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Franklin proves his loyalty to Michael once again.

GTA 5: Fresh Meat Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Fresh Meat picks up right where things ended with Michael and Trevor back in the Bury the Hatchet mission in GTA 5. With Michael in the hands of drug kingpin Wei Cheng, Franklin asks for Lester’s help to track down Michael.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Fresh Meat and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Fresh Meat Synopsis

Franklin arrives home and is met by his aunt and her friends, who are looking to go for a walk around the neighborhood. Before Franklin’s aunt and her friends can get a few meters away from the front yard, Trevor arrives and scares them off.

Fresh Meat Synopsis 1

Trevor greets Franklin and asks him how he has been doing. To look cool, Trevor tries to jump over Franklin’s fence, only to have one of his feet caught on the fence, causing him to fall on his face.

Franklin gets a good laugh at Trevor’s expense. Trevor does not appreciate Franklin’s gesture and yells at him for laughing at his predicament. Franklin apologizes to Trevor for laughing, and Trevor accepts his apology hesitantly.

Fresh Meat Synopsis 2

Franklin asks Trevor where Michael is and what happened back in North Yankton. Trevor could not care less for Michael and tells Franklin he wishes Michael was dead. Franklin insists that they go and rescue Michael, knowing Cheng is holding him somewhere in the city. Trevor declines and warns Franklin that if the Chengs haven’t killed Michael, chances are when Trevor sees Michael himself, Michael would end up dead either way.

With how things turned out with Trevor, Franklin had no choice but to rescue Michael alone. With Lester’s help, Franklin tracks Michael’s cell phone signal to a nearby slaughterhouse. Franklin takes on Cheng’s men alone and eventually gets to Michael’s location somewhere deep in the slaughterhouse.

Michael and Franklin take out the rest of Cheng’s men and make their escape in one of the parked cars in the slaughterhouse’s garage. The pair head back to Michael’s place to talk for a bit.

Fresh Meat Synopsis 3

Michael invites Franklin inside his home, but Franklin declines. Franklin asks Michael what happened back in North Yankton. When Michael tells Franklin what he did to his crew back in their last mission in North Yankton, Franklin gets a good idea about why Trevor feels the way he does about Michael.

Before Franklin leaves, Michael tells him to watch his back. Franklin tells Michael the same thing, knowing Trevor will be out looking for Michael when he finds out he is still alive.

Fresh Meat Gold Medal Objectives

gold medal
  • Switch Limiter: Don’t switch more than 3 times.
    • Use Franklin all the way until you get to Michael in the slaughterhouse.
    • Use Michael for the rest of the shootout.
    • Use Franklin to drive away from the slaughterhouse.
  • Accuracy: Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
    • Use Michael’s special ability.
  • Headshots: Kill 10 enemies with a headshot.
    • Use Michael’s ability to land those headshots.
  • Swift Rescue: Rescue Michael within 03:30.
  • Sense of Direction: Don’t use a map waypoint.
    • Use the Trackify App to find Michael’s location.

Fresh Meat Mission Guide

Lester will give Franklin a call and give him instructions on how to track Michael.

Fresh Meat Mission Guide 1

Skip the cutscene between Michael and Wei Cheng.

Fresh Meat Mission Guide 2

Bring up the in-game cellphone and launch the Trackify app. Follow the red blip to find Michael’s location.

Fresh Meat Mission Guide 3 2
Fresh Meat Mission Guide 4 2

Remember to refrain from opening the in-game map, as this will cause you to miss the Sense of Direction objective.

Fresh Meat Mission Guide 5 2

As soon as you arrive at the location, take out two of Cheng’s men with headshots. Stay outside and use the doors as cover before pushing into the slaughterhouse. A few of Cheng’s men will come rushing after you kill the two guards outside.

Fresh Meat Mission Guide 6

A few of Cheng’s men will come out running around this corner.

Chengs 1

The play will automatically switch to Michael after you successfully kill all the enemies in the hanging room.

Chengs 2
Chengs 3
Fresh Meat Mission Guide 10

Continue playing as Michael to complete the Switch Limiter Gold Medal objective.

Fresh Meat Mission Guide 11

Get in the car and drive back to Michael’s house. Remember to kill any remaining enemies, or they will chase you down the road.

Fresh Meat Mission Guide 12

Shaky Relationships

Franklin once again shows his loyalty to Michael. Without Trevor’s help, Franklin had no choice but to locate Michael and risk his life to save his friend from Wei Cheng’s men alone. Michael appreciates Franklin’s efforts, so he gives him the complete history between him and Trevor as a reward.

Fresh Meat has quite a few objectives that you must complete to get a Gold Medal completion in GTA 5. For the most part, the only objectives you have to worry about are the Headshots and Swift Rescue objectives. Both of these can easily be completed if you know where to go and when to use Michael’s special ability. Refer to the guide above to easily complete the Gold Medal objectives for Fresh Meat.

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