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Impressive visuals come at a cost.

GTA V: Best GTA V Graphics Settings to Boost FPS

GTA V still looks impressively amazing for a game that came out almost a decade ago. Even though PC technology has progressed a ton in the past few years, some GTA V fans struggle to run their favorite game at a buttery smooth framerate.

Los Santos is a huge world with tons of random things happening simultaneously. Older systems are understandably struggling to keep up with all the action in-game.

Upgrading to a better laptop or PC will not be an option for many GTA V fans due to budget constraints, and we understand that.

So we have taken the time to develop the best GTA V graphics settings to boost FPS so you can enjoy running around Los Santos at stable framerates and acceptable visual fidelity.

How to Show FPS Counter in GTA V

To see the FPS improvements brought by the settings we have lined up for you in this article, you will need to enable an in-game FPS counter for GTA V.

How to Show FPS through RivaTunerStatisticsServer

The fastest and easiest way to show FPS in just about any game is to download and run the RivaTunerStatisticsServer app.

  1. Click on this link to access the RivaTunerStatisticsServer download page;
  2. Scroll down to the bottom. Under the Download Locations, select ‘Download Version 7.3.2 Final’;
  3. Download then install the app;
  4. After installing the RTS Server app, simply set ‘Show On-Screen Display to ‘On’;
  5. Launch GTA V.

The RivaTunerStatisticsServer should automatically hook onto the GTA V launcher and show in-game FPS values and other useful PC parameters.

How to Show FPS through Steam FPS Counter

If you are playing GTA V on Steam, you can use Steam’s built-in FPS counter.

  1. Launch Steam;
  2. From the Steam App, click on ‘Steam’ in the upper left corner of the Steam window;
  3. Click on ‘Settings’;
  4. Choose ‘In-game’;
  5. Turn ‘In-game FPS Counter’ to your chosen FPS Counter on-screen position;
  6. Click OK;
  7. Done.

What are the Best GTA V Graphics Settings to Boost FPS

The following settings are optimized for the best FPS in GTA V. Some settings and subtle effects are turned off since you will not even notice these things when running around the game’s huge 30 square-mile map.

Going from mostly ‘High’ settings to ‘Normal’ adds a whopping 50 more FPS in GTA V. You’re getting as much FPS as upgrading to a higher-tier graphics card.

Follow these Graphics Settings to Boost FPS in GTA V

Graphics Settings
Screen TypeFull Screen
ResolutionNative 1920×1080 or 1600×900 for more FPS
Aspect RatioAuto
Refresh RateMatch your monitor’s refresh rate
Output Monitor1
Pause Game On Focus LossOff
Population DensityDisabled
Population VarietyDisabled
Distance ScalingDisabled
Texture QualityNormal
Shader QualityHigh
Shadow QualityNormal
Reflection QualityHigh
Reflection MSAAX2
Water QualityNormal
Particles QualityNormal
Grass QualityNormal
Soft ShadowsSharp
Post FXHigh
Motion Blur StrengthDisabled
Anisotropic FilteringOff
Ambient OcclusionHigh
Advanced Graphics
Long ShadowsOff
High ResolutionOff
High Detail Streaming While FlyingOff
Frame Scaling ModeOff

Less Eye Candy & More Frames

Honestly, going from High to Normal Graphics Settings in GTA V does not look bad. Sure there is less shimmer and shine to a few things here and there, but the smoothness and fluidity of the in-game movement feel better than before. You probably will not even notice the graphical differences anymore after a few hours of running around Los Santos.

So there we have it! If you are running GTA V Mods, you will want to try these settings. These settings should greatly improve your framerates in GTA V.

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