Guide: Hot Wheels Unleashed Multiplayer, Split-Screen, Career Mode, More


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What’s hot in Unleashed?

Hot Wheels Unleashed is a brand new Hot Wheels game for consoles and PC by Italian development studio Milestone, but what’s it all about? What is Hot Wheels Unleashed? Is it a simulation racer or a pure arcade thrill ride? Does it have multiplayer support? Is there split-screen multiplayer? Find out the answers to these questions and much more.

Guide: Hot Wheels Unleashed Multiplayer, Split-Screen, Career Mode, More

It’s Hot Wheels… Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed is like no other Hot Wheels game ever made. It’s the only real modern effort on consoles and it’s fantastic.

The goal is to race familiar favourites and some specially licenced cars around the iconic orange and blue tracks, boosting for speed, avoiding obstacles, and winning races.

What’s the Hot Wheels Unleashed Career mode?

Hot Wheels Unleashed has a lengthy career mode called “Hot Wheels City Rumble” and it has almost 100 events for you to compete in. The events range from standard lap races, point-to-point races, time attacks, and even “Boss” races which are particularly tricky but really good fun.

Completing races earns you rewards, either in the form of the in-game currencies, decorative items, or Blind Boxes. More on them below.

Does Hot Wheels Unleashed have split-screen multiplayer mode?

Yes! Hot Wheels Unleashed has offline split-screen multiplayer and online multiplayer. Fair warning, though: if you’re playing on PS5, you will need two DualSense controllers to play Hot Wheels Unleashed split-screen mode. You can not use a DualSense and a DualShock with the PS5 version of the game. If you’re playing the PS4 version of the game on PS5, you should be able to mix and match whichever controllers you have available.

How many cars does Hot Wheels Unleashed have?

There are loads of cars included in Hot Wheels Unleashed from day one, with a total of 66 vehicles to race through the game’s career mode and multiplayer.

The cars included range from old favourites that you’ll already know as well as cars based on real manufacturer vehicles, like Ford, Audi, Honda, and more. There are also some special cars based on popular entertainment properties, like Batman’s Batmobile, the famous time-travelling DeLorean from Back to the Future, and more.

Can you make your own tracks in Hot Wheels Unleashed?

Of course, and it’s fairly straightforward, too! Hot Wheels Unleashed launches with a fully-featured track editor that will let you create and share your own mad inventions with fellow players.

If you’re not much of a builder, don’t worry – you can just play the tracks that other players share online. It’s what I’ll be doing…

What are Hot Wheels Unleashed Blind Boxes?

Hot Wheels Unleashed has an in-game economy. You earn two kinds of currency: silver gears and gold coins. Silver gears are used to upgrade your vehicles while gold coins are used to buy Blind Boxes or decorative items for your basement or fancy skins for your cars.

Blind Boxes are essentially loot boxes but instead of pushing you to spend real money to open them, you need to earn gold coins in-game to buy them. You can earn lots of coins quickly and start building your collection after just a few races.

The cars in the Blind Boxes are totally random and you never know what you’ll get. It could be a brand new machine, a legendary licensed vehicle, or one that you already own. It’s all the luck of the draw.

What is the Hot Wheels Unleashed basement?

The basement in Hot Wheels Unleashed is your personal playground. You can decorate it with whatever items you unlock or buy and really make the place your own. It’s a nice feature but not one that I really bothered with much. According to my partner, my decorating skills are piss-poor anyway. There’s more fun to be had on the track anyway.

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