Guide: Taxi Chaos: 5 Quick Tips and Tricks to Be a Crazy Taxi Driver


Chris Harding

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Taxi Chaos releases February 23rd for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and it’s also playable on PS5 and Series X|S via backwards compatibility. To help you get shifted into the right gear, we’ve put together a quick guide of tips and tricks to help you get the best scores possible.

Guide: Taxi Chaos: 5 Quick Tips and Tricks to Be a Crazy Taxi Driver
  1. Unlock the best cars quickly

If you want to be posting some sick high scores on the online leaderboards, you’re going to need some better wheels. The game has a selection of cars that can unlock, and most of them are fairly straightforward to get just by playing the game.
You’ll need to drop of 100 passengers, drive 25 miles, and earn some stars to unlock some of the better cars. It doesn’t take too long either, around half an hour of play time is all that’s needed to get the easily unlocked best cars. The hardest unlocks, however, are another story, and you’ll need to have the city map dedicated to memory as you’ll have to score high on Pro Mode, which removes the guiding arrow. No, I can’t do that either.
2. Get boosted!
Every second counts when you’re delivering a paying customer to their destination, and the best way to ensure a speedy journey is to start off on the right foot. And by that, I mean you need to boost. Once you’ve stopped to pick up a passenger, hold the left and right triggers down while the passenger hops into your cab, and then release once they’re settled. You’ll get a nice little boost that will shave a couple of seconds off your journey time. For extra savings, make sure you’re facing in the right direction before letting go of the triggers; you can adjust your car’s direction while the passenger is getting in.
3. Avoid the cops!
The cops in Taxi Chaos don’t care if you’re black or white. Hit them and you’ll get a $50 ticket. Hit them again, and you’ll get another $50 ticket. Thankfully, the amount doesn’t increase with each new ramming, but those $50 tickets do add up over the course of a playthrough and could seriously damage your bottom line and ability to place high on the online leaderboards.
4. Jump, but don’t overdo it
Taxi Chaos sets itself apart from Crazy Taxi by adding a jumping mechanic. And while that’s really cool, it’s not always the ideal option. In fact, it can be downright detrimental to your earnings, at least until there’s been an update that stops the taxi from slowing down after a jump. My advice is to only jump when you must. So if you’re heading into a traffic jam – which is fitting of the New York City setting – jump over the cars to save yourself from piling into the back of cars. Or, if you spot a rooftop shortcut, it might be worth jumping up to it to save yourself a few seconds. But be warned: The jumping is a little sketchy and not totally reliable, so only use it if you’re desperate.
5. Combo! Combo! Combo!
The best way to rack up a high score is to line those combos up. You gain combos by driving fast for a sustained amount of time, as well as taking short cuts, having near-misses with other vehicles, and generally driving like a pro. Rack up your combos and you’ll be making the fattest of stacks in your Taxi Chaos playthough.
And there you have it, five quick tips to get your started in Taxi Chaos. If you enjoyed this video, share the love by hitting the like and subscribe buttons below, as well as the bell icon so that you’re notified whenever we have new stuff for you to watch. I’ve been Chris, this has been Craaaaa – oh, er, Taxi Chaos – and I’ll see you on the next one. Until then, ba bye.

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