How to Defeat the Survivor in Lies of P


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Learn how to defeat the Survivor in Lies of P and overcome this formidable foe!

How to Defeat the Survivor in Lies of P

In the gripping world of Lies of P, one of the most formidable adversaries players must face is the Survivor. With a reputation for cunning and resilience, defeating this character is no small feat. This guide will discuss defeating the Survivor in Lies of P. We will unravel the strategies and tactics needed to overcome the Survivor’s ways and emerge victorious in this thrilling game of wits.

Whether you’re a novice looking to take your first steps into the world of Lies of P or a seasoned player seeking to enhance your skills, this guide will provide the essential knowledge to outsmart and conquer the Survivor. This will ensure your triumph in this challenging narrative-driven experience. So, ready up, and let’s defeat the Survivor!

How to Defeat the Survivor

The most straightforward way to defeat the Survivor is to backstab him. The player must try to move quickly and get behind the Survivor. Behind him, a prompt will appear for a Fatal Attack. Perform this fatal attack to deal huge damage to the Survivor.

Although that is the method to defeat the Survivor easily, that just scratches the surface of this battle. Here is more information regarding the Survivor and how to defeat him.

The Survivor

The Survivor is one of the optional mini-bosses that the player finds in the game. According to in-game lore, he was a new Stalker in Krat. The Survivor, similar to the other Stalkers, donned an animal mask in an image of a mouse. The young Survivor escaped in terror once the puppets had knocked down the tower. At that moment, he lost his adopted brother Leo and his identity. The Survivor had to concentrate on surviving while roaming through hell. He now feels compelled to kill puppets to make amends for his sins.

How to Find the Survivor

The most difficult part about Survivor is locating him. This is because he is an optional boss encounter that rewards the player with useful loot. The player can find the Survivor deep within the Workshop Union Culvert near the Venigni Works Control Room. To encounter the Survivor, this is what the player must do:

  1. First, use the Stargazer and select “Teleport to another Stargazer” on the prompt. Navigate to the “III” tab, select “Workshop Union Culvert,” and select “OK” on the prompt to confirm.
  2. After teleporting to the location, proceed to the path on the right with the orange light. Head up the small flight of stairs and continue on the path. At the end of the path, head to the right. On this path, a large, flaming sphere will continue to roll toward the player at intervals. Before the flaming sphere hits the player, stand on the openings on the left or right of the path. Continue on this path while evading the large, flaming sphere.
  3. Near the end of this path, there is a doorway on the right with another orange light. Go through this path, then another doorway; at the end, go to the right.
  4. Next, head up the flight of stairs and into another doorway. Upon entering, there is a path on the northeast and a large doorway on the right. Take the large doorway on the right.
  5. Afterward, head to the right, turn left beneath the puppets, and pass the stairs. Make sure to be quick when going through the puppets. Otherwise, the puppets will drop down and attack the player. Here, the player will find a hole in the middle and a ladder that leads downwards.
  6. Then, climb down the ladder. The player will then arrive in a room with a person looking like he is in despair.
  7. Finally, talk to the person who is the Survivor. He will say that every single puppet must die, and he will realize that the player is also a puppet. After that, a battle against the Survivor will commence!

Defeating the Survivor: Attacks and Behavior

A screenshot of Pinocchio fighting the Survivor
Courtesy of Carm

In Lies of P, the Survivor is a straightforward boss that only lasts for one phase. He continuously attacks the player, which can quickly tire the player out. The most common type of attack that the Survivor will perform is a basic slash. The Survivor will perform many slashes in a row with a slight delay between each swing. Fortunately, the Survivor’s attacks are very predictable. This makes it very simple to parry them within just a few attempts.

Another attack that the Survivor will execute is the double-swinging slash. To do this, the Survivor will wind up and perform two upward strikes in a row. If this attack lands, it can inflict great damage on the player. Fortunately, however, the double swing slash is also incredibly simple to evade. The Survivor will take a break for several seconds after performing the attack. This allows the player a lot of time to sneak up behind the Survivor and attack from behind.

Additionally, the Survivor may perform sweeping slashes. This attack can span a large area while inflicting small damage on the player.

Defeating the Survivor: Tips

The Survivor is extremely swift and vulnerable to Acid. However, you may not have it yet if you are still early in the game. He does, however, have another weakness: backstrikes. Because the Survivor is human, the player can deal damage through backstabs. This is the recommended method for defeating the Survivor mentioned above. It is recommended to equip a quick weapon, like Wintery Rapier. With this, the player can inflict damage quickly and effectively.

As mentioned, the Survivor can attack very quickly. However, do not get intimidated; again, he will cease striking after performing a double-swinging slash. This can be a great opportunity to inflict damage to the Survivor. Also, make sure to watch where you swing. The player’s sword may get stopped on a wall and other objects in the room. When that happens, the player may get stuck, which leaves the player vulnerable to attack.

During his attacks, the Survivor spins a lot. This makes his back visible to the player. However, the player will only have a split second to react. With that in mind, the player can attack him from behind by tapping the right bumper. Avoid attempting to parry the enemy’s assaults. Instead, concentrate on evading. Do this to get behind the Survivor and execute fatal attacks.

If you want to parry, doing so is still a benefit. The Survivor’s weapon is quite easy to break because of the rate at which he attacks. The player can parry several of the Survivor’s attacks in a row to break his weapon. When that happens, it will significantly reduce his attacks.

The player can hit the Survivor with a few quick regular attacks. This can still be an effective way to defeat the Survivor. However, performing only five to six backstrikes will surely be enough to kill him. If you still worry about dying, the player can equip armor that can withstand penetrating attacks. The player can purchase them from Pulcinella in the Hotel Krat.


A screenshot of the rewards after defeating the Survivor
Courtesy of Carm

After defeating the Survivor, the player can get a few useful rewards. Two rewards are the Survivor’s headgear and outfit: the Survivor’s Mask and the Survivor’s Hunting Apparel. The Survivor’s Mask is an accessory, and the Survivor’s Hunting Apparel is an outfit, and they are both purely cosmetic. This means that these items will not give the player any changes in stats or any effects and bonuses. 

According to in-game lore, the Survivor’s Mask is a mouse mask that stinks like sewage and terror. Beginner Stalkers frequently wear animal masks that their superiors choose for them. On the other hand, the Survivor’s Hunting Apparel once belonged to the person who broke his promises. This item is categorized as an outfit in the Costumes tab. Outfits are apparel collections that incorporate elements such as original artwork, retellings of the classic fairytale, and more.

To equip an accessory and outfit, navigate to the Items Menu and the Costumes tab. Here, the player will see each of the available choices. The player can then choose which item you wish Pinocchio to wear.

Another reward for defeating the Survivor is the Stalker’s Promise. This is a Gesture that the player can use to perform poses or actions, similar to emotes. Additionally, the player can use some Gestures to reveal some Secrets in the game. When using the Stalker’s Promise gesture, the player will salute, including holding up their weapon in front. The player can use the Stalker’s Promise gesture to The Atoned in Moonlight Town to obtain the Cable Railway Key.

According to in-game lore, Bastards and Sweepers use the Stalker’s Promise. A person uses this gesture to uphold a pledge made to people they intend to safeguard. Nothing can change this pledge, no matter what flag the person operates under.

Gestures are generally configured in the Quick Select Gesture Menu but can likewise be activated by choosing a specific gesture in the main Gesture Menu.

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Defeating the Survivor in Lies of P demands a combination of keen observation and strategic thinking. By carefully analyzing the Survivor’s actions, anticipating his moves, and maintaining strong self-preservation, players can tilt the odds in their favor. Remember that victory often hinges on the ability to adapt and outwit in this intriguing world.

This makes every interaction with enemies in the game a thrilling puzzle to solve. As you embark on your journey to vanquish this adversary, may this guide serve as a valuable companion. May this guide guide you towards ultimate triumph and unlocking the hidden truths beneath the surface of Lies of P.

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