How to Bunny hop in Valorant (The Easy Way)


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The Bunny Hop has become an iconic move in the FPS genre, especially in the Counter-Strike series. Valorant does allow you to do it, at least to an extent. While bhopping won’t increase your speed the same way it does in Counter-Strike, it’s still a move that can prove useful in some situations. Let’s explore what these situations are and how you can use bunny hopping in Valorant.

How to Bunny hop in Valorant (The Easy Way)

How to Bunny Hop in Valorant

The action is simple enough – press the forward button, usually W, then jump with the SPACE key and turn to either left or right (A and D buttons respectively.) Alternate between these two and create the famous bunny pattern of movement. While you’re in the air, you can only move left or right. That’s all there is to it, really. This move doesn’t make you faster, more accurate, or particularly harder to hit.

Why Bunny Hop in Valorant?

The main factor is styling and having fun. Jumping around in Valorant can make you a harder target to hit, but it’s also going to decrease your aiming ability. Run and gun movement is a very unreliable strategy in this game and you can’t really hit much while moving.

Valorant is a game that has many abilities that create effects on the ground. While you’re in contact with, say, Viper or Brimstone’s abilities, you’ll take damage, but if you’re in the air over that area, you won’t get hurt. Bunny hopping can be a good way to avoid getting hurt by these abilities. Also, stepping on most of these areas of effect will create noise. Valorant is a game where sound is important, so jumping around and avoiding the ground will not only help you avoid damage but also stay more silent.

You can also use it to bait people and peak corners. Initiate while you’re completely behind cover and slightly move out of it while midair. This is fairly quick and it’s going to surprise your enemies. Valorant is a game where crosshair placement is usually left at the level where most standing players would be headshotted. By hopping, you can catch your foes off guard and deny them that easy headshot. Even if you get hit, it won’t be directly in the head, which will cause less damage.

Some characters, such as Phoenix or Jett, can move faster than average by using their abilities. This can be combined with bunny hopping for a more dynamic way of movement. Explosions, such as the ones Raze uses, can also be used to blow yourself into a given direction, be it up or forward. That can also be used in unison with bunnyhopping.

At the end of the day, bunny hopping isn’t the most useful ability in the game, but it can be valuable in some situations. All you have to do is learn the ability and wait for the right moment to use it.

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