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In the beautiful world of Hyrule, where epic adventures unfold, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features a captivating aspect of the world of elixirs. Elixirs are potent concoctions that grant Link extraordinary abilities and help him in his dangerous adventure. These elixirs hold the key to overcoming many of Link’s daunting challenges.

How To Make Elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom

Crafting these magical elixirs requires a delicate balance of rare ingredients and understanding of the unique properties of the various items around Hyrule. In this guide, we will embark on a journey on how to make elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom. We will unravel the secrets behind these mystical potions that can turn the tide in Link’s ongoing battle against enemies!


The cooking mechanic is present in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, as in the game’s previous iteration, Breath of the Wild. Link can use this mechanic to prepare consumable items that will aid him in his exploration of Hyrule’s surface, skies, and depths.

Cooking lets Link create consumable goods by combining various ingredients and items discovered throughout Hyrule. Elixirs are one type of item that Link can create through cooking.

Elixirs are potions that grant Link new abilities and improvements each time he drinks one. The effects that Link will receive are separated into types:

HeartyRestores and adds hearts.
EnergizingRestores stamina
EnduringAdds extra stamina
MightyBoosts Link’s attack
ToughBoosts Link’s defense
HastyRaises Link’s movement speed
SneakyBoosts Link’s stealth
(quieter movement)
SpicyIncreases Link’s body temperature
(cold resistance)
ElectroElectricity/shock resistance
ChillyDecreases Link’s body temperature
(heat resistance)
FireproofStops Link from catching fire
GlowLink will radiate light
StickyLink will have the ability to climb wet
or slippery surfaces

Link can defeat challenging monsters and endure unique regions in the game because of the abovementioned effects. These Elixirs are useful in the game’s early stages when Link lacks specific armors. For example, Link can use Elixirs with increased cold or heat resistance to travel through extremely cold or hot locations without using cold or heat-resistant gear.

How to Make Elixirs

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The most fundamental recipe to remember while making Elixirs is to cook critters and monster parts simultaneously in a cooking pot.

To do so, hit the + button to access Link’s inventory and then the L or R buttons to go to the Materials page. After then, press the X button to begin holding materials.

The player can now hold critters and monster parts they want to cook together. Next, use the B button to get back to the game. Then, get near a cooking pot and press the A button to begin cooking!

It is crucial to note that the player should not include any ingredients that are not critters or monster parts. This will turn the elixir into dubious food.


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Link will encounter various critters throughout Hyrule’s surface, sky, and depths. These critters include frogs, lizards, and different bugs around Hyrule, like dragonflies and crickets. Link may find critters in ponds, caves, woodlands, and other environments and climates. It is vital to note that these critters are quick and will flee if they see Link. As a result, it is advised to use stealth to catch them.

The critters as ingredients depict the effects of the Elixir on Link. Cooking many critters with similar characteristics yields an Elixir with stacked/improved benefits. This means that the intensity of boost or restoration effects, specifically Energizing, Hearty, Enduring, Mighty, Tough, and Hasty, depends on the number of critters with those effects added.

It is also worth noting that the effects of the critters put to the concoction Link are holding should all be identical. If not, the effects are going to cancel each other out.

Apart from their effects, some critters extend the length of the effect when consumed.

Critter List

These are all of the critters Link can encounter in Hyrule, along with their effects:

Energetic Rhino BeetleEnergizing
Restless Cricket
Summerwing ButterflySpicy
Warm Darner
Electric DarnerElectro
Thunderwing Butterfly
Cold DarnerChilly
Winterwing Butterfly
Fireproof LizardFireproof
Smotherwing Butterfly
Deep FireflyGlow
Deep Lightning Bug
Sticky FrogSticky
Sticky Lizard
Hearty LizardHearty
FairyRestores hearts
Tireless FrogEnduring
Bladed Rhino BeetleMighty
Rugged Rhino BeetleTough
Hightail LizardHasty
Hot-Footed Frog
Sunset FireflySneaky

Monster Parts

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Monster parts are the other ingredient required to make Elixirs. Link can obtain monster parts, as the name suggests, from defeated enemies throughout Hyrule. Monster parts are used in the game for two purposes: producing elixirs and upgrading armor and weaponry.

As ingredients, monster parts indicate the length of the effect after Link has ingested the Elixir. The longer the Elixir’s effect you want to last, the more monster parts Link has to add as an ingredient. This means that the duration of a created elixir depends on the type and number of monster parts added.

Monster Part List

The monster parts Link can farm in the game, as well as the length they contribute to the Elixir, are as follows:

Monster PartDuration Added
Octo Balloon40 seconds
Octorok Tentacle
Octorok Eyeball1 minute 50 seconds
Fire Like Stone1 minute 20 seconds
Ice Like Stone
Like Like Stone
Shock Like Stone
Aerocuda Eyeball1 minute 20 seconds
Captain Construct II Horn40 seconds
Chuchu Jelly40 seconds
Red Chuchu Jelly1 minute 50 seconds
White Chuchu Jelly
Yellow Chuchu Jelly
Keese Wing40 seconds
Keese Eyeball3 minutes 10 seconds
Electric Keese Eyeball1 minute 20 seconds
Electric Keese Wing1 minute 50 seconds
Fire Keese Eyeball1 minute 20 seconds
Fire Keese Wing1 minute 50 seconds
Ice Keese Eyeball1 minute 20 seconds
Ice Keese Wing1 minute 50 seconds
Bokoblin Horn40 seconds
Boss Bokoblin Horn
Silver Bokoblin Horn
Silver Boss Bokoblin Horn
Blue Bokoblin Horn
Blue Boss Bokoblin Horn
Black Bokoblin Horn
Black Boss Bokoblin Horn
Bokoblin Fang1 minute 50 seconds
Bokoblin Guts3 minutes 10 seconds
Lizalfos Horn40 seconds
Lizalfos Talon1 minute 50 seconds
Lizalfos Tail3 minutes 10 seconds
Silver Lizalfos Horn 40 seconds
Silver Lizalfos Tail
Black Lizalfos Horn
Electric Lizalfos Horn
Electric-Breath Lizalfos Horn
Yellow Lizalfos Tail3 minutes 10 seconds
Fire-Breath Lizalfos Horn40 seconds
Red Lizalfos Tail 3 minutes 10 seconds
Ice-Breath Lizalfos Horn40 seconds
Icy Lizalfos Tail3 minutes 10 seconds
Horriblin Horn40 seconds
Blue Horriblin Horn
Silver Horriblin Horn
Black Horriblin Horn
Moblin Horn40 seconds
Moblin Fang 1 minute 50 seconds
Moblin Guts3 minutes 10 seconds
Blue Moblin Horn40 seconds
Silver Moblin Horn
Black Moblin Horn
Frox Fang40 seconds
Frox Fingernail
Blue-White Frox Fang
Obsidian Frox Fang
Gibdo Bone40 seconds
Gibdo Guts
Gibdo Wing
Gleeok Electric Horn40 seconds
Gleeok Flame Horn
Gleeok Frost Horn
Gleeok Thunder Horn
Hinox Horn40 seconds
Hinox Toenail
Blue Hinox Horn
Black Hinox Horn
Hinox Tooth1 minute 50 seconds
Hinox Guts3 minutes 10 seconds
Stalnox Horn40 seconds
Lynel Horn40 seconds
Lynel Mace Horn
Lynel Saber Horn
Lynel Hoof1 minute 50 seconds
Lynel Guts3 minutes 10 seconds
Blue-Maned Lynel Mace Horn40 seconds
Blue-Maned Lynel Saber Horn
Silver Lynel Mace Horn
Silver Lynel Saber Horn
White-Maned Lynel Mace
White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn
Molduga Jaw1 minute 20 seconds
Molduga Fin1 minute 50 seconds
Molduga Guts3 minutes 10 seconds
Shard of Dinraal’s Spike1 minute 20 seconds
Dinraal’s Horn30 minutes
Shard of Farosh’s Spike1 minute 20 seconds
Farosh’s Horn30 minutes
Shard of Naydra’s Spike1 minute 20 seconds
Naydra’s Horn30 minutes
Shard of Light Dragon’s Spike1 minute 20 seconds
Light Dragon’s Horn30 minutes

Cooking Pot

Link can locate cooking pots at stables and settlements throughout Hyrule. There can also be cooking pots at numerous camps across the land, sky, and depths. To cook with cooking pots, the fire must be ignited beneath them. Link can do this in a variety of ways. The simplest approach is to place a piece of Flint next to the wood and strike them with a metal weapon

Instead of cooking pots, Link may prepare meals and elixirs using a Portable Zonai Pot. It should be noted that Link can only utilize one Portable Zonai Pot at a time. It will vanish after it is used to prepare a meal or create an elixir. In addition, Link isn’t required to ignite a fire for this pot because it will be set to use once it is placed in the game.

Link can obtain Portable Zonai Pots via the Zonai Gacha Gumball Dispensers. These dispensers can be discovered on the Great Sky Island, the Hyrule Ridge Sky, the Faron Grasslands Sky, the Hebra Mountains Sky, southwest of Hyrule Field, and the Death Mountain Depths.

Elixir Recipes

Link can make 14 different types of Elixirs using all of Hyrule’s critters and monster parts. In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link can create these Elixirs:

Hearty ElixirHearty Lizard + monster partsRestores hearts and
adds temporary hearts
Fairy TonicFairiesRestores at least seven hearts
Energizing ElixirEnergizing Rhino Beetle and/or
Restless Cricket + monster parts
Restores stamina
Enduring ElixirTireless Frog + monster partsRestores stamina and
adds temporary stamina
Mighty ElixirBlade Rhino Beetle + monster partsRaises attack
Tough ElixirRugged Rhino Beetle + monster partsRaises defense
Hasty ElixirHightail Lizard and/or
Hot-Footed Frog + monster parts
Raises movement speed
Sneaky ElixirSunset Firefly + monster partsDecreases noise when
Link is moving (stealth)
Spicy ElixirSummerwing Butterfly and/or
Warm Darner + monster parts
Gives cold resistance
Electro ElixirElectric Darner and/or
Thunderwing Butterfly + monster parts
Gives shock/electricity resistance
Chilly ElixirCold Darner and/or
Winterwing Butterfly + monster parts
Gives heat resistance
(hot environments)
Fireproof ElixirFireproof Lizard and/or
Smotherwing Butterfly + monster parts
Gives immunity from
catching fire
Bright ElixirDeep Firefly + monster partsMakes Link glow
Sticky ElixirSticky Frog and/or
Sticky Lizard + monster parts
Gives Link slip resistance


Elixirs, as seen above, can immensely assist Link in exploring the wide world of Hyrule. As a result, it is advised to continue gathering the critters and monster parts that the player will encounter, even if they are not immediately required. This eliminates the need for Link to farm items when he requires a specific elixir.

When the need comes, Link can quickly prepare some. After that, if the player forgets exactly which critters and monster parts are required to make an elixir with a specific effect and duration, they can just refer to this guide about how to make elixirs in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

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