevor’s relationship in Grand Theft Auto 5.

This is just one of many missions where our protagonists work together to complete missions in-game. With the help of the Gold Medal objectives tips outlined above, you should have no problems completing this mission with a Gold Medal.

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