GTA 5 Online Roleplaying Rules to Remember



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GTA V Roleplaying servers uphold stricter rules than the vanilla GTA 5 Online.

GTA 5 Online Roleplaying Rules to Remember

GTA 5 has been out for quite a long time – 10 long years in fact – and by now, everybody is probably tired of playing the plain old single-player activities around Los Santos.

Fortunately for fans, GTA 5 is super easy to mod, thanks to a wealth of programming libraries that modders can use to add third-party content into the game.

One of the better third-party content for GTA 5 is the custom Roleplaying servers where players can take on mundane everyday life around Los Santos.

However, like any other sub-community, rules are set to help keep things orderly. And for GTA 5 RP servers, players have to play by the rules or risk getting kicked out or, worse, banned from the server indefinitely.

GTA 5 Roleplaying Rules to Remember

Play Your Role

GTA 5 Roleplay servers are a simulated society. As such, players follow a certain path in-game that aligns with typical actions and behaviors that their particular role is expected to play.

RP fans refer to this act as Out of Character or OOC.

With this in mind, it is important to remember to play within the confines of your character’s roles and never deviate from the character norms.

Deathmatching is Generally Illegal

Deathmatching describes players who treat GTA 5 RP servers like the typical GTA 5 single-player environment – killing anyone just for fun.

As mentioned previously, GTA 5 RP servers adhere to societal rules in-game to keep things orderly and realistic. In other words, killing anyone for no real reason is a bannable offense that RP server admins take seriously.

Don’t be a Snitch

Players in RP servers must remember that they are roleplaying a character in GTA 5 RP servers. As such, players need to act according to how they would in real life.

The term Metagame is often thrown around in RP servers. This generally refers to when players act on something their character should not know about.

For example, when real players themselves know that someone was killed in the server, but their character was nowhere near the area when the crime happened, then obviously, their character should have no idea that a crime even happened. Divulging information regarding who killed the person is not something their character can act upon themselves.

Fear for Your Life

Fear RP is probably the most controversial and, ironically, the most unrealistic aspect of GTA 5 Roleplay.

In GTA 5, whenever random roleplayers encounter a criminal, they are not allowed to fight back or run away. The innocent has no choice but to yield and obey the oppressor’s commands.

Although unrealistic, this rule is put in place to maintain order and keep players from going OOC.

Cheating is Taboo

This should come as no surprise as cheats and other exploits breach OOC rules, Fear RP, metagaming, and many other unwritten rules in GTA 5 RP servers.

Cheats are fun in GTA 5 single-player but illegal in RP servers and will almost always lead to an indefinite ban.

Roleplaying Peace and Order

Artificial a society as roleplaying servers might be, rules are still an essential component that ensures everyone falls in line and keeps the realism in these servers consistent.

Take the rules we have outlined above and try to remember them while you explore Los Santos through GTA 5 Roleplaying servers. You can thank us later.

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