GTA 5: Did Somebody Say Yoga? Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Cure those blocked-off chi paths.

GTA 5: Did Somebody Say Yoga? Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Michael’s relationship with Amanda and their kids has only worsened since Trevor showed up in the De Santa household a few missions back. In Did Somebody Say Yoga?, Michael joins Amanda and Fabien’s Yoga practice and spends some time with his son Jimmy.

We have outlined everything your need to know about Did Somebody Say Yoga? Mission in GTA 5 and how you can complete the mission with a Gold Medal.

Did Somebody Say Yoga Synopsis

Michael was chilling in their family living room when Amanda arrived and yelled at Michael for smoking in the house. The situation turns sour quickly when Amanda berates Michael for ending up in a worse state than he was already in before Trevor showed up a few days ago.

image 156

Just as Amanda delivered her colorful choice of words for Michael, Fabien, Amanda’s Yoga coach, arrives. Fabien greets Michael and Amanda with Namaste, and Amanda does the same. Michael sarcastically commends Amanda for being centered and a regular oasis of peace and tranquility. Amanda does not take Michael’s word lightly and proceeds to fire back at Michael by calling him a gorilla with anger issues and worse friends.

image 157

Fabien breaks up Michael and Amanda. He also asks Michael to join them in their Yoga practice. Michael agrees, and the trio head to the patio to get some Yoga practice done.

Fabien leads the Yoga practice with a mountain pose. After demonstrating the pose, Fabien asks Amanda to do the same so Michael can better understand how to do the pose himself.

After completing a series of poses, Fabien asks Amanda to do the downward dog pose while telling Michael he is glad he could help him with his impotence.

image 171

Fabien and Amanda get into a very suggestive position which angers Michael, causing him to charge at Fabien only to fall into the swimming pool. Amanda angrily tells Michael that she and Fabien are leaving and never coming back.

image 172

Michael goes back into the house and heads for Jimmy’s room. Michael asks Jimmy to get out of the house with him. Jimmy hesitantly agrees. The pair leave the house to meet up with Jimmy’s friend at the Burger Shack.

Michael and Jimmy arrive at the Burger Shack to meet up with Jimmy’s odd-looking friend. Jimmy asks his friend for a thing he requested. After which, Michael and Jimmy head back to their house.

image 177

On their way back home, Jimmy hands Michael the cup and asks him to take a sip. Just a few blocks before they make it home, Michael gets too woozy to drive, forcing him to pull over and park the car.

image 180

The drink puts Michael on a series of oddball hallucinations. When Michael finally recovers, he realizes he is in nothing but his underwear in a nearby park. Michael makes his way home, hoping to get back at Jimmy for what he did, but is only met by a letter from Amanda saying she and her kids have opted to move out for a while, leaving Michael all alone in their house in Rockford Hills.

image 187

Did Somebody Say Yoga Gold Medal

image 155
  • Time: Complete within 15:00
  • Warrior: Complete the 1st yoga pose without fault.
  • Triangle: Complete the 2nd yoga pose without fault.
  • Praise the Sun!: Complete the 3rd yoga pose without fault.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Did Somebody Say Yoga? Mission Guide

The whole yoga routine will initially seem complicated, but once you get a feel for the movements, you will realize how simple the minigame is.

All you have to remember is that the yoga routine consists of two parts – a movement section involving specific keyboard or controller inputs and a breathing section after completing each movement.

The first part requires you to tap the “S” key on the keyboard and drag the mouse down. On the controller, this movement will involve the left and right joysticks. Move both to the specific direction and HOLD the position.

image 158

As you can see, you will have to hold the same position, only this time, you need to press the left and right mouse buttons on the PC or the left and right triggers on the controller.

image 159

Do the same for the rest of the movements.

image 162
image 163
image 165
image 166
image 167

The patterns will be different, but the sequences will be similar for each of the three routines.

image 169

Skip the cutscene after the third routine and make your way to Jimmy’s room. Skip the cutscene there as well to save time.

image 173

Get in your car and drive to Burger Shack.

image 174
image 175

Skip the cutscene at Burger Shack, then drive back to Michael’s house.

image 178

Michael will get woozy from Jimmy’s drink. Driving will be much more difficult as a result. Just do your best to control the car. A cutscene will take over eventually.

image 179

Enjoy Michael’s colorful hallucinations.

image 182

You can press the forward button to dive down to land much sooner.

image 183

Make your way back to Michael’s house. Skip the cutscene there to save time.

image 184
image 185

Go to the kitchen to end the mission.

image 186
image 189

Namaste, Michael

Michael has hit rock bottom with his family relationships, forcing Amanda, Tracey, and Jimmy to move out of the house for a bit while Michael sorts out his issues.

The Yoga part in Did Somebody Say Yoga? requires some patience to complete successfully. Just take your time, focus on the inputs the game asks, and do not let go until Michael breathes out. The movements will be different, but the sequencing will be very similar.

There’s a 15-minute time requirement that you can easily check off if you skip all the cutscenes, and the rest of the Gold Medal objectives require you to do the poses without fault. While you can complete the Gold Medal objectives in one go, you can always come back and redo the rest of the Gold Medal objectives in a separate re-run.

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