The Best Heavy Gun in The Finals


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The Finals is a new multiplayer gaming experience that pits players against each other in intense, high-stakes battles. Set in a destructible virtual arena, players must navigate various challenges, combining skill and teamwork to emerge victorious. In the game, the player can play as either of the three different builds: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each of these builds has its different abilities and purposes.

The Best Heavy Gun in The Finals

In this guide, we will talk more about the Heavy build and the best gun to use for it. In the high-stakes world of The Finals, choosing the right gun when using a Heavy can be the key to securing victory and leaving a lasting impact. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a budding contender, this guide is your ultimate resource for discovering the most potent guns for a Heavy that can turn the tide in your favor during the crucial moments of The Finals. 

The Best Heavy Gun goes to… the Lewis Gun!

The Lewis Gun is a Light Machine Gun type weapon for the Heavy build. The player can use it and shoot on an enemy’s body to deal 25 damage. When hitting an enemy’s head, the damage will deal damage with a 1.5x multiplier. This means that one headshot hit will deal 38 damage. This heavy gun can deal 200 damage per second and has a fire rate of 480 rounds per minute. The Lewis Gun has a magazine size of 47 bullets, and reloading using this weapon lasts 3.5 seconds.

The Lewis Gun is the best Heavy gun in The Finals.
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The Lewis Gun is well-rounded but effective for the Heavy build, making it arguably the best in The Finals.

First, the Lewis Gun can deal massive damage, allowing it to defeat enemies quickly and even destroy their shields. This Heavy gun also has an impressively low firing rate. This makes it easier to use when aiming and shooting using its sights. Because of this, the Lewis Gun works great when the player uses it to attack from a slightly long range. The player can also use the weapon in single-fire mode to make it simpler to shoot targets in this range.

Following the last open beta, the Lewis Gun has undergone some changes. This made it more manageable when the player fires the Lewis Gun in full auto mode. This makes this gun a unique, reliable, and sturdy choice. Its well-balanced performance makes it easy to handle and gives it a tactical edge even when used in close quarters. These give the player an unmatched combination of powerful firepower and accurate control.

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Honorable Mentions

Choosing which Heavy guns is the best is very hard as they are all very competent and reliable. Even though we think the Lewis Gun is technically the best gun to use when using a heavy weapon, the best gun for the player still depends on the player’s playstyle in the Finals. For that, the player can also use the following Heavy guns if they better fit the player’s playstyle:

  • SA1216

The SA1216 is a semi-automatic shotgun. This Heavy gun can shoot 13 pellets at a time with a high spread in a set pattern. Each shot has a pattern that looks like an ‘x’ with a couple more pellets on top and the bottom. As of update version 1.4.0, each pellet will deal seven damage.

Because of that, if all 13 pellets hit an enemy, it can deal 91 damage per shot. This can deal 341.25 damage per second and a fire rate of 140 rounds per minute. The SA1216 also has a magazine size of 16 bullets; reloading using this weapon lasts 3 seconds.

This Heavy gun’s big magazine capacity and fast firing rate are among its most distinctive characteristics. This allows the player to do much damage over time, especially up close. However, one common downside when using a shotgun with wide and fixed spread is that it narrows its effective range to below medium range. This makes it challenging to deal damage and become effective from medium to longer ranges. Not only that, but the weapon also has quite slow reloading speed.

The Heavy build’s limited moving speed and lack of long-range damage mean mastering this weapon requires the right fight strategies. This means the player may find it hard to run a gun when using this weapon. To become effective with the SA1216, the player has to be smart when positioning in fights and maintain cooperation and collaboration with teammates.

This is the only reason we don’t think the SA1216 is the best Heavy gun, aside from the fact that it only works best at close range. It is only good for players with specific playstyles or experienced players.

Most confrontations in The Finals occur at close quarters, so some players would find it best to carry the SA1216. With it, the player can become a force to be reckoned with—if they can learn how to manage it well.

  • M60

The M60 is another Light Machine Gun weapon for the Heavy build in The Finals. It can deal 22 damage per hit on the body. If this weapon hits an enemy on the head, each shot has a multiplier of 1.5x. This means that one headshot can deal 33 damage. It can deal 230 damage per second and a fire rate of 600 rounds per minute. The M60 has a magazine size of 70 bullets, and reloading using this gun takes 3.5 seconds. This is a dependable gun for Heavy Build because of its rapid firing rate and overall solid effectiveness.

The M60’s maximum ammunition capacity, a whopping 70 rounds, as opposed to the Lewis Gun’s 47, is one significant advantage of this weapon. Its large magazine capacity makes up for its deficiency in handling and slightly bad recoil.

This means that it is slightly challenging to shoot accurately with this weapon. Although this Heavy gun can shoot great damage, its poor handling and recoil make it less effective at longer ranges. It works best in close-quarter battles, especially the ones in enclosed spaces.

This gun’s characteristics are excellent; its sole weakness is its reload speed and handling. Additionally, the player can use this Heavy gun right from the beginning of the game. The player will not have to grind and collect in-game currency to get this gun.

The M60 would’ve been the best Heavy gun in The Finals if not for its recoil and bullet spread. Range is not much of a problem unless shooting from longer ranges is the player’s playstyle. Again, the player will engage in battles in medium to close ranges anyway.

With this Heavy gun, the player can run and gun. However, it may take some practice to get the hang of it. With the right hands, the M60 can prove quite lethal.


The Lewis Gun stands out for Heavy builds, offering a well-rounded and effective performance. With its impressive damage output, manageable recoil, and versatility in various combat scenarios, the Lewis Gun is probably the best choice for players seeking to dominate The Finals.

However, we must acknowledge that personal playstyles and preferences are crucial for the player to win. Because of that, honorable mentions like the SA1216 and M60 provide viable alternatives for players with distinct strategies. Whether you favor the balance of the Lewis Gun or opt for the advantages of the SA1216 or M60, mastering the player’s chosen gun for the Heavy build will undoubtedly elevate their gameplay and position them as a force to be reckoned with in The Finals.

May your shots be accurate and your victories plentiful as you shoot through the challenges of this exhilarating gaming experience!

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