How to Beat Electro Hypostasis Aleph in Genshin Impact



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The Electro Hypostasis Aleph is one of the world bosses in Genshin Impact. You can find and challenge it in the southern end of Cape Oath in Mondstadt.

How to Beat Electro Hypostasis Aleph in Genshin Impact


Like all other Hypostasis monsters, this boss has a cube-like shell that is invulnerable to all attacks. To deal damage, you need to wait for certain windows of opportunity. For the Electro Hypostasis, you’ll have a chance to hit it after it most attacks.

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vulnerable state after its attack

This boss enters a regeneration phase when it loses all its HP. In this state, the Elector Hypostasis will move to the center where it will be surrounded by three revival prisms.

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Each prism regenerates 15% HP, and you have to break them within a given time limit. The Hypostasis will regenerate an amount of HP equivalent to the restorative power of the remaining prisms.

Attack Moves

1.       Punch

The Hypostasis will turn into a fist-shape and do a single punch. This move is the most common and the easiest to dodge.

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2.       Clap

The cube shell will form two palms and attempt to clap together around you.

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 3.       Drill

The Hypostasis will form into a cone shape and spin towards you, dealing huge damage.

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 4.       Missiles

For this attack, the Hypostasis will levitate and shoot a series of small cubes at you.

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It exposes itself while shooting, giving you a brief chance to attack. You can do this with a catalyst or bow-type character while dodging the projectiles.

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 5.       Rock, Scissors, Paper

This attack is a combination of three moves in quick succession: a punch, a cut, and a slam. There is a short animation just right before this move hits.

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Immediately before each attack hits, a purple outline will appear on the ground previewing where the Hypostasis is about to strike. Look out for this, and it will be easier to dodge all three attacks.

6.       Rotating Lasers

In this move, eight small cubes hover around the Hypostasis. Four of them shoot lasers while rotating. You have to navigate the spaces between the lasers to avoid getting hit.

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The Hypostasis is vulnerable during this attack. It’s possible to strike the Hypostasis if you successfully maneuver through the rotating beams. You can do a lot of damage to it if you wait to use your Elemental Burst attacks until it does this move.

 7.       Tremors

The Hypostasis will briefly spin in place before sending out waves that damage whatever they hit. Right after this move, you’ll have a window of a few seconds to deal damage to the Hypostasis.

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 8.       Electro Cage

Pillars will fall from the sky and barriers will form between them, trapping you inside. The Hypostasis will then rain down bolts of electricity on you from above.

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Purple circles on the floor let you know where the electro attacks will strike. If you are using a catalyst-wielding character, you can attack the Hypostasis from inside the cage.

Revival Phase

As we noted earlier, the Electro Hypostasis will enter a regeneration phase when you are about to defeat it. All three prisms around it must be destroyed before this phase ends or they will regenerate Aleph’s HP.

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did not destroy in time and enemy HP regenerates 15%

These prisms are immune to Physical, Electro, and Hydro damage types.

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The fastest way to break them is by using Pyro or Cryo. Although other elements can be used, it will take much longer to break the prisms.

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Charged attacks using bows can also break the prisms.

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