GTA 5: Hang Ten Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Trevor deals with Debra and Floyd once and for all.

GTA 5: Hang Ten Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Several missions back in the game, Trevor and Wade made their way to Los Santos to give Michael a long overdue visit. Los Santos was far from Sandy Shores, so the pair needed a place to stay. Luckily, Wade’s cousin, Floyd, has an apartment in Vespucci Beach, where Wade and Trevor can stay for a bit.

Trevor and Wade were not exactly welcomed by Floyd with open arms since the apartment was, in fact, owned by Floyd’s fiancee, Debra. However, Trevor being Trevor, forced his will upon Floyd and used the apartment as their temporary safe house while he and Wade stayed in Los Santos.

With Debra back from the conference, Trevor will have to find a place to stay in Los Santos.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Hang Ten in GTA 5 and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission.

Hang Ten Synopsis

Trevor arrives at Floyd’s apartment like he usually would the past few days. However, this time, he bumps into Floyd at the front door. Floyd was not too happy to see Trevor, as evidenced by the way he greeted Trevor.

image 272

Debra hears the commotion outside the apartment door and yells at Floyd, asking who Floyd is talking to. Floyd quickly answers back at Debra, saying it was nobody, but Trevor quickly follows up with an insulting quip of his own. Trevor did not mind Floyd’s attitude too much, but Floyd would go on to stop Trevor from reaching for the front door by telling him to ruin somebody else’s furnishings.

Trevor kicks the front door open, surprising Debra inside. Trevor would insult Debra by asking how her “conference” went. Of course, Trevor implied something completely different when he asked that question.

Trevor’s actions greatly anger Debra, and she responds by telling Trevor to leave her apartment right away.

image 273

Trevor goes on to be less subtle with his words. He throws jabs at Debra by telling her how he knows those corporate conferences were nothing but sexual encounters with company executives to gain favor.

Debra snaps and yells at Trevor, telling him to leave immediately. Trevor goes on his sarcastic charades again (like he did with the Lost MC in Mr. Phillips) to calm Debra down. He even went as far as to go down on his knees and ask Floyd and Debra if they would marry him.

image 274

Debra didn’t buy any of it and let out a big yelp, telling Trevor to get out of her condo. She also turns to Floyd, telling him to get out immediately.

Debra tells Floyd how important her career is and how she does not need crap. (Apparently, swearing was a big deal for Debra.) She would blame Floyd for how he made her swear and proceeded to call Floyd crap as well. Debra does not stop there – she tells Floyd how he is not a man and how Bob was right about him, implying she was cheating on Floyd with another man.

image 275

Trevor asks Debra who Bob is, but he is ignored. Debra instead tells Trevor and Floyd to leave, and she even calls Trevor weird. Trevor was offended by Debra’s side comment. Still, before Trevor could do anything about it, Debra heads to the kitchen counter, pulls out a gun, and points the gun in Trevor’s direction, saying she was not scared to use it because Bob taught her how to use it.

image 276

Floyd snaps and reaches for the knife sitting on the kitchen counter, but his anger pales in comparison to Trevor’s apparent rage. Trevor would go on to comment how Debra and Floyd weren’t nice before the screen turns completely dark.

image 277

The next scene starts with Trevor closing the apartment door, all covered in blood. Later, the camera pans to one of the apartment windows with blood splattered all over it, implying Trevor killed both Floyd and Debra.

image 278

Wade attempts to go to the apartment to say hello to Debra and Floyd, but Trevor stops him and tells him to follow him to have fun somewhere. The pair make their way to Vanilla Unicorn.

At Vanilla Unicorn, Trevor pulls a few escorts to distract Floyd. Meanwhile, Trevor makes his way to the manager’s office, opens the door, and tells the manager to prepare to meet his new partner, before closing the door.

image 284

The play will switch immediately to Michael at his home in Los Santos. Michael receives a call from Lester asking about the next job. He also informs Michael about Trevor and his Vanilla Unicorn takeover.

image 285

Hang Ten Gold Medal Objectives

image 271
  • Time: Complete within 04:00
    • The cutscenes in Hang Ten make up about 70% of the entire playtime. Skip these to get a Gold Medal.

Hang Ten Mission Guide

Get in Trevor’s truck and drive to Vanilla Unicorn, marked yellow on the map.

image 279
image 280
image 281

Skip the cutscenes, as these will take a ton of time away from you. Remember, you only have four minutes to complete the mission with a Gold Medal.

image 282
image 288

The Were Not Very Nice

Hang Ten is the shortest mission in the game. If you skip all the cutscenes, you can complete the mission in less than five minutes. The Gold Medal objective for this mission is only the Time objective where you must complete the mission in less than four minutes, which is easily completed by skipping the cutscenes and driving to Vanilla Unicorn as fast as possible.

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