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Supergiant Games’ Hades does not disappoint when it comes to diverse and challenging enemies, and Alecto is one of them. After defeating Megaera a certain amount of times at the beginning of the game, Alecto (or sometimes Tisiphone) will begin appearing as the boss of Tartarus, the first boss encounter of every Underworld escape attempt.

How to Defeat Alecto in Hades

Alecto, just like the other Fury Sisters, has a unique chamber to fight in. Her chamber has a large square with four pillars in the middle and Spike Traps around the edges, making her chamber the most trapped chamber among the Fury Sisters.

The Basics

The key to defeating Alecto is understanding her moves and knowing when to attack or dodge:

  • Lunge 
IMG 6815

Alecto will wind up and dash towards Zagreus, inflicting damage when she hits. Zagreus can easily avoid this by dashing. Attack her after her attack as there will be some time where she won’t do anything.

  • Whip Arc
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Alecto will strike forward in a wide arc. This can also be easily evaded by dashing out of the attack range. There is also a window for attacks at the end of her attack.

  • Build Rage
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Alecto will stop moving and begin increasing her Rage meter. She will fire projectiles in every direction for 3 seconds but attacking her will disrupt her. The fight will become more challenging when Alecto becomes enraged. She will be impervious to attacks; all her attacks will be unlocked and stronger; her attack and movement speed will be faster for a brief duration. If this happens, dash away from her attacks and wait for her rage meter to trickle down. It is also important to note that aside from Build Rage, Alecto’s Rage meter will also increase when she is attacked.

  • Lightning Chase
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Alecto will summon circles on Zagreus’s current position repeatedly. Upon activation of the circles, it will inflict damage if Zagreus stands on one of them. During this, she will spin rapidly and follow Zagreus’ movements. This can be a window for quick attacks then dashing away as there will be a short amount of time before the circles activate.

  • Whip Shot
IMG 6819

Alecto will summon spinning spikes that work similarly to Blade Rifts. This can damage Zagreus repeatedly in quick succession. Before fading away, the spinning spikes can bounce off walls and pillars. This can also be evaded by dashing away.

The Damage Has Been Done

Alecto will use Lunge, Whip Arc, and Build Rage from the beginning. However, when you get her HP to 75%, she will be impervious to attacks for a short while, and another attack will be added to her arsenal (either Lightning Chase or Whip Shot). At 50% HP, she will again be impervious to attacks for a short while, and the final attack will be unlocked.

At 25% HP, Alecto will be impervious for a short while, but then she will be permanently enraged. This means her Rage meter will immediately be full and will never go down until you defeat her (she won’t do her Build Rage attack at this stage as this won’t be necessary anymore). At this part of the fight, it is crucial to take her down quickly as prolonging this part will increase the chances of Zagreus being damaged because of the improved attacks – courtesy of the rage effects.

Throughout the fight, Alecto will also summon Wretched Louts. Fortunately, there will only be 1 or 2 Wretched Louts at a time.


Alecto is one of the more challenging ones among the Fury Sisters because of her Rage meter, which makes her stronger in battle and the traps around the chamber. As with every boss fight in Hades, dashing is your best friend. But, be mindful of where you are dashing to, or else you could get hit with Alecto’s projectiles, the circles from her Lightning Chase, the spinning spikes from her Whip Shot, or the traps around the chamber. Also, remember, when her HP is at 25%, try to defeat her as fast as you can. The longer that part of the battle will be, the more prone you are to being damaged and killed.


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