GTA 5: How to Install the Pull Me Over Mod on PC


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Start a traffic ticket collection with the Pull Me Over Mod for GTA 5.

GTA 5: How to Install the Pull Me Over Mod on PC

We recently featured the Pull Me Over Mod back in our article about the 5 Must-have Realism Mods for GTA 5, which you can read here.

The Pull Me Over adds a very interesting and fun dynamic to how traffic works around Los Santos, making it a must-have mod for realism fanboys in GTA 5.

If you have read about the Pull Me Over mod from our must-have realism mods list, you have probably tried to install the mod to your GTA 5.

If you have trouble installing the mod or have no idea where to start, do not worry – we will walk you through how to install the Pull Me Over Mod in this guide.

What do I Need to Download and Install the Pull Me Over Mod?

We are assuming you already have ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, and NativeTrainer installed. If you do not, read this guide to install ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet, as these two mods are required to make the Pull Me Over mod work properly in GTA 5.

#1 Pull Me Over Mod

We downloaded all the mods we featured in our 5 Must-have Realism Mods list from none other than the largest depository of third-party GTA 5 mods – the aptly named website.

Here is the link that will take you to the Pull Me Over Mod home page.

Download the mod from the link and save the ZIP file somewhere easy to remember. We saved it on our Desktop, so it will be easier to remember where to find it later.

#2 Cops: Back on the Beat Mod

Unfortunately, the Pull Me Over Mod cannot work on its own as patrol cars rarely spawn or drive around Los Santos unless someone has already committed a crime or if the player’s wanted stars are triggered.

The Pull Me Over Mod requires another mod that will naturally spawn patrol cars around Los Santos.

Enter, Cops: Back on the Beat Mod, which you can download here.

The Cops: Back on the Beat Mod is a script that force-spawns patrol cars to drive around Los Santos. When installed, more cops will walk around and patrol the streets.

#3 OpenIV

If you’ve dabbled into third-party mods for GTA 5 before, you probably already know what OpenIV is. However, if you’re new to the GTA 5 modding game, let us explain what OpenIV does.

OpenIV is a special archiver for GTA 5. Most of GTA 5’s internal files are saved inside the update.rpf file, which cannot be edited by normal means.

Some mods will require the modification of some parameters in the update.rpf file and you will need the OpenIV archiver for that.

In addition, some mods like the Cops: Back on the Beat mod can only be installed directly using OpenIV.

If you do not have OpenIV installed yet, check out our guide on installing and using OpenIV for GTA V on PC.

How to Install Pull Me Over Mod

  1. Extract the downloaded Pull Me Over Mod ZIP file:
image 3

2. Copy the PullMeOver.dll and PullMeOver.ini files:


3. Navigate to your GTA 5 root folder. Access the “scripts” folder:

image 1

4. Paste the copied PullMeOver.dll and PullMeOver.ini files into the GTA 5 scripts folder:

image 2

5. Extract the Cops: Back on the Beat ZIP file:

image 4

6. Launch OpenIV:

image 5

7. Click on “Tools“:


8. Click on “Package Installer“:


9. Navigate to where your Cops: Back on the Beat .oiv file is:

image 6

10. Select the .oiv file and click on Open:


11. The Package installer window should pop up. Click on “Install:


Keep It Under The Speed Limit

If you followed the above steps to the T, you should have both the Pull Me Over mod and Cops: Back on the Beat mods installed and working.

Fire up your GTA 5 game and drive around Los Santos. Be careful, though, as you will be flagged down by patrol cars when you speed or break traffic laws.

That is about it! We hope you can install and enjoy these mods for your GTA 5 game through this guide.

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