How to improve Your aim in Valorant


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At the end of the day, Valorant is almost always about aim. All shooters are. Sure, we can employ various strategies to make it easier to kill other players.

How to improve Your aim in Valorant

There’s an old saying among gamers that shooters are about putting your target at the center of the screen and clicking the left mouse button.

So, in this article, we’ll try to explain how you can do that in the best way possible. You can start your journey into accuracy improvement by reading the whole article.

Improving aim in Valorant – the crosshair

This may not be the best crosshair option for improving your aim.

First things first – get your settings in place. Improving your aim in Valorant doesn’t start in the game itself, it starts with going to the main menu, go to Settings, and then select Crosshair. Here, you’ll have the option to improve your crosshair reticle and make it better. It’s all up to personal preference and what makes you more accurate. We have a special tutorial on the subject.

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Go train in Valorant

One of the most useful features for improving your aim is to use the shooting range in Valorant. Spawn as many targets as you can. Start by trying to land as many headshots on the targets. Then begin moving around. The best trick for improving aim while moving is to tap the button opposite the direction you were moving previously. Meaning that if you’re going right, tap the left button right after stopping.

Shooting in Valorant requires a full stop. Running and gunning decrease accuracy to the point where hitting your opponent is a bit like winning the lottery. So, to cancel the run, simply use the tap function. This will increase your aim and tighten your crosshair to the point where you can land more shots.

Another great way of training is to create self-imposed challenges. Again, get as many targets as you can spawn and start moving. Try to hit the dummies after a 90-degree turn or after you’ve just switched weapons, used an ability, or jumped over an obstacle. This is also a great way to warm up for your games or simply kill time while you’ve waiting for your friends to come online.

Crosshair placement in Valorant

As with most tactical shooters, you need to minimize the actions needed to land a headshot. If you’ve placed your aim on the ground, you’ll need to move it up to the location of the enemy. So, the better alternative is to get a feel of where the enemy’s headline would be and keep your crosshair around that level.

Information is also important. Learning where the enemy is, whether or not they are hunkered down and crouching, or simply learning whether or not the opposing team is even there, is very useful. Talk to your team, use surveillance-gathering agents such as Cypher. Learn where the enemy is and aim there. It sounds simple, but people often forget to check in with their teammates and pre-fire on the exact location.

Improve aim by playing Valorant

In the end, there’s really no substitute for personal experience. Muscle memory is important and you’ll need to develop it. And the best way to do that efficiently is to gather as much knowledge as you can. Read guides, watch Valorant coaches, and do some good-old-fashioned reading. That’s the best way to improve aim in Valorant.

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