GTA VI Protagonist to be a Woman?


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Grand Theft Auto has always been more of a boy’s game, and even if the game has always been filled with all kinds of women, the latest entry is said to be finally giving players a woman protagonist for the first time.

GTA VI Protagonist to be a Woman?

According to a report from Bloomberg (via Kotaku) one of the co-leads of the game is said to be  Latina woman, and she’ll be playing one half of a villainous pair a la Bonnie and Clyde. Her story is also said to be taking place in the fictional version of Miami, Florida.

Nothing official has been announced yet, but there have been rumors before that Rockstar will be doing something different with the protagonists in the next GTA game, unlike the previous game which gave players three characters to play out one interconnected story.

With each GTA entry boasting to be larger than the last, I can only imagine that having a woman lead can open a lot of doors for story potential. Nevermind the fact that it opens a new door for customization, but it also allows for more unique interactions with characters. It would be great if we got a story about a couple and we could just switch between characters to see which one could best pull off the mission. Who knows, maybe they can even integrate that element into multiplayer and have players go on missions together just like the recent hit It Takes Two.

Then again, I am just pitching.

Hopefully we get an official reveal for Grand Theft Auto VI before the year ends.

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