How to get the Banquet of Eyes Set in Diablo Immortal


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Sting your enemies with DoT-focused Set Items.

How to get the Banquet of Eyes Set in Diablo Immortal

Blizzard has been rolling out new Set Items, and one of the most recent is the Banquet of Eyes Set. This set was part of the Age of Falling Towers Major Update.

This quick guide outlines everything you need to know about the Banquet of Eyes Set in Diablo Immortal.

What is the Banquet of Eyes Set?

Banquet of Eyes are 6 Set Items released in the Age of Falling Towers update in Diablo Immortal that features a DoT or Damage Over Time and a Crit-focused Gear set.

  • Bilious Bandlet (Finger)
  • Cavern’s Regard (Waist)
  • Hex Walkers (Feet)
  • Seeping Bandlet (Finger)
  • Spurned Charity (Neck)
  • Teargrip (Hands)

Like most Set Items in Diablo Immortal, possessing 2, 4, or all 6 Set Pieces provides increasingly powerful buffs and effects. For this set, you can get the following effects:

  • Banquet of Eyes (2-Piece): Damage dealt to enemies suffering from your damage over time effects increased by 15%.
  • Banquet of Eyes (4-Piece): It increases your Critical hit Chance by 2.5%. This goes up to 25% for every damage over time effect you inflict upon nearby enemies.
  • Banquet of Eyes (6-Piece): When you apply a damage-over-time effect to an enemy, you enter Poison Rage of 12 seconds. During this, your damage will corrode enemies, dealing damage over 3 seconds. You cannot enter Poison Rage more often than once every 40 seconds.

How to get the Banquet of Eyes Set

You can only get the Banquet of Eyes Set by playing at Hell V or higher, so change your in-game difficulty to Hell V before you start searching in-game.

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You need at least Paragon Level 240 and Combat Rating 5025 to play in Hell V and acquire this set. If you’re playing at a much lower Hell Difficulty, you must grind more to gain more Paragon Levels. To get a higher Combat Rating, you will need increasingly powerful Gear, which you can get by upgrading your Gear or farming Legendary Gear.

Banquet of Eyes Set Drop Locations

Certain Set Item pieces for the Banquet of Eyes Set can only be found in specific dungeons in Diablo Immortal. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Bilious Bandlet (Finger): Dread Reaver
  • Cavern’s Regard (Waist): Forgotten Tower
  • Hex Walkers (Feet): Mad King’s Breach
  • Seeping Bandlet (Finger): Dread Reaver
  • Spurned Charity (Neck): Kikuras Rapids
  • Teargrip (Hands): Tomb of Fahir

It is worth noting that the Banquet of Eyes Set Pieces will only drop at the specified Dungeons when you’re playing at Hell V Difficulty or greater, so check the current in-game Difficulty by traveling to Westmarch and opening the in-game map.

If you’re playing at a difficulty lower than Hell V, you can move up to Hell V by gaining more Paragon Levels and increasing your Combat Rating.

Slow and Painful Death

The Banquet of Eyes Set’s DoT-focused effects makes it a great Set Item for clearing PvE content in Diablo Immortal, especially if you’re using AoE-centric classes such as the Necromancer or Wizard.

Change your in-game difficulty to Hell V and start clearing the Dungeons above to acquire the complete set in Diablo Immortal.

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