How Many Missions Are In GTA 5?


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Rockstar Games tried hard to land at that magic number.

How Many Missions Are In GTA 5?

GTA 5 was lauded back in the day for its then-next-gen graphics, interactive open-world environment, and wonderful storyline. Ten years later, Grand Theft Auto 5 remains a viral game that many players enjoy, thanks to its awesome online content and moddable nature.

We have listed all the available missions for GTA 5 in this guide in case you want to replay the game’s story mode to get nostalgia or are just wondering how many missions are in GTA 5.

How Many Missions Are in GTA 5?

Rockstar Officially listed 69 missions for GTA 5. However, the real number is 83 if you count in Heists and the Assassination Missions given by Lester. If we are looking for the number of missions that can only be played in a single playthrough (in typical single-player story mode fashion), then we are looking at just 74 missions.

So why did Rockstar Games declare a number less than the actual number of missions found in-game? Rockstar Games will be Rockstar Games, which means the jokes and parodies do not end when you exit GTA 5. In an attempt to land at the number 69, Rockstar Games decided to omit the following missions from the total missions count:

  • BZ Gas Grenades;
  • Fire Truck;
  • All three Family Missions (Michael).

There is no other logical explanation why Rockstar Games officially declared a total number of missions that is less than the actual number found in-game – to make hilarious references that fit the entire Grand Theft Auto theme.

GTA 5 All Missions List

Mission TitleDescription
1. PrologueRevisiting Michael and Trevor’s Past.
2. Franklin and LamarFranklin and Lamar race through the city to repossess two vehicles for Simeon.
3. RepossessionFranklin and Lamar head to Vespucci Beach to repo a chopper for Simeon.
4. ComplicationsFranklin attempts to repo a car for Simeon at Rockford Hills
5. Father/SonJimmy calls Michael for help with some gangsters.
6. ChopFranklin and Lamar attempt to capture a guy named D.
7. Marriage CounselingMichael and Franklin chase after Kyle, Michael’s wife Amanda’s tennis coach.
8. Daddy’s Little GirlMichael and Jimmy spend some quality time together.
9. Friend RequestMichael asks an old friend for a job.
10. The Long StretchFranklin and Lamar attempt to take out Stretch.
11. The Good Husband (Family Mission)Michael picks up Amanda and attempts to lose the cops.
12. Casing the Jewel StoreMichael and Lester scout a jewelry store in Little Portola.
13. Carbine Rifles/Bugstars EquipmentCarbine Rifles (Loud Approach) – Michael attempts to steal a NOOSE truck and delivers it to Darnell Bros

Bugstars Equipment (Smart Approach) – Michael attempts to steal a Bugstar van from a warehouse in the Port of Los Santos.
14. BZ Gas GrenadesIf the player chooses to go with the Smart Approach, the BZ Gas Grenades mission is a follow-up mission where Michael steals some gas grenades or the van and takes it to Darnell Bros.
15. The Jewel Store Job Michael, Franklin, and their crew rob a jewelry store.
16. Mr. PhilipsTrevor gets tangled with Johnny Klebitz and his crew.
17. Trevor Philips IndustriesTrevor fends off the Aztecas.
18. Nervous RonTrevor and Ron intercept a weapons shipment.
19. Crystal MazeTrevor attacks a meth lab.
20. Friends ReunitedTrevor travels to Los Santos to meet an old friend.
21. Fame Or ShameTracey auditions for Fame or Shame.
22. Dead Man WalkingDave sends Michael on a mission to find a guy named Ferdinand Kerimov.
23. Three’s CompanyFranklin and Trevor help the FIB.
24. By the BookMichael and Trevor locate a FIB target.
25. Hood SafariFranklin, Lamar, and Trevor go on a team-building mission.
26. Did Somebody Say Yoga?Michael accidentally goes on a trip to happy land and loses his family.
27. Scouting the PortTrevor heads to the Port of Los Santos to look for a job.
28. MinisubWade sends Trevor on a mission to steal a mini-sub for an upcoming job.
29. Cargobob (Offshore)Trevor steals a mega-chopper from Fort Zancudo.
30. The Merryweather Heist (Offshore/Freighter)Trevor asks Michael and Franklin’s help to steal a prototype on a highly secure ship in the Port of Los Santos.
31. Hotel AssassinationFranklin takes down Brett Lowrey from the Von Crastenburg Hotel.
32. Boiler SuitsThe boys prepare for a FIB operation.
33. MasksThe boys prepare for a FIB operation.
34. Trash TruckThe boys prepare for a FIB operation.
35. Tow TruckThe boys prepare for a FIB operation.
36. Blitz PlayFIB sends Franklin, Trevor, and Michael on a mission to steal an armored car.
37. I Fought the Law…Franklin steals a Cheetah and Entity XF for Devin.
38. Eye in the SkyFranklin and Trevor locate a Z-Type for Devin.
39. Mr. RichardsMichael tries his hand at acting.
40. Caida LibreMartin Madrazo taps Michael and Trevor for their expertise.
41. Deep InsideFranklin upgrades a JB700 for Devin.
42. Minor TurbulenceTrevor intercepts a cargo plane.
43. Paleto Score SetupThe boys go on a scouting mission to check out a bank in Paleto Bay.
44. PredatorThe trio chases the O’Neil gang into the woods.
45. Military HardwareMichael or Trevor attempt to steal a truck that is holding military hardware.
46. The Paleto ScoreThe trio robs a holding bank in Paleto Bay.
47. DerailedMichael and Trevor attempt to rob a train.
48. Monkey BusinessMichael, Trevor, and Franklin help the FIB save the country.
49. Hang TenTrevor deals with Floyd and Debra once and for all.
50. Surveying the ScoreThe trio scout the federal reserve for an upcoming mission.
51. Bury the HatchetTrevor and Michael look back at the events from nine years ago.
52. Pack ManFranklin, Trevor, and Lamar deliver Devin’s car near Paleto Bay.
53. Fresh MeatFranklin busts Michael out of captivity.
54. The Ballad of RoccoMichael helps Solomon Richards.
55. Cleaning out the BureauFIB gives Michael one last job.
56. Architect’s PlansFranklin attempts to obtain a briefcase full of important files.
57. Fire TruckFranklin or Michael attempt to steal a fire truck for an upcoming mission.
58. The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew/Roof Entry)Fire Crew – Franklin and Michael breach the FIB headquarters by disguising themselves as firemen.

Roof Entry – Michael and Franklin take to the roof to enter the FIB building.
59. The Wrap UpMichael meets with the FIB.
60. Reuniting the FamilyMichael mends family bonds.
61. Doting Dad (Family Mission)Micahel deals with Tracey’s stalker.
62. Legal TroubleMichael retrieves a reel from Molly.
63. Lamar DownFranklin, Trevor, and Michael save Lamar.
64. MeltdownMichael attends the movie premiere.
65. Parenting 101 (Family Mission)Rescue Jimmy from kidnappers.
66. Planning The Big ScoreThe trio makes plans to rob the Union Depository.
67. Stingers/SidetrackedStingers – Michael, Franklin, or Trevor attempt to steal an LSPD van.

Sidetracked – Michael, Franklin, or Trevor steal a train.
68. Gauntlet (1-3)/DrillerGauntlet – Michael, Franklin, or Trevor steal three modded Gauntlets.

Driller – Michael, Franklin, or Trevor steal a cutter and drive it to a parking lot near the Union Depository.
69. The Big Score (Subtle Approach/Obvious Approach)Subtle Approach – Michael, Franklin, and Trevor steal some gold from the Union Depository.

Obvious Approach – Franklin drills a hole into the wall to access the Union Depository vault.

Even though our list ends at number 69, some mission listings, such as number 68, are essentially three separate missions.

Players can play up to 83 available story missions in GTA 5, but only 74 can be played once per playthrough of the GTA 5 story mode. Nevertheless, Rockstar Games only counts 69 missions in their official listing.

Men on a Mission

If you have not played through Grand Theft Auto 5’s story mode, we highly suggest you go and complete them right now. GTA 5’s story mode has one of the best storylines and narratives in the entire 3D Grand Theft Auto franchise, and you would not want to miss out on experiencing a classic well-written story. Would you?

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