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Kaeya seems to be a favorite to many players. His cold nature and discipline make him so attractive to many players. But Kaeya isn’t much viable as your main DPS character, or is he?

How to Make Kaeya Main DPS: Build – Genshin Impact

Well, there are build you can do with Kaeya which can make him an extremely powerful force to be reckon with. This will apply to a lvl. 70 Keaya or for even lower levels if you plan it right.

This build is how you can make Kaeya the main DPS in your party in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact: How to Make Kaeya Main DPS – Build

He has been always discarded by players because of his relatively simple abilities, but with the right attitude he can deal a lot of damage. He might even do potentially more than Chungyun.

With that being said, how can you make Kaeya the main DPS? Let’s get into the build:

Make sure to use his Shattering Ice team buff which will give you 15% crit change to frozen enemies. Then, his first constellation will give you an additional 15% crit chance to enemies that will be affected by CRYO.

With those effect you will have a 35% crit chance if you always proc CRYO. For weapon, consider getting the Harbinger of Dawn. This will increase your crit chance by an additional 14% while you are above nine tenths of your health.

Courtesy of: OneEvilBoy on Reddit

And you can get 28% crit chance from it if you are dodging. This sword doesn’t have as much damage as some of the other good swords, but it makes up for it in critical chance.

You will have 500+ attack damage with 63% crit change and as much as 95% crit damage! For artifact make sure to get the Gladiator’s Finale which will give you 18% + attack. For the others you can be creative.

Courtesy of: OneEvilBoy on Reddit

For your team consider getting Fischl, Mona and Qiqi. Take normal attack talent, then elemental burst talent and elemental skill talent. After you do this, you will demolish your enemies with Kaeya and CRYO, have fun!

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