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Valheim will take you on a journey. The game has a linear progression lined up for its players, and if you have played Valheim, then chances are that you have experienced this.

Valheim Stone Building | Unlock Stone Building

Building is tough in this game. On top of that, you will only have a wooden shack for at least a third of the game. This is unfortunate, and you might consider what it would be like if you used something like stone for your buildings.

Soon enough you might have to, in order to adapt to the different conditions around you.

Unlock Stone Building – Valheim

To unlock stone building though, one must first progress to a certain point in the game. That point is where you start to get some iron. For those that haven’t yet reached this stage, it is basically after you beat The Elder – second boss.

It is not a necessity, but he will drop the swamp keys which are needed for the crypts in the swamp, and this is the main source for iron, which you will need to craft a stone cutter.

Stone Cutter

The stone cutter is similar to the workbench, but for stone. So, instead of building wooden pillars, floors, walls, and similar, you get to build stone ones.

The iron is probably the hardest material required for building the stone cutter. You will need two bars, which can be crafted from ores. On top of that, you will also need: 10 pieces of wood and 4 pieces of stone, which we all know is easy to obtain.

Sunken Crypts

Use the swamp keys to enter the crypt, but make sure that you take a pickaxe with you. For good measure, make sure you get a few pickaxes so that you have enough to mine through the whole crypt.

What you’re looking for are Muddy Scrap Piles. These will give you iron scraps which you can later smelt in your smelter to make iron ingots.

NOTE: These crypts can be filled with the usual annoying swamp biome creatures, so make sure that you’re geared properly, and feel confident that you can take them down.


After smelting and getting two iron ingots, get the other resources you need, and then whip out the hammer and craft the Stone Cutter.

With the stone cutter you can build most structural building pieces like: floors, walls, pillars, arches, and stairs.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking to expand your stone building expertise even more, then you should consider crafting a sharpening stone and a grinding wheel.

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