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There have been some known issues affecting many Apex players over Apex’s lifetime, but most of the time they were quickly fixed, and many players didn’t think much of it. However, a lot of time has passed, and there are some problems that many Apex Legends players face, and aren’t able to get in on the action because of. One particular one is the game logic error.

How to Fix Game Logic Error in Apex Legends

There are quite a handful of reports saying that players can’t enter the game when they get the game logic error. Nevertheless, fixing it is far easier than one could expect it to be.

Game Logic Error Fix – Apex Legends

At the moment, here is no information on whether this issue is caused by players’ systems, or with the game itself. Still, it has been known to happen a while back as well.

Most of the time, it affects those that play the game on the PS4, although it can happen on other platforms as well. Fixing it can be done the same way as with the PS4.

Here is what players need to do to fix a game logic error in Apex Legends:

Before all else though, players should try to restart their console. For some reason, this has been known to fix the problem for many players out there, but it doesn’t work always.

Also, one should try to login into another Apex account, and then switch back to their main one. There have been numerous reports about this working as well.

If all else fails though, players need to delete their Apex Legends data. Keep in mind, the Apex Legends data, and not the actual game. This fix will vary on each platform, but look for guides online on how to do it for the corresponding one. On PS4, here is how you do it:

  1. Go to your Settings.
  2. Then, navigate to Application Saved Data Management.
  3. Go to System Storage, or others depending on where you got Apex Legends installed.
  4. Find Apex Legends, select all of the save files, and delete them.

Log in to your Apex account once again, and the problem should be eradicated. Make sure to take note of your in-game settings, because they will be deleted, so make sure to save them as a screenshot for later.

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