How to Control a Werewolf’s Fury in The Sims 4


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In The Sims 4: Werewolves, you can control these shapeshifting creatures who are driven by their animalistic instincts and behaviors. When their fury maxes out, werewolves turn into slobbering beasts hell-bent on taking out their rage on anyone crossing their path.

How to Control a Werewolf's Fury in The Sims 4

While it is exhilarating to witness a rampaging werewolf for the first time, seeing too much of it can wear on you. Luckily, there are many ways to mitigate and control your werewolf’s fury. Find out all about a werewolf’s temperament and fury management in this guide!

Ways to Control Werewolf Fury

Fury Manage

Fury is what werewolves feel when they get overwhelmed by intense emotions. It builds up and gets filled up over time due to various everyday circumstances. Fighting with other Sims and staying in their werewolf form for too long are some of the causes of their Fury gains. 

A werewolf’s mood is also affected by the different lunar phases. Hence, they transform into their werewolf form against their will when the moon is full. Loitering outdoors during the full moon can also raise the likelihood of them unleashing the inner beast.

Managing a werewolf’s emotions is a gameplay element you must gain mastery in to help them forge relationships, fulfill their wants and aspirations, and live their lives better. Here are the ways to do it:

Avoid Getting Triggered

Fury Temperaments

Werewolves are emotional creatures that can go off for plenty of reasons. One of the things you must look out for is their Temperaments. These are a werewolf’s passive traits or preferences that significantly impact the Fury mechanic of the game.

Temperaments appear above your werewolf’s basic needs. They can randomly manifest after your Sim has done a specific activity excessively, gained a sentiment, or felt an extreme emotion. Each werewolf gets allocated a total of four Temperaments in its lifetime.

Werewolves with the Must Be Clean Temperament hates it when their hygiene is low. Therefore, they should avoid getting dirty to prevent gaining Fury points. Those with the Easily Excitable Temperament gain Fury when they acquire the Playful moodlet. Most of these occurrences are hard to avoid. Fortunately, there’s a Werewolf Ability Sims that you can learn to reset and change all their given Temperaments, and it is an Apex-level skill called the Lunar Howl Ability.

To further understand this feature, you can take a look at all Werewolf Temperaments below. This includes their descriptions and possible triggers:

Anti-Capitalist CanineThey gain Fury points when getting employed or going out to work.Applying for a job.
Big Bad WolfThey gain Fury when fighting with other Sims, experiencing the Angry moodlet, and being Mean.Having a full Social meter.
CarnivoreThey prefer eating freshly hunted food and gain Fury when eating cooked meals.Eating vegetarian food.
Easily ExcitableThese werewolves gain Fury when doing fun activities or feeling Playful.Feeling tense after work or school, bored, or having a low Fun meter.
Feels OutcastedThese werewolves hate feeling left out, so they gain Fury when their Social Needs are low.Feeling lonely or having a low Social bar.
FriskyTheir Fury increases when they get Flirty.Getting a romantic rejection or having the romantic trait.
Grumpy WolfTheir Fury increases when having a very low Energy meter.Having sleep interrupted multiple times.
Hates Being WetTheir Fury increases when having a low Hygiene meter.Getting wet.
Hungry Like the WolfThese werewolves always get random cravings and gain Fury when their hunger bar gets too low.Eating too much.
Mark of the ForestTheir Fury gains are reduced, and their Fun Need decays slower than normal.Using the Lunar Howl ability
Mark of the HuntTheir Fury gains are reduced, and their Hunger Need decays slower than normal.Using the Lunar Howl ability
Mark of the NightTheir Fury gains are reduced, and their Energy Need decays slower than normal.Using the Lunar Howl ability
Mark of the WolfTheir Fury gains are reduced, and their Social Need decays slower than normal.Using the Lunar Howl ability
Must Be CleanTheir Fury increases when they start to smell bad and look dirty.Getting dirty from outdoor activities like exercising, gardening, scavenging or hunting for meat.
Night WolfThese werewolves gain Fury from being cooped up inside while the moon is full.Not going outside or howling enough during the full moon.
PridefulThey gain Fury when they experience the embarrassed or uncomfortable moodlets.Hearing other people insult the werewolf species.
Restless AnimalThese werewolves become restless when they stay in for a long period of time.Having a very low Fun meter.
Sensitive HearingThese werewolves can’t stand loud noises, and they gain rage points upon hearing them.Hearing loud music from the television or radio, or listening to an instrument played by an unskilled Sim.
Survival InstinctsThese werewolves acquire Fury points when they get scared.Experiencing near death or dangerous situations like a house fire.
TerritorialThey gain Fury points when they cross other unfamiliar werewolves’ territory or when someone crosses theirs.Hanging out with a lot of unknown werewolves.
Wolf BrainThese brainy werewolves gain Fury when they are using their logic skill.Playing chess excessively or getting a job that requires a high logic skills.
Wrack with GuiltThey acquire Fury points when they experience social rejection.Feeling the Guilty sentiment or having a sad moodlet.

Pick the Right Werewolf Abilities

Fury Abilities

A werewolf going berserk after a series of misfortunes can be averted if they can lessen their built-up Fury voluntarily. However, it’s worth mentioning that werewolves can also accumulate Fury by using their abilities. Try not to make your werewolf too dependent on their abilities to stop their Fury meter from filling up fast.

Also, certain Temperaments do not clash well with some abilities. So pick them wisely. For instance, the Somber Howl ability can decrease Fury, but it also makes them emotionally weighed down and gives them the Sad moodlet. Werewolves with the Wracked with Guilt or Feels Outcasted Temperament should avoid using Somber Howl as they will gain Fury upon feeling sad.

Besides Somber Howl, the Wolf Nap ability can completely exhaust a werewolf’s Fury meter when they sleep at the top of the Howling point. Even when they are only a fledgling Pup, your Sims can unlock this skill by spending 1 Ability point.

Fury LunarHowl

The Lunar Howl ability lets you change a werewolf’s temperaments. An Apex-level werewolf can effortlessly learn this powerful skill. You can reroll their temperaments as much as you want, but you can only use this ability outdoors at night. Lunar Howl has a 24-hour cooldown period, so you can only use it once a day.

Another skill you can consider unlocking is the Lunar Resistance ability. As mentioned above, a werewolf’s mood gets influenced by the effects of lunar phases, particularly the full moon. But by using this Veteran-level ability, your werewolf can resist the urge to transform into a hairy canine even if the moon beckons them so!

Get a Hug from a Toddler

Fury Toddlerhug

Instead of embracing their Fury, an agitated werewolf can get an embrace from a toddler to calm them down and stop them from transforming. Even big bad wolves have no chance of winning against the charms of an adorable werewolf toddler.

Loosen up with Some Moonpetal Punch

Fury Moonpetal

The Moonpetal Punch is one of the finest beverages created to calm a werewolf’s nerves. It can only reduce their Fury for a short time. But you can use it to prevent a horrifying transformation from occurring right before an important, unskippable event (birthdays, weddings, school, etc.)

Your werewolf can learn the Scavenging ability to be able to dig up the Diary of Greggorious Lunvik. To help them find Greg’s diary faster, they can go outdoors and use the Enhanced Smell ability to detect scavenging spots with rare treasures.

One of Greg’s diary entries reveals the secret recipe for the Moonpetal Punch. Harvest some Moonpetal flowers at the top of the Howling Point while the moon is full before making this drink in a bar.

Relax and Meditate (Spa Day game pack + Meditate Lowers Fury mod)

Fury Meditate

Those who are wondering if werewolves can medidate at a spa to reduce their Fury, sadly, there isn’t any news of cross-pack compatibility between Spa Day and Werewolves.

However, Simmers owning both game packs can try the Meditate Lowers Fury Mod. With this fan-made content, your werewolf can relax their body and focus their mind to lower Fury.

This mod was created by InternWaffle, and you can find their creation on Modthesims. Download the mod and install it by extracting the file in the Mods folder in the game folder. Next, launch the game, go to Options, and click on Game Options. Finally, select the Others tab and mark the Enable Custom Content and Mods check box.

Managing an Enraged Werewolf

Fury Manage1

Once a werewolf goes berserk, there is no turning back. They scratch at pieces of furniture, bark at other Sims, and howl at the moon for hours on end. At least, that’s how it’s like at the beginning. The more abilities they learn, the better they will be at controlling their rage.

Novice werewolves having a fit of fury can become disastrous, so locking them inside the house is the only way to keep further destruction from happening outside.

After gathering enough ability points to unlock several useful skills, your Sim can learn the Will to Resist and Werewolf Empathy abilities. Will to Resist helps your enraged werewolf regain their senses as they’re about to transform. It’s a convenient skill you can use to stop your Sim from scaring or intimidating others.

Fury Manage2

The Werewolf Empathy is a dormant ability, which means it can’t be unlocked using ability points. Instead, Sims can learn it by reaching the Delta rank in their wolf pack. Using Werewolf Empathy can help quell the anger of a rampaging packmate.

And that is how you manage a werewolf’s fury in The Sims 4: Werewolves! You can learn more about werewolves by checking out all our The Sims 4 guides here on PlayerAssist! 

Credits: Werewolves Family Home grabbed from Melanieee_Drake’s page in the Gallery.

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