How to Buy Valorant Battle pass & Is It worth it?



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What is Valorant’s Battlepass system and is it worth the price? It’s a fairly simple question that many people have difficulty answering.

How to Buy Valorant Battle pass & Is It worth it?

In this article, we’ll show you how to get the pass and weigh in the pros and cons of getting it. That will help you decide on what’s the best course of action when dealing with Valorant’s Battlepass system and perhaps, battle passes in general.

Make sure to read the whole article and make a more informed decision when purchasing the battle pass.

What is the Valorant Battlepass and how much does it cost?

Valorant is an online game and your avatar will be seen not only by yourself but also by other players. As such, customizing your agent can be a fun way to add value to the game. The Battlepass system allows you to get unique items that will set you apart from the average Valorant player in the lobby.

Every time you reach one of the 50 tiers, you’ll get these unique rewards. You still receive the usual reward all players get, so don’t worry about being isolated in your ivory tower of Premium content. These items are purely cosmetic and don’t affect gameplay, so don’t expect any performance boosts.

The Battlepass costs 1000 Valorant points. This is around $10 or €10. You can’t grind the points through regular gameplay, the Valorant Battlepass is a paying customer-only privilege.

Cost of 1000 Valorant Points

Valorant is a free game and buying these cosmetics is a good way to show how much you value that service. It’s all in good fun, if you value cosmetic content and can afford it.

How to get and use a Battlepass

  1. Enter Valorant,
  2. go to Ignition Act 1 on the upper left corner of the main menu
  3. then click on 1,000 Premium Upgrade
  4. click Unlock.

That’s how you purchase the Battlepass. It’s quite simple. After you buy the pass, you’ll immediately receive a skin. You can equip it by clicking on the green Equip Skin button on the right.

If you don’t have the 1,000 Valorant points needed to get the pass, you’ll need to buy them from the Store tab on the upper right corner of the screen and buy enough points for the Battlepass.

You can also use these points to get cosmetic items quicker rather than slowly grinding them out through regular gameplay.

Is the Valorant Battlepass worth it?

You can always play the game and see the cosmetics for yourself. Many players already use it and that helps them stand out. A lot of the skins seem to have a cool, TRON-inspired visual design and a sleep aesthetic.

By getting the pass, you’ll have dozens of cool items that most players wouldn’t have. It also helps support the Valorant. And sometimes that’s more than enough.

In addition, Valorant is still a very fun game even if you don’t spend any actual money, so you ca still have a lot of fun without purchasing anything more. Just relax and play the game, no matter if you have a Battlepass or not.

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