How to Get or Buy Skins In Valorant?


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There are many guns in Valorant, but their default skins can get a bit dull. They are mostly just gunmetal black with similar iron sights aim. If you’re tired of staring at the same Operator design, it’s time to get a new skin for your weapon.

How to Get or Buy Skins In Valorant?

But how can you do that?

It’s really not that complicated and every player can unlock new skins, no matter if they have money or not. Read our article all the way through and you’ll know how.

Valorant Agent Contracts – Free Skins

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One of the best ways to get skins in Valorant is by activating contracts and simply playing the game. You can do that by going to the main menu, click on Collection, go to Agents, pick your preferred character, and then press the green Activate button in the middle of the screen. You can only do one challenge at a time, so pick them wisely.

By just playing the game, you’ll unlock new skins. Make sure to check out all the contracts and see which rewards suit you the best. This method can be rather slow as you need to play quite a lot of the game to unlock the skins. On the other hand, it’s free, so that balances it out. You can also get additional rewards, such as player cards and titles.

One of the best ways to speed up the grind for XP is to complete the daily missions. You’ll get more XP the better you play, so make sure to pick the right agent and learn the game’s meta. That will quicken your progress, help you unlock more skins faster and also make Valorant more fun. This is, after all, why we play video games, isn’t it?

Buying skins and the Battle Pass in Valorant

The quickest and easiest way to acquire skins would be to buy them with real money. To do that, go to the main menu, go to the Store, and click Purchase on whatever skin strikes your fancy. You’ll have to pay real money for these skins, so be completely certain of your choice before clicking that big green button.

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Some of these skins can be pretty pricey, but at least you’ll be standing out of the crowd and supporting Valorant. The game is free, after all, and most of the profit Riot Games makes comes from these microtransactions.

The Battle Pass is another way to get new skins. You’ll have to buy the pass with real money and then grind all its tiers. There are some cool rewards and skins all the way through. You can learn more about the battle pass in our article.

Skins and Valorant

In the end, there are many ways to get skins in Valorant. There’s nothing too complicated or unique about it – just play the game, unlock new challenges or pay for the additional content. And that’s pretty cool, there are ways to unlock skins for both types of players. You should simply decide which path suits you.

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