GTA 5: Friend Request Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Michael turns to a long-time friend for some help.

GTA 5: Friend Request Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

In the previous mission, Marriage Counseling, Michael and Franklin mistakenly pulled down an entire house that they believed belonged to Amanda’s tennis coach, Kyle. As it turns out, the house belonged to none other than a Mexican businessman named Martin Madrazo, and now Franklin and Michael need to find a way to pay back Madrazo for the damages they caused him.

Now $2,500,000 in debt, Michael turns to an old pal to do what he does best – steal for a living.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Friend Request mission and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Friend Request Synopsis

Michael visits his old friend Lester at his home in Los Santos. The pair catch up before Michael asks Lester for a job. Michael tells Lester he needs to make some money, Lester agrees, but he asks Michael to do him a favor first.

Friend Request Synopsis 1

Their conversation is cut short when an Eyefind notification pops up on Lester’s computer. Lester begins to rant about Jay Norris, CEO of Lifeinvader, but Michael does not seem to understand where Lester is coming from.

Friend Request Synopsis 2

Lester hands Michael a bag that contains a rig that Michael must plant on a prototype device in the LifeInvader office. Lester also instructs Michael to dress up like a billionaire math genius so he can fit in and move inconspicuously around the LifeInvader office.

Friend Request Synopsis 3

Michael heads to the nearby Suburban store in Vinewood to get the clothes he needs for the job. Michael opts for a vest and cargo shorts and quickly heads to the Lifeinvader office.

Michael hangs around the rear entrance of the LifeInvader office while figuring out how to sneak into the office unnoticed. Fortunately, one of the Lifeinvader programmers went out to smoke. Michael offers him a lighter, and the two talk about tech-related stuff, none of which makes sense to Michael.

Friend Request Synopsis 4

In a stroke of luck, the programmer mistakes Michael for one of the IT guys and asks for Michael’s help with his computer, instantly giving Michael access to the Lifeinvader office.

The programmer asks Michael to fix his virus-filled PC. Fortunately, Jimmy’s PC experiences the same problems on a regular, so Michael at least knows how to deal with these types of PC problems.

Friend Request Synopsis 5

With the PC problem solved, the developer asks Michael to check out the Lifeinvader prototype in the demo room, which gives Michael a good idea of where he can find the prototype Lester was talking about.

Michael heads to the prototype demo room and plants the rig Lester placed in the bag he gave Michael. With the job complete, Michael heads home and gives Lester a call saying he will go home to watch the Lifeinvader keynote.

Friend Request Synopsis 6

Michael readies his phone and waits for Jay Norris to unveil the Lifeinvader prototype at the keynote. When Jay Norris unveils the prototype, Michael calls Jay Norris’ phone. And as soon as he answers it, the phone explodes next to his head, killing him instantly.

Friend Request Gold Medal Objectives

Friend Request Gold Medal Objectives 1
  • Time: Complete within 08:30.
    • Skip all the cutscenes to save time.
  • Popups Clear: Clear all pop-ups within 32 seconds.
    • Close all the pop-ups as they come. Access the anti-virus software as soon as the screen is clear enough.

Friend Request Mission Guide

Make your way to the Suburban stone in Vinewood.

Friend Request Mission Guide 1
Friend Request Mission Guide 2

Skip this cutscene, then make your way to the clothes rack with the vests.

Friend Request Mission Guide 3

Choose any vest from this rack.

Friend Request Mission Guide 4

Make your way to the Lifeinvader headquarters.

Friend Request Mission Guide 5

Skip the cutscene with the programmer. Follow him to his computer.

Friend Request Mission Guide 6

Close all the pop-ups as quickly as you can. You only have a 32-second time limit to access the anti-virus software or you’ll miss the Pop-ups Clear Gold Medal objective.

Friend Request Mission Guide 7

Scan the computer, then Terminate the viruses.

Friend Request Mission Guide 8

Make your way to the prototype room. Remember to skip the cutscene to save time. After which, walk back to the rear entrance to exit the building.

Friend Request Mission Guide 9

Drive back to Michael’s house.

image 783

Change the channel to the Lifeinvader keynote.

image 784

Wait for Jay Norris to pull out the prototype. Bring up your phone, then look for his number in your contact list.

image 787

Call Jay Norris’ phone.

image 788
image 790

Friend Added

With Lester’s favor done, Michael will have Lester’s cooperation and a job that could hopefully help him pay off the damages he and Franklin caused Martin Madrazo.

Getting Gold Medal in Friend Request is very simple. Skipping all the cutscenes will help a ton with the 08:30 time requirement. This leaves just the Pop-ups Clear Gold Medal objective, which you can easily clear by closing the pop-ups as quickly as possible and accessing the anti-virus software.

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