How to get Packie McReary in GTA 5


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He was part of a well-known Liberty City stickup crew.

How to get Packie McReary in GTA 5

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor are very capable criminals in their own right, able to sneak their way through even the toughest situations with their experience and determination. However, even the greatest criminals will need a few more capable bodies to complete some of the biggest heist jobs in Los Santos.

One of the most capable crew members you can hire for any job in GTA 5 is Packie McReary. You can only start hiring him for heists after you unlock him in-game.

This quick guide will help you find and unlock Packie McReary in GTA 5.

Who is Patrick McReary in GTA 5?

Patrick “Packie” McReary was a major character in GTA IV and a hirable crew member in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

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In GTA 5, Patrick McReary first appears early in the game in the Random Event “Getaway Driver. He and an accomplice can be seen holding up a drug store near Franklin’s house in Strawberry.

After the events of Getaway Driver, Packie McReary will only reappear as a crew member in future main story missions like The Jewel Store Job, The Paleto Score, The Bureau Raid, and The Big Score.

Suppose Packie McReary is chosen as a crew member in The Paleto Score. In that case, Packie will talk about how he and Niko Bellic completed one of the biggest bank robberies in Liberty City.

How do you get Packie McReary as a heist member?

Once you complete the Getaway Driver Random Event, you can add Packie McReary to your hirable crew members list. You can find this Random Event at the Dollar Pills Pharmacy in Strawberry.

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In Getaway Driver, you must help Packie McReary and his accomplice escape the area in a 4-door vehicle. Take Packie McReary and his accomplice to their hideout, and Packie will reward you with $1000 for your effort and offer his services in future jobs.

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How do you trigger the Packie McReary Random Event?

After the first Strangers and Freaks side mission, you can trigger the Getaway Driver Random Event. When you complete “Pulling Favors,” head to Strawberry and look for the Dollar Pills drug store to trigger the Random Event.

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When the Random Event is successfully triggered, you will find two blue dots on your map in Strawberry. Approach the area to start the Random Event and complete it to get Packie McReary as a hirable crew member in your next job.

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Is Packie McReary a good crew member?

Packie McReary is a very good crew member who will not fail any job you hire him in. You can start employing Packie McReary as early as The Jewel Store Job. He will do a great job in both the Loud and Smart Approach.

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In the Paleto Score, The Bureau Raid, and The Big Score, Packie McReary will complete his assignments with zero consequences.

One downside with Packie McReary is his relatively high cut from the total job take. Packie McReary will demand a 12% cut for every job, which is a significant amount, considering you have other crew members to pay. Franklin, Michael, and Trevor must also split the money among themselves.

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You can unlock Packie McReary as soon as you complete the Getaway Driver Random Event in GTA 5. Follow the guide above to learn where to find the Random Event and how you can trigger it in-game.

You will never go wrong with Packie McReary in GTA 5. He is a reliable crew member who will hold his own in any job or role you throw at him. However, capable hands require just compensation, and Packie McReary will ask for a hefty cut each time you hire him in GTA 5.

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