How to Beat Godfrey, The First Elden Lord in Elden Ring


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Here you are at the end. Only three bosses stand between you and your completion of Elden Ring. One of those bosses is no slouch and will make sure you earn your title of Elden Lord. I’m of course talking about Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.

How to Beat Godfrey, The First Elden Lord in Elden Ring

Relentless and merciless, Godfrey, the First Elden Lord is a titanic obstacle to surmount. Godfrey, the First Elden Lord is the culmination of all bosses you have fought so far. With two phases, AOE attacks and endless grapple strings, you have your work cut out for you. 

We have some strategies to help you not only survive but thrive during this boss fight. With some patience and a bit of luck, you will find yourself one boss closer to beating the game.

Godfrey, The First Elden Lord Overview

The First Elden Lord will pull out no stops to prevent your ascension to the Elden Throne.

Godfrey, the First Elden Lord is back from his banishment to stop the Tarnished from reaching the Elden Ring. He stands beneath the burning Erdtree and is fought shortly after the Sir Gideon Ofnir, The  All-Knowing boss fight. You will need to defeat Ofnir to face Godfrey.

Weaknesses: Godfrey, The First Elden Lord, is weak to Slash damage and all status effects except for Deathblight and Madness.

Elden Ring Godfrey, the First Elden Lord’s Location: Godfrey, The First Elden Lord can be found east of the Erdtree Sanctuary site of grace in Leyndell, Capital of Ash.  After defeating Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing follow the path to the Elden Throne site of grace. Here is the location on the map.

Godfrey, the First Elden Lord’s Location.
Godfrey, the First Elden Lord’s location.

Is Godfrey, The First Elden Lord an optional boss?

No. Godfrey, the First Elden Lord must be defeated to complete Elden Ring. You must defeat him to reach Radagon of the Golden Order and the Elden Beast.

Let us look into the preparation you will need to take down Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.

Pre-Fight Preparation

First elden lord
Scarlet Rot and Bleed damage will be our best bets for taking out Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.

As with all bosses in Elden Ring, you will need to prepare to ensure survivability. Nowhere in the game is that more apparent than Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, and the bosses that follow him.

What level should you be to fight Godfrey, the First Elden Lord?

Godfrey, the First Elden Lord is very much a late-game boss and thus requires level 120+. Your gear going into this fight should be maxed out or near maxed. Godfrey, the First Elden Lord has a lot of HP and two phases worth of attacks you need to survive. Spend your time Rune farming if you are not at the proper level to face him.

Can I summon help for Godfrey, the First Elden Lord?

Yes, you can. You can summon spirit ashes and summon Nepheli Loux if you finished her questline. Additionally, if you chose to embrace the Three Fingers at the Frenzied Flame Proscription then Shabriri can be summoned as well.

Get legendary spirit ash, Black Knife Tiche

If you do not know, Black Knife Tiche is one of the best spirit ash for bosses with large health pools. She is swift enough to avoid boss attacks as well as having Maliketh, The Black Blade’s HP burn attack. The burn deals damage based on a percentage of the target’s max health.

To obtain Black Knife Tiche, you will need to defeat the boss Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader. Alecto is located inside the Ringleader’s Evergoal in southwest Liurnia of the Lakes.

Get Rotten Breath

As Godfrey, the First Elden Lord is weak to status effects, we will be using the Dragon Communion incantation, Rotten Breath. It will only take a single cast to afflict Godfrey in his first phase. His second phase will require an additional cast, though. 

By this time in Elden Ring, you should have no issues affording the 15 Faith and 12 Intelligence requirements. We would recommend the Dragon Communion Seal to buff the damage dealt by Rotten breath. To obtain Rotten Breath, head over to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in southern Caelid.

Cathedral of Dragon Communion location
Cathedral of Dragon Communion location.

Melee users should get Bloody Helice and Fingerprint Stone Shield

Melee users will be taking advantage of Godfrey’s weakness to Bleed with Bloody Helice. This weapon is also quick, making it easier for our melee users to get hits in during opening.  You can also poke while blocking with the Bloody Helice, allowing you to safely block attacks while still applying your Bleed damage. To obtain the Bloody Helice, you will need to defeat the boss at the end of the Writheblood Ruins. 

Since you cannot parry Godfrey, you need a shield with the best block capability if you are going to bring one. As far as defending goes, you can’t go wrong with the Fingerprint Stone Shield, which is a heavy great shield with 100% Physical damage absorption.

You can get this great shield by entering the Catherdral of the Forsaken.

Ranged users should go with Black Flame and Godslayer’s Seal

Black Flame is an amazing source of damage against both phases of Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.  This boss has a large HP bar, which the Black Flame will chip away 2-5% each cast (depending on how long you charged the spell). This allows you to keep the damage up, even while you are avoiding Godfrey’s attacks. This combined with Black Knife Tiche and Rotten Breath will deal incredible amounts of damage.

You will need to find the Godskin Prayerbook and give it to Brother Corhyn or Miriel, Pastor of Vows. You can find this item early in Stormveil castle. Here is the location of the Godskin Prayerbook on the map.

Godskin Prayerbook location
Godskin Prayerbook location.

Just make sure you have enough points into Mind to maximize your FP pool. We recommend the Godlayer’s Seal to boost your Black Flame potency.

Get your flask charges up to max

If have not done so, you should hunt down the remaining Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears. You will need +12 on your Crimson and Cerulean Tear flasks and a total flask count of 14.

The reason is that the spirit ash we are using costs 132 FP and our Rotten Breath will cost 36 FP. This means that will likely need to use a Flask of Cerulean tears after the first encounter to summon Black Knife Tiche.

Now that we have our preparations set for the fight ahead, let up dig deep into how to battle Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, and his Hoarah Loux phase.

Fight Strategy

Godfrey, the Elden Lord
A 2 phase boss, you will need to keep your wits to best Godfrey/Hoarah Loux.

The strategy for Godfrey, the First Elden Lord is simple on paper but might be difficult to execute in the heat of battle. We will break down each phase of the boss and what to do against each of his many attacks.

You will need more than proper preparation for the battles ahead. You will also need good reads of the boss’ moves, so you can evade them properly.

Phase 1

Phase one of this battle will be very familiar, as you battled a version of this boss with the Golden Shade version of Godfrey. As such, you should have an easier time recognizing attack patterns.

Start the battle off with Rotten Breath

Cast Rotten Breath before engaging. Godfrey likes to do a slow, intimidating walk across the arena. Use this opening to cast your Rotten Breath incantation. You will only need to cast this spell once for the first phase before engaging him.  

Summon Black Knife Tiche

Once you have successfully inflicted the Rot damage(you will see the DoT effect on Godfrey’s health bar), move on to summoning Black Knife Tiche. With the combination of Scarlet Rot and the Destined Death burn damage that your spirit ash deals, you will find Godfrey’s health dropping quickly.

After Rotten Breath and Black Knife Tiche, melee users should go in and begin to attack Godfrey with a few quick pokes. Likewise, ranged users should start hurling Black Flame fireballs to start whittling Godfrey, the First Elden Lord’s health down.

Watch Godfrey’s Stomps

Godfrey, the First Elden Lord loves to stomp his feet. You will be watching his feet a lot to avoid the various quakes he sends up with his legs. Godfrey will raise one leg for a powerful stomp that sends a cone-shaped shockwave at the player.

For the stomp, you will need to jump as his foot hits the ground, or dodge out of the cone if you are closer to him. Generally, a jump is needed for ranged users as you will be likely in the widest part of the cone when you are casting. Melee users will be closer and would have a better time dodging out of the narrower part of the cone. 

Be wary as Godfrey will chain into other attacks after stomping. It will be easier for ranged users to punish this attack. However, melee users can do a jumping melee toward Godfrey if they remain close. Make sure to keep your shield up if you have doubts about whether or not he will follow up with an attack.

Do not get hit by his Fissure attack

This is one of the more deadly attacks in Godfrey’s first phase. During this attack Godfrey, the First Elden Lord will whirl his axe above his head before slamming it into the ground. This will summon a narrow fissure that travels the entire distance of the arena before exploding in gold energy. Do not get hit by this attack.

Once you see Godfrey whirl his axe, you know it is coming. Get out of the AoE of the Fissure by running left or right of it. As for melee users,  you can get close to his sides and damage him while he recovers from his attack. As a ranged user, just hurl more Black Flame fireballs once you are safe and out of the fissure.

Dodge the Triple Axe Combo

Godfrey, the First Elden Lord has a combo attack to watch for. Godfrey will first swing his ax right, then to his left before he swings once more to his left. This move is simple to dodge as you will be rolling in the direction of each attack. Be careful as this move is deceptively fast.

There are two Leaping Attacks to avoid

If Godfrey leaps into the air, there will be two attacks to watch out for. His first version has him hurling his ax at you.  Once he is in the air, he will begin chasing it and land beside it. This ax toss can be avoided by running towards Godfrey or under him. This move hits twice as Godfrey does deal damage whenever he lands. Ranged users will need to be careful as the boss can close the distance fast with this move.

Godfrey’s second leaping attack caused him to plunge his ax straight downwards. This move is mostly a threat to melee users that are close to Godfrey. You will roll dodge his attack as he is landing to avoid getting hit. Make sure to punish him while recovers from the attack. 

Overhead Smash is difficult to punish

Godfrey, the First Elden Lord has an overhead smash where he slams his ax down from above. Do not punish this move as it will most certainly be followed up by an ax spin, and then another overhead smash. You will need to dodge this attack sideways and watch for follow-up attacks. This, much like the combo attack is a tricky move to read.

Watch out if Godfrey is glowing red

Godfrey, the First Elden Lord has an arena-wide Earth Shatter Stomp that you need to learn to avoid. This attack cannot be dodge-rolled.  To avoid the attack, watch Godfrey raise both his ax and his foot with a red aura atop his body. This is the biggest telegraph and your queue that the attack is coming.

Whenever Godfrey, the First Elden Lord has his red aura, his stomp and earthquake moves will hit everything in the boss arena. Jumping straight up till the aura passes will ensure you do not get hit by multiple attacks. Once he finishes, go in for damage as melee or hurl more Black Flame fireballs as ranged.

Phase 2

Once Godfrey’s health gets about 50%, a cutscene will trigger. Godfrey then casts aside Beast Regent Serosh and fights with full strength. Now his ax attacks are gone, and he becomes Hoarah Loux. Like something out of a wrestling match, Hoarah Loux will come at you relentlessly with powerbombs, chokeslams, and more AoE earthquake moves.

Use Rotten Breath again and do not block

Start this phase by casting Rotten Breath again while Hoarah Loux is engaging your spirit ash. You may need to cast Rotten Breath a second time during this phase to apply the Scarlet Rot debuff.

Blocking becomes risky during this phase as the boss has several grab attacks. We recommend dodge rolling over blocking for this phase. Just two-hand your Bloody Helice if you are a melee user.

Earth Shattering Stomp 2.0

This attack is very similar to his Phase 1 attack. Hoarah Loux will raise his arms as well as one leg. The difference here is that he will send out two consecutive shockwaves. You will be jumping like before, but this time you will jump a second time. He is open after this attack, so use the opportunity to get melee hits with Bloody Helice or a charged version of Black Flame.

Time your dodge on his Powerbomb and running Powerbomb

Hoarah Loux has two variations of his powerbomb moves; a normal grab powerbomb and a running powerbomb. The normal powerbomb is telegraphed by Hoarah Loux rushing the player and swinging his arms upward. If the attack connects. you are launched high in the air before Hoarah Loux grabs you, slamming you down to the ground.

Making things more complicated is the fact that Hoarah Loux can perform a running leap to close the distance before performing this version of the powerbomb. A good rule of thumb is to time your dodge and roll to the side before he swipes at you.

You will use the same dodge against his second powerbomb attack, the running powerbomb. This attack is easier to read as he crosses his arms across his chest before swiping at you horizontally. The only difference between both attacks is that the running powerbomb deals much more damage.

Sidestep his powerful Kick

Hoarah Loux has a powerful kick that comes out quickly and knocks the players down. It can be sidestepped, or side dodged easily. Keep in mind that if this attack connects you will be on the ground for a moment as Hoarah Loux prepares a follow-up Choke Slam attack. 

There is some recovery after this Kick if it misses, giving you a window to damage the boss. Just be careful and do not get greedy if he starts moving again. 

Dodge backwards from his Choke Slam

The Choke Slam attack is telegraphed by Hoarah Loux winding his arm in a circle as he holds his shoulder. He will grab the player after a delay, lifting them overhead before slamming them back down. Make sure to dodge backwards after the wind-up to avoid this grab. Hoarah Loux often starts his Choke Slam after connecting with a kick, starting the animation the moment you are downed. Make sure to roll when standing to avoid this combo.

He will be left open after this attack, which is your opportunity to get a few pokes with your Bloody Helice. Or if you are ranged, then a Black Flame fireball. Make sure to be careful when charging your Black Flame to not be caught by his charges. 

The Claw Barrage attack can be blocked

Hoarah Loux has one move that can be successfully blocked, which is his Claw attack. The boss will perform two quick swipes before following up with a delayed uppercut. He can combo this attack with a Choke Slam as well.

As mentioned, you can block this attack, or you can dodge in the direction that each swipe comes from.  Make sure if you do choose to block that you are watching for the possible choke slam attacks as Hoarah Loux’s grabs must be dodged.

Get away when he starts his Earthshaker attack

This boss will perform a new attack in this phase called Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker.  This spectacular attack will come out in three parts. Firstly, Hoarah Loux will let out a mighty roar, which is your signal to get some distance between you and the boss. This roar can knock you down if you stay too close to him during the move.

Secondly, Hoarah Loux will leap upwards before slamming both fists into the ground. This sends out a massive shockwave. Finally, Hoarah Loux will plunge both arms into the ground, pulling them out after a delay. Once he pulls his arms out there will be multiple eruptions that appear around him.  He will always telegraph this move with a roar.

Once he roars. put some distance between you and the boss. This will spare you being knocked down by the roar. Next, dodge the shockwave he sends out but do not get greedy even if it looks like he is vulnerable. The third part is avoided much like the first:  maintain your distance as he plunges his arms into the ground to avoid the eruptions.

Ranged users can hurl a Black Flame at Hoarah Loux during the first and third portions of this attack. Melee will want to rush in for damage as he is recovering from the attack as Hoarah Loux will pause after using it.


Now that Godfrey, the First Elden Lord is vanquished, you can claim your rewards before moving on to the final two bosses. Let us look at the breakdown of the rewards.

  • 300,000 Runes (450,000 on NG+ and 660,000 NG+2).
  • Remembrance of Hoarah Loux – Consumable Item that will give you either Axe of Godfrey or the Ash of War: Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker when given to Enia in the Roundtable Hold.  

While we hope that this guide has been a huge help for everyone trying to beat this boss, Elden Ring being such a vast game means that people keep coming up with new ways, hacks, and cheese. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please share them in the comments section below.

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