GTA 5: Scouting the Port Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Trevor, Wade, and Floyd head to the Port of Los Santos to investigate a government freighter.

GTA 5: Scouting the Port Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

After an unplanned standoff with a local gang in Franklin’s backyard, Trevor heads to Floyd’s apartment to see if he can find something interesting to do.

Floyd mentions a freighter that’s heavily guarded by the Merryweather group at the Los Santos Port. Knowing just how corrupt the Merryweather is, Trevor’s suspicions were piqued. Wade, Floyd, and Trevor head to the Port of Los Santos to complete a few jobs and find out just what the Merryweather group was guarding in the port.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Scouting the Port mission and how you can complete the mission with a Gold Medal in this guide.

Scouting the Port Synopsis

Trevor arrives in the middle of an argument between Wade and Floyd at Floyd’s fiance’s apartment. Curious about what all the ruckus was all about, Trevor asks Floyd what the problem was. Floyd tells Trevor how he believes Trevor and Wade’s stay in the apartment is putting his relationship with Debra at risk.

After a quick talk about fornication in the apartment and after Trevor shows his manhood to Floyd, Trevor asks Floyd if he worked at the docks. Floyd would quickly answer yes, but not before asking Trevor to put his pants back on.

Trevor asks Floyd if there was anything interesting for Trevor to do at the docks. After which Trevor asks Wade and Floyd to put on some worker uniforms and the trio drive to the Port of Los Santos.

On the way to Port of LS, Trevor asks Floyd if there was anything worth stealing on the docks. Floyd and Trevor don’t exactly meet eye to eye in these types of things, so Floyd often asks Trevor for the specifics of what he’s asking for.

After Trevor lays down the context from where he’s coming from, Floyd mentions the interesting number of Merryweather folks hanging around the docks. Trevor explains who and what the Merryweather Private Security Group was to Floyd and Floyd quickly realizes there’s something amiss with a specific freighter on the docks.

When Trevor asked Floyd if there was any way to board the freighter, Floyd answered no, and explains how the Merryweather folks won’t let anybody near the freighter.

The trio arrives at the Port of Los Santos, but Wade is quickly pulled by one of the superiors to clean up a waste spillage. While Wade is away, Trevor asks Floyd a bunch of questions regarding logistics, waypoints, and security response from the coast guard and port security.

After a quick walk around the Port, Floyd and Trevor arrive at the freighter. Floyd explains how most of the government containers simply move in and out from the Port of LS, but the freighter the Merryweather group has been protecting has been sitting in the Port of LS for quite some time.

While the duo was walking toward the freighter, a port officer orders Floyd and Trevor to use the handler to move a couple of containers in bay B to be brought to bay F. Once completed, Trevor runs towards one of the cranes in the port to continue the job.

Trevor will take some photos of various parts of the ship and send them over to Ron. After which, Trevor and Floyd will drive a truck towards the docking area that’s heavily guarded by Merryweather agents. Trevor stirs up trouble with the Merryweather guards and used Floyd as bait while he picks up a bag from the small office.

Trevor will leave Floyd by himself to get beaten up by the Merryweather guards, while Trevor escapes towards Floyd’s apartment.

Trevor arrives at Floyd’s apartment to find a sludged-up Wade. Trevor will write down a plan that leads to the next heist missions.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time – Complete within 20:00.
    • The cutscenes will cut into the mission’s time requirement. Skip all cutscenes to buy yourself more time.
  • Employee of the Month– Complete without damaging the containers. 
    • Don’t rush when driving the dock handler.
  • Perfect Surveillance– Snap all 3 photographs of the boat as instructed.
    • Listen carefully and take the photos as instructed by Ron.
  • An Honest Day’s Work – Complete without causing a disturbance at the docks.
    • As long as you don’t fail the mission, this objective will clear itself.

Scouting the Port Mission Guide

Drive towards Pier 400 marked yellow on the map.

Park Trevor’s truck in the spot marked yellow on the map.

Follow Floyd. He will guide you towards the frieghter.

Drive the handler towards the target location marked green on the map.

Position the handler perfectly against one of the blue containers. Use the assigned button to lower the handler’s arm and line it up perfectly with the containers.

After lining up the handler and the container, press the assigned button to pick up the container.

Take it to bay F and drop the container carefully into place. It doesn’t have to line up perfectly with the red lines.

Do the same for the last container. Afterwards, go on foot and run towards the crane marked yellow on the map.

Get on top of the crane and control it.

Pick up the red containers and carefully move them towards the other end to load them onto the truck. Make sure you raise the container when moving it so it doesn’t smash against the other containers.

Carefully lower the containers and load them onto the truck.

Get to the other side of the catwalk just above the control tower of the crane.

Take a picture of the front of the ship, a guard on the ship, and an extended image of the rear area of the ship.

Send the photos to Ron.

Get down from the crane and drive the truck towards the docking area marked yellow on the map.

Floyd will be beaten up by the guards. Take the opportunity to run away from the restricted area as quickly as possible.

Head back to Floyd’s apartment at La Puerta.

Enter the apartment. By this time, the mission will be complete.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

The Scouting the Port mission leads up nicely to the next main heist mission in Grand Theft Auto 5, the Merryweather heist.

Getting a Gold Medal finish in Scouting the Port is fairly simple, as you only really need to complete the tasks given to you by one of the port officers. As long as you work efficiently and carefully, you should have no problems completing all four Gold Medal objectives in this mission.

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