GTA 5: The Paleto Score Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Franklin, Michael, and Trevor set out to rob a local bank in Paleto Bay.

GTA 5: The Paleto Score Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

After scouting the Blaine County Savings Bank along Paleto Bay, Lester has a solid plan to help Michael and the crew rob the tightly-guarded bank. Unfortunately, things do not always go according to plan.

In this guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about The Paleto Score, including how to get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

The Paleto Score Synopsis

Michael, Franklin, Trevor, and Lester meet at Trevor’s meth lab to prepare for the Blaine County Savings Bank job. Michael and Trevor get into an argument about Patricia, which forces Franklin to step in and put some sense back into both men.

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Franklin manages to calm both men down and give Michael a chance to lay down the job for the crew. When Michael asks the crew if they have any questions or comments, Trevor raises his hand and looks back at Brad and their original crew. Michael thanks Trevor for his opinion but doesn’t take it seriously.

Before the crew leaves for the bank, Lester tells Franklin to wait by the river, where the rest of the crew will eventually rendezvous with him after they successfully secure the take.

On their way to the bank, Trevor asks Franklin if he has had any bank job experience. Franklin recalls a job he and Lamar did in the past but can not remember any of the specifics.

Trevor then directs the question to Michael, who answers vividly with a job he did in 1988 at Carcer City that netted him $10,000. Lastly, Trevor turns to the ‘generic goon’ and asks him the same question; the goon recalls a big job back in the Bank of Liberty City with Niko Bellic.

15 4

Michael and the rest of the crew drop Franklin near the river and head to the Blaine County Saving Bank to start the job.

Michael and the crew enter through the bank’s main door, where Trevor holds everyone at gunpoint while Michael and the other crew member work to open the bank vault.

A few minutes into the robbery, the local police arrive at the scene, forcing Trevor to fend them off while Michael and the other crew member load the money.

With the money secured, Michael, Trevor, and the other crew member bust out of the main door to face the police.

Trevor brings out the mini-gun, forcing the police to fall back. While Michael and the crew work through the police, Franklin informs the crew about the cops in the bay, forcing Michael and the crew to look for another way to escape.

30 4

Michael, Trevor, and the other crew member fight through a local construction site, where they face the military who has joined the fight.

Now up against the local police, the military, and a tank, the crew had to find a way to escape with the money intact.

Franklin arrives in a Dozer and helps clear a path for Michael and the crew. The trio then heads to a Cluckin’ Bell factory, where even more soldiers await.

Michael and the crew take out the soldiers and make their way to the train platform on the other side, where they manage to escape onboard a train.

38 4

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor split up to avoid being spotted by search teams. The train eventually stops at Sandy Shores, where Agent Sanchez awaits.

Sanchez takes all the money and hands Michael, Franklin, and Trevor their share of the take before leaving.

The Paleto Score Gold Medal Objectives

  • Let it Rain: Fire over 4000 bullets.
  • Accuracy: Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 50%.
  • Time: Complete within 16:00.
  • Collateral Damage: Cause $1,000,000 damage in Paleto Bay.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

The Paleto Score Mission Guide

Pick Gustavo Mota as your other crew member. This crew member will inevitably die in the mission, so pick one with the smallest cut. You can best pick up the money he drops along the way anyway.

1 5

Drive to the pier, where you will need to drop Franklin.

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5 6

After dropping off Franklin, head to the Blaine County Savings Bank just around the corner.

6 7

Get inside the bank using Michael. Do not switch until you have secured all the money from the vault.

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11 4

After Michael and the crew break out of the bank, switch to Trevor and unleash hell with the minigun. Shoot down as many cop cars as possible to complete the Let It Rain Gold Medal Objective, which requires you to shoot at least 4000 bullets.

16 4

Shoot the gas station pump to blow it up. This will easily complete the Collateral Damage Gold Medal Objective.

18 3

Shoot down the incoming helicopter using the minigun as well.

44 3

Move through the houses with the crew. You will have to remove one of the houses’ fences to proceed.

22 2

Along the way, the other crew member will be crushed by an oncoming police car. There is no saving the crew member, so just take the bag of money he dropped and proceed to the construction site.

46 3

Blow up the military vehicles on the construction site using the minigun.

47 1

The play will eventually switch to Franklin, who is on his way to help Michael and Trevor using a Dozer.

29 4

Pick up Michael and Trevor, then drive to the Cluckin’ Bell factory.

30 5
32 2
48 1

One of the tanks will hang around near the Cluckin’ Bell factory. You can use the tank as a dummy to complete the remaining rounds you need to shoot to complete the Let It Rain Gold Medal Objective.

33 2

Move through the factory using either Trevor or Michael. Shoot down the soldiers inside with body shots to keep your accuracy high.

35 2

Head to the railway platform, where Michael, Franklin, and Trevor hold off the incoming soldiers while they wait for the train to arrive.

36 4

Hold off the incoming soldiers by shooting at their bodies. This will keep your accuracy up and help you complete the Let It Rain Gold Medal Objective simultaneously.

37 4

Head to the train once Michael signals its arrival. Skip the cutscene to save time.

38 5
40 1

Shaking Up The Town

The most challenging Gold Medal Objective is the Let It Rain objective, which requires you to shoot over 4000 bullets throughout the mission.

This is easily doable if it were not for the accompanying Accuracy objective that requires you to finish the mission with 50% Accuracy.

Nevertheless, getting all four Gold Medal Objectives in one run is doable in The Paleto Score mission in GTA 5. The two other objectives are easily accomplished by skipping cutscenes and blowing up the gas station in front of the bank.

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