GTA 5: Repossession Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Franklin and Lamar are in for a nasty surprise as they repossess a tricked-out bike at Vespucci Beach.

GTA 5: Repossession Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Repossession is the third mission in GTA 5. It is the second mission involving Franklin Clinton – one of GTA 5’s three protagonists – and his best friend Lamar Davis.

Simeon sends Franklin and Lamar on another repo job to requisition a tricked-out chopper from some guy Vespucci Beach. Of course, the simplest jobs are the ones that get very nasty very quickly, and this repo job is no different.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Repossession and how you can get a Gold Medal from completing the mission in GTA 5.

Repossession Synopsis

Simeon calls Franklin and asks him to meet him at the dealership for another job. When Franklin arrives, he is greeted by Simeon and presented the dealership’s vaunted “Employee of the Month” award. Franklin isn’t too impressed with the award, as he is obviously burnt out and unhappy with his job at the dealership. Lamar arrives shortly after, expressing his disappointment at missing out on the Employee of the Month award.

image 349

Simeon cuts the celebration short and gives Franklin and Lamar their next repo job – requisition a bike from a certain Esteban Jimenez in Vespucci Beach. Franklin and Lamar immediately get to work and make their way to the client’s location in Vespucci Beach.

Upon arrival, Franklin and Lamar jump over the fences of one of the building complexes and begin searching for the bike in a few of the garages along an alley. The pair find nothing but empty garages and are eventually called out by members of the Vagos gang for snooping around the alley.

image 368

Lamar needlessly escalates the situation by pulling out his gun on one of the Vamos members, prompting the group to retaliate. Franklin and Lamar are left with no choice but to engage in a gunfight with the Vamos and escape the alley.

As Franklin and Lamar make their way out of the alley, they spot Esteban Jimenez on the repo bike. The pair chases down Jimenez across town and eventually kills him to recover the bike. Lamar tells Franklin to take the bike and meet him at the carwash in Strawberry.

image 370

Upon arrival, Franklin expresses his frustration with Lamar and how his actions led to an unnecessary confrontation in Vespucci Beach. Franklin tells Lamar they cannot repo the assets of a dead man, prompting Lamar to take the bike for himself.

Repossession Gold Medal Objectives

image 348
  • Time: Complete within 06:30.
  • Trail Blazer: Shoot the gasoline trail.
  • Headshots: Kill 6 enemies with a headshot.
  • Accuracy: Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Repossession Mission Guide

Get in your car and drive to the designated location marked yellow on the map.

image 350
image 351

Climb up the fence and walk with Lamar toward the other end of the alley.

image 353
image 354

The garage you’re looking for is the one towards the right side. Don’t bother checking the other garages to save time.

image 356

You can skip this cutscene, but get ready to engage as soon as the cutscene stops.

image 358

Remember, you need to get at least six headshots and finish the mission with no less than 70% accuracy.

image 359

This blue car will back into some stacked planks and leave a gasoline trail. Shoot the trail to set it on fire. This will complete the Trailblazer Gold Medal Objective.

image 360

If you’re fast enough, you can kill Jimenez as he peeks into the alley. Otherwise, you have to chase after him and kill him to get the bike.

image 369
image 361
image 362
image 363

As soon as you get your hands on the bike, make your way to the carwash marked yellow on the map.

image 364
image 365

You can skip the cutscene here as well to save time.

image 366
image 371

Repo Gone Wrong

The first few missions in GTA 5 focus on Franklin Clinton and his everyday life in Los Santos. The repo job at Vespucci Beach was just another day in the office for Franklin, but Lamar needlessly escalated the situation, much to Franklin’s frustration.

Repossession is a fairly easy mission if you’re just looking to finish the mission itself. However, if you want to get a Gold Medal for the mission, you need to complete the mission in less than six and a half minutes, shoot the gasoline trail, score six headshots, and finish the mission with no less than 70% shooting accuracy. Follow the guide above to complete all four objectives in a single run.

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