How to Get The Railgun in GTA 5


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Learn how to get the railgun in GTA 5!

How to Get The Railgun in GTA 5

GTA 5 features a long list of traditional firearms such as assault rifles, Pistols, RPGs, and even mini-guns – all of which can damage people and vehicles in-game.

Let’s face it – GTA 5’s armory consists of weapons you have previously seen in other FPS games or movies. It’s standard fare for gamers who play many other war-based FPS games, such as Call of Duty or the Battlefield series.

Fortunately, the all-powerful Railgun is one special weapon you probably are not expecting to see in GTA 5.

We will show you how you can get your hands on this futuristic weapon in GTA 5 to harness the firepower akin to a Rhino tank main cannon in the palm of your hands.

GTA 5 Railgun

A screenshot showing the railgun in GTA V

The GTA 5 Railgun is a single-shot Heavy Weapon that fires kinetic energy penetrator rounds at supersonic speeds. The Railgun’s ammo travels so fast and carries so much kinetic energy that it matches the Rhino tank’s main cannon in destructive capability. The Railgun can take out any unarmored vehicle in GTA 5 with a single shot.

However, the Railgun’s reliance on magnetic charge-ups will require a few seconds between shots to recharge, making it less than an ideal weapon against mobs in GTA 5.

The accuracy of the Railgun is also an issue due to the weapon’s weak blast radius. Therefore, the Railgun requires accurate and calculated aim focusing on the vehicle chassis to ensure it deals as much damage with its vaunted kinetic energy rounds.

Where to find the GTA 5 Railgun?

There are three different ways to acquire the Railgun in GTA 5. There are:

  • Bought through Ammu-nation for $250,000. (Only available after completing Minor Turbulence)
  • Found in underwater wreckage north of Stab City.
  • Acquired by committing suicide within Ammu-Nation Shooting Ranges.

Buy the Railgun from Ammu-Nation

A screenshot showing where the railgun on the shelves in Ammu Nation in GTA V

The quickest and most straightforward way to acquire the Railgun in GTA 5 is by going to the nearest Ammu-Nation store and purchasing the Railgun for $250,000. However, you need to complete the Minor Turbulence mission first. Otherwise, the Railgun will not be available to buy at Ammu-Nation.

Alternatively, you can acquire the Railgun through a glitch involving the Ammu-Nation Shooting Range.

Ammu-Nation Railgun Glitch

A screenshot showing the railgun Ammu Nation glitch in GTA V

You can also try this quick glitch to get the Railgun free from any Ammu-Nation store with a Shooting Range inside.

  1. Go to any of the two Ammu-Nation stores with Shooting Ranges.
  2. Select the “Bonus” challenge.
  3. Select the challenge that involves the Railgun.
  4. Shoot yourself in the foot. This will cause you to die and respawn with the Railgun in hand afterward.

Dive and Grab the Railgun from Underwater

A screenshot showing the player diving to get the railgun in GTA V
A screenshot showing the GTA V map with the location of the railgun

If both methods feel too easy for your tastes, why not dive into the open sea to collect the Railgun from the underwater wreck?

You can do this by heading towards the marked location at Alamo Sea, where you will find a crashed cargo plane. Swim up to the plane’s cockpit, and you’ll find a Railgun waiting to be retrieved.

Ensure you get a Dinghy for the job, as you need scuba gear to retrieve the Railgun underwater.

1.21 Gigawatts of Power

The Railgun is arguably the most destructive single-shot weapon in GTA 5. Its powerful kinetic energy penetrator rounds can damage vehicles like the Rhino tank’s main cannon.

While the weapon might not be as great for mob clearing or dealing with multiple enemies simultaneously, the Railgun will shine in situations where you must take down a vehicle as quickly as possible in GTA 5.

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