How to Get Boosted Title in Valorant


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Here’s how to get the Boosted Title in VALORANT.

How to Get Boosted Title in Valorant

Boosting is generally frowned upon in VALORANT, as boosted players perform much worse than their ranks suggest. To give other players a head’s up, Riot Games released a “Boosted” title that players with boosted accounts can use to warn teammates about their real skill level.

The Boosted Title is a fun Player Title that removes all your credibility tied to your current rank in VALORANT. We will show you how you can get it in this quick guide.

What is the Boosted Title?

The Boosted Title is one of 138 cosmetic titles you can unlock and equip on your VALORANT account. When you equip this title, the word “Boosted” will appear on your Player Card and be visible to your teammates and the enemy team in the lobby and loading screen.

This Player Title was part of the Episode 2 Act 1 Battle Pass in VALORANT. You can get the Player Title after you reach Chapter 7 Tier 35 on the Episode 2 Battle Pass.

How to get the Boosted Title?

You can only get the Boosted Title after you reach Chapter 7, Tier 35 of the Episode 2 Act 1 Battle Pass.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get this title in Episode 6 as there is no option to purchase Player Titles from past Battle Pass rewards tracks. Nevertheless, you can still equip other Player Titles acquired through the Collection menu in VALORANT.

How to Equip Player Titles

You can equip Player Titles through the Collection menu in VALORANT. However, you can only use Player Titles that you have already unlocked.

  1. Click on the Collection button in the main menu:

2. Click on your Player Card:

1 1

3. Click on the “Equip Titles” drop-down menu in the bottom left corner of the menu:

3 1

4. Scroll through the available Player Titles:

You can find the boosted title in the drop-down menu

5. Click on the Player Title of your choice to add it to your Player Card. If you have the Boosted Title, click on it to add it to your Player Card.

Click on the Boosted Title to add it to your player card

Alternatively, you can also remove a Player Title from your Player Card. You can do this by selecting the “Remove Title” option in the Equip Player Titles drop-down menu.

Remove Title will remove the player title from your player card

No Shame in Being Boosted

Cosmetic items such as Player Cards, Gun Buddies, and Player Titles can add individuality to any player’s account. Unfortunately, there is no option to purchase past Battle Pass cosmetics such as the Boosted Player Title. Hopefully, Riot Games will add the option to purchase the Boosted Title and other past cosmetic items in a future update.

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