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The infamous Dead Man’s Tale is an exotic scout rifle which has many players interested in it. However, to get it, one must complete the Presage mission which is part of the Season of the Chosen, for the season pass holders. It is part of the Voice on the Other Side mission as well. This mission will be a tad bit difficult to complete as there are a couple of puzzles and combat encounters.

Where to Get Dead Man's Tale in Destiny 2

Starting the mission is also difficult, since it isn’t as easy as accepting it from an NPC.

Obtain the Dead Man’s Tale – Destiny 2

Like we said a couple of times already, there isn’t a known blueprint for starting this mission in Destiny 2, that is unless you know exactly where to look and what to do.

A rundown of what is required to get the Dead Man’s Tale, might reveal how difficult getting the Dead Man’s Tale is in Destiny 2:

  • Complete Arms Dealer Strike
  • Find the Intercepted Distress Signal
  • Go to Zavala
  • Complete Presage Mission
  • Go to Zavala again.

So, start the Arms Dealer Strike from the beginning in EDZ. The only thing that matters is that you start the mission at the beginning.

After starting, players usually go left around the corner. Ignore that, and go straight, which is the new doorway opened for this particular quest. Next, get to the helipads which should be not that far away. Take out the enemies here.

Go on the right helipad, and collect the Intercepted Distress Signal from one of the containers. A marker will lead you to the exact spot of it.

Now, it is time to travel to Zavala in the tower. He will go on to explain that the Intercepted Distress Signal unlocks a new quest called the “Presage”.

When you unlock the Presage mission, you can jump on it as soon as you’re ready. Now, it is important to note that this mission is quite hard and filled with hard-to-solve puzzles.

However, upon completion players will get the infamous Dead Man’s Tale. Still, you might need to complete it on harder difficulty to get the exotic scout rifle, but this part isn’t clear yet.

There is a lot of conflicting information about this quest, or how to get the Dead Man’s Tale, so players are mostly operating in the dark. Nonetheless, what we know is that completing the Presage will get you this weapon.

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