GTA 5: Still Pulling Favors Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Franklin is still pulling favors for Tonya.

GTA 5: Still Pulling Favors Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Tonya and JB have an apparent smoking problem that keeps them from properly taking care of their towing business. Tonya claims she and JB have since come clean, but the withdrawal makes JB too sick to go to work.

Tonya sees Franklin as an opportunity to keep their towing business going, so she asks Franklin and even guilt trips him now and then to leave Franklin with no choice but to help his childhood friends.

Still Pulling Favors is Franklin’s fourth towing job for Tonya that you must complete getting a 100% completion in your save file in GTA 5.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the mission and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing this mission in GTA 5.

Still Pulling Favors Synopsis

Tonya sends Franklin a text message asking again for help with the towing business. She explains that JB still feels too sick to work because of his smoking withdrawal.

Franklin hates doing these favors for Tonya since he knows JB is just out somewhere in Los Santos, smoking again, but he helps out to keep his conscience clear.

Franklin reluctantly agrees to Tonya’s request and quickly makes his way to the Davis Sheriff’s Station to pick up the tow truck. The vehicle that Franklin needs to pick up is a broken-down sedan along Spanish Avenue. Franklin drives to the location, picks up the driver, and tows away the vehicle from the middle of the street.

Franklin and the owner make their way to the Auto Exotic repair shop at Elgin Avenue in Vinewood, where Franklin drops off the car and its driver.

Still Pulling Favors Gold Medal Objectives

image 530
  • Time: Complete within 06:00.
  • Unhook Bonus: Keep the vehicle hooked until delivery.

Still Pulling Favors Mission Guide

Make your way to the Davis Sheriff’s Station and pick up the tow truck.

image 531

Drive to Spanish Avenue, marked blue on the map.

image 532
image 533

You need to complete the mission in less than six minutes if you want to get a Gold Medal for completing this mission. You can shorten your travel time by spamming Franklin’s special ability in turns where you normally have to slow down.

image 534

Use Franklin’s special ability when hooking up the vehicle to make maneuvering easier.

image 535

Let the driver in the passenger seat first before you tow the car.

image 536

Tow the car back to Auto Exotic on Elgin Avenue.

image 537
image 538

Drop the car at the designated spot.

image 539
image 541

Long in the Tooth

Despite not getting paid or getting anything in return for doing these favors for Tonya, Franklin still does his best to do the job properly for the sake of his childhood friends.

Still doing favors is similar to other “Tonya Favors” missions in GTA 5. The Gold Medal objectives are similar as well. This time around, you need to complete the mission in less than six minutes to get a Gold Medal finish. You can do this by spamming Franklin’s special ability and making sure the towed vehicle does not get unhooked while you drive to the repair shop.

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