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Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill want actor Al Di Napoli all for themselves.

GTA 5: Vinewood Souvenirs - Al Di Napoli

Famous actor Al Di Napoli is one of the celebrities listed in the email they sent to Trevor, which listed down all the Los Santos celebrities that the pair want to get a souvenir from.

Trevor has since retrieved four souvenirs from four of the celebrities on the list, which he hands over to Nigel in Vinewood Souvenirs – Al Di Napoli.

When Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill spot actor Al Di Napoli at Del Porro, the pair asks Trevor to chase him down so they can spend quality time with their favorite actor in private.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Vinewood Souvenirs – Al Di Napoli and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Vinewood Souvenirs – Al Di Napoli Synopsis

Trevor arrives at White Widow in Del Porro to meet up with Nigel. Upon arrival, Trevor hands Nigel a small bag containing the stuff Nigel asked from Trevor.

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Not seeing Mrs. Thornhill in the vicinity, Trevor asks Nigel where his wife is. Nigel corrects Trevor by saying Mrs. Thornhill isn’t his wife and that Mrs. Thornhill has a husband and two kids.

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill simply met online.

Nigel asks Trevor for a hug out of nowhere, saying he knew he would like Trevor when he first met him. Trevor agrees and gives Nigel the hug he asks for.

The two men embrace for a few seconds; then, a panicking Mrs. Thornhill comes out of nowhere after she claims to have spotted actor Al Di Napoli.

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Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill wish to have Al Di Napoli for themselves, insinuating that they would like to have the actor kidnapped so they can talk to him in private.

A few seconds later, Al Di Napoli appears out of nowhere and recognizes both Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill. After seeing his two ‘stalkers,’ Di Napoli escapes to his vehicle.

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill immediately get in Nigel’s car and ask Trevor to take the wheel and chase down Di Napoli.

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Together, the trio goes on a fast-paced pursuit of Di Napoli around Los Santos to chase down Di Napoli. Trevor drives through multiple parking lots and even takes the opposite side of the road to keep up.

Di Napoli eventually crashes his vehicle on a fence, allowing Trevor to pick him up and load him onto the trunk of Nigel’s car. With Di Napoli in the trunk, Trevor waves Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill goodbye.

Vinewood Souvenirs – Al Di Napoli Gold Medal Objectives

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  • Stalker: Stay close to Di Napoli
  • Accident and Emergency: Avoid hitting anyone inside the hospital
  • Not a Scratch: Complete with minimal damage to Nigel’s car

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Vinewood Souvenirs – Al Di Napoli Mission Guide

Run to the car, and press the ‘Enter Vehicle’ key once you are next to the driver-side door. This will speed up your entry into Nigel’s car and allow you to chase after Di Napoli sooner.

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Do not worry too much about Di Napoli switching lanes here. Stay on course and keep an eye on his vehicle on your minimap.

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Di Napoli will eventually make a left turn at the traffic lights, followed by a right turn to an underground pass.

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In the underground pass, keep your eyes peeled for an entryway towards the right side.

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Di Napoli will make a right turn once you are out of the underpass.

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Make a full left turn here. Di Napoli will enter the parking lot.

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The parking lot will lead to an exit leading to the freeway. Keep left, or you risk sending Nigel’s car flying courtesy of the small ramp.

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You do not have to follow Di Napoli toward the other side of the road. You can keep it right after passing the small ramp.

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Keep right, so you don’t miss the exit.

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Di Napoli will drive through the Pillbox Hill Medical Center. Follow him inside but avoid hitting any staff in the hospital. This will get you the Accident and Emergency Gold Medal Objective.

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Avoid hitting unnecessary things like hospital beds as you drive through the hospital. Do not worry too much about losing Di Napoli, as he will crash his car shortly after driving through the hospital.

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Remember to drive full speed out of the hospital so Nigel’s car does not land awkwardly and cause unnecessary damage.

If you manage to keep Nigel’s car in pristine condition up to this point, you should get the Not a Scratch Gold Medal Objective at the end of the mission.

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A short cutscene will play out. You can just skip it if you want.

Don’t worry too much about keeping your car next to Di Napoli’s throughout the chase.

As long as he stays visible on your minimap, you should get the Stalker Gold Medal Objective.

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Two Stalkers and a Master Kidnapper

Trevor isn’t the crew’s best driver; that title belongs to Franklin. However, Trevor is no slouch behind the wheel, and he showed it in the car chase with Al Di Napoli.

Vinewood Souvenirs – Al Di Napoli is one of the more challenging missions in the Vinewood Souvenirs series of missions as it involves multiple Gold Medal Objectives that will require you to keep close to the target, keep the damage to Nigel’s car to a minimum, and avoid hitting staff in the hospital. Follow the detailed mission guide above to complete all three Gold Medal Objectives in a single run.

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