GTA 5: Paleto Score Setup Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Michael and Trevor need to find a way to secure funds for a job.

GTA 5: Paleto Score Setup Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

The Paleto Score Setup mission in GTA 5 happens just after Michael and Trevor complete a favor from Martin Madrazo back in the Caida Libre mission. Exiled from Los Santos, Michael has no choice but to hang around in Blaine County until he and Trevor can make amends with Martin Madrazo.

In the meantime, Michael and Trevor are given a job by Steve Haines and Dave Norton. However, Steve and Dave’s division in the FIB has some problems with funding, leaving Michael and Trevor no choice but to find a way to fund the mission themselves.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Paleto Score Setup mission in GTA 5 and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission.

Paleto Score Setup Synopsis

Michael arrives at Trevor’s meth lab in Sandy Shores. While waiting for Dave and Steve, Michael and Trevor get into an argument that almost leads to a tussle. Fortunately, Dave and Steve arrive just before the pair can start throwing hands at each other.

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Dave briefs Michael and Trevor on a job – investigate a research lab allegedly developing a nerve gas for use in terrorism. Unfortunately, Dave and Steve are facing a funding problem, leaving Michael and Trevor to source all the necessary equipment for the job, including a boat, a tandem-rotor chopper, and weapons.

Hearing about this made Michael very upset with how his life has turned out, but he soon realizes he has no choice but to submit to Dave and Steve’s demands.

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After Dave and Steve leave Trevor’s meth lab, Michael calls Lester for help. Michael recalls a score Lester mentioned before Franklin and Michael did the jewel store job – a bank in Paleto Bay. Lester remembers clearly and tells Michael he will immediately get on a bus to Blaine Country.

image 649

Michael and Trevor drive to the bus stop at Paleto Bay. After a few hours of waiting, Lester finally arrives, and the trio gets to work immediately.

image 653

Michael, Trevor, and Lester drive to the Blaine County savings bank to scout out the area and look for ways to enter the bank from the outside. Upon circling to the back of the bank, Lester realizes how costly the job would be relative to the score’s payout. Upon hearing Lester’s opinion, Michael intends to find a new score, but Trevor insists they find other ways to breach the bank.

Lester suggests they find out how the local police would react to an alarm, so Michael shoots one of the alarms outside to trigger it. The trio then drives towards a nearby gasoline station and listens to the local radio transmissions from Lester’s police scanner.

image 662

Lester notes how quickly the local police station could dispatch patrol cars to the area and how the police response to a mere bank alarm was disproportionate to the number of police respondents the local PD sent over. Trevor explains how the local police department is corrupt and that the Blaine County savings bank is their piggy bank, which is why they would try and protect it at all costs.

image 670

The cops learn about the possible intentional triggering of the alarm and respond by setting up checkpoints on the Great Ocean Highway and the Senora Freeway. Not wanting to get caught by the cops, Trevor bails alone, leaving Michael and Lester in the car.

Trevor and Michael race back to Trevor’s meth lab in Sandy Shores. Michael beats Trevor to the meth lab and insults Trevor by asking: “what took you so long?” to which Trevor replies the same, albeit in a hilarious mocking tone.

Paleto Score Setup Gold Medal Objectives

image 644
  • Leisurely Drive: Drive to the bank within 03:30.
  • Winner: Win the race back to the meth lab.
    • Start driving as soon as Trevor leaves the car.

Paleto Score Setup Mission Guide

Get in Michael’s car and drive to Paleto Bay.

image 648
image 652
image 651

With Lester now in the car, head to the bank.

image 654

Focus on the bank by pressing the assigned button.

image 655
image 656

Drive to the empty toward the left wing of the bank.

image 657

Shoot down the alarm as instructed by Lester.

image 658

Get back in the car, then drive to the gasoline station.

image 659
image 660

Stay put and wait until Trevor bails out.

image 662
image 663

As soon as Trevor bails out of the car, drive as fast as possible to his meth lab.

image 665
image 671
image 672

Setting The Score

The Paleto Score Setup mission in GTA 5 is a very straightforward mission that only really requires a ton of driving around town. The Gold Medal objectives for this mission will only require you to drive as fast as you can to the bank at Paleto Bay and back to Trevor’s garage after scouting out the area. Remember to outrun Trevor on the way back to complete the Winner Gold Medal objective.

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